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Real World: Brooklyn Recap – The Kids Hit Puberty Saturday, January 24, 2009

Posted by The NY Kid in MTV, reality TV, undergroundBTO.

I’m sure that the 12 of you who actually still read these were absolutely devastated at the lateness of this recap. In fact, I’m confident that your entire Friday was ruined by not knowing what happened to 8 complete strangers picked to live in a house and have their lives taped. Well, sometimes real life intrudes and I just can’t watch the episodes right away. Alright, I admit it – I watched Lost on Wednesday and couldn’t watch The Real World on Thursday or Friday because I had dates on back-to-back nights with some Victoria’s Secrets models. My apologies.

This episode opens with Baya and Ryan hanging out while Ryan plays his guitar. There is twinkle in their eyes and a strange new feeling in their pants.  For some reason, this leads to Ryan calling his girlfriend, and he talks to her about wanting to find a band and record his music while he is in New York. Later that night, everyone goes out to a bar that just happens to be owned by FallOut Boy lead singer Pete Wentz (I mean, no way MTV steered them towards that particular establishment, right?). While there Ryan meets Doug Newman, who just happens to be a band manager. Baya also gets involved in the conversation and mentions that she would like to be a music video hoochie. Meanwhile, back at the house Katelynn is talking to Devyn about the fact that she has had no contact with her boyfriend since moving into the house.

In the morning Katelynn calls her boyfriend (Mike) and he is extremely uncommunicative (so, he’s a guy then?). After getting off the phone she goes to work out with Baya and spends all of her time bitching about Mike. Devyn and Scott are in the kitchen joking around, and there appears to be a strange new feeling in their pants as well, as Scott waves around some thawed chicken and Devyn tells him to “keep your meat to yourself.” Devyn then goes into the bedroom to talk to Sarah, and the latter tells her that Scott likes her. Devyn denies it, so they make a bet for $30 that within 30 days Scott will confess to someone else in the house that he likes Devyn. Chet, Ryan and Baya go to meet Doug Newman and see how he can help them. Chet TV hosting, and Doug tells him that when their bands (such as FallOut Boy, Panic at the Disco, and other assorted emo-shite) come into town he can interview them for a website that he runs. Baya then mentions that she is interested in learning to DJ, and some hipster-dude tells her that he will mentor her in that endeavor. Doug then hooks Ryan up with a big-time music industry character named “Machine” (seriously? nice name, douchebag).

That night Ryan plays guitar for everyone, and then they go back to Pete Wentz’s bar. Baya does some DJing (well, that we quick; I’m sure MTV had nothing to do with that either) and Katelynn is busy getting drunk since she is sad about her relationship. She dances with some random dude, and then makes out with another random dude (who has his face blurred out; given that everyone has to sign a waiver if MTV wants to show their face, I’m guessing that he either has a girlfriend or he realized that Katelynn was transgendered and got embarassed). She then makes out with a random chick. When she gets back to the house, all she does is bitch about her poor relationship.

In the morning Ryan goes to play guitar and sing for “Machine”, and Chet goes along for support. Ryan asks Chet for advice on which song to play, and he winds up playing “The Tampon Song.” “Machine” isn’t impressed and basically blows Ryan off, telling him to develop his talents with his friends, but that he didn’t “belong here.” Ryan is pissed off that he didn’t pick a different song, and he is mad at Chet for his poor advice. When he gets back to the house Baya asks him how it went but he doesn’t really talk to her about what happened. In the kitchen, Devyn is working on drawing a “BFF-ometer” for her and Scott to measure whether they have a friendship or something more.

That night Scott’s friend Alex (who is a model who lives in Brooklyn) comes over to the house, and Devyn thinks that Scott is trying to make her jealous. They all go out to dinner, and Scott and Devyn continue their flirting while Chet hits on Alex, noting “there’s attraction there – she’s a model, and I’m Chet.” Back at the house Chet tries to convince Alex to go into the hot tub with him, but she isn’t interested. Scott lays down on Devyn’s bed with her and Alex, and Chet walks by in his bathing suit trying to Alex a look at what she is missing (answer: some surprising abs).

The next night everyone goes out dancing, and at one point Ryan leans into Baya and says “I have a girlfriend.” This pisses Baya off and she stalks off to talk to Sarah, and then jump on Chet. Back at the house Ryan and Baya are brushing their teeth and he tells her that he was just joking around and that he “got scared” that their flirtation was crossing the line. Meanwhile, Scott is on the computer and he shows Sarah a picture of his girlfriend (eh?) Marissa. Sarah runs off to tell the other girls that Scott is not single (which is what he told everyone), and this pisses off Devyn. She goes off to talk to Scott, and they flirt a little more (well, that was effective). Katelynn is on the phone trying to reach Mike, but he doesn’t answer so she goes off to bitch to Sarah about the situation.

The next night everyone goes out to a club for some live music and Katelynn meets Matt, a stereotypical band dude. They makes plans for the next day, and they wind up walking around the city, having dinner, and spending the entire day together. Katelynn brings Matt back to the house so that all of the roommates can evaluate his potential. They seem to like him, but while Katelynn and Matt are playing pool together she decides that she doesn’t want a relationship with him, and so she doesn’t tell him that she is transgendered.

In the morning all of the girls go off to a pole-dancing aerobics class, and Ryan decides to go with them. While this would seem to be a brilliant plan designed to check out/meet women who are in working the pole in tight clothes, Ryan takes the opportunity to actually participate in the class, providing everyone with some nightmare fuel.

That night Ryan writes a strange e-mail to Baya, basically telling her that he does enjoy her company and thinks that they could have a relationship but that he can’t go down that road because they both have someone back home who would be hurt. In the morning Baya reads the e-mail and is just confused, so she goes out with Devyn to walk around and discuss the situation. Devyn tells her to just focus on the fact that she is hot and guys are into her, and not worry about what Ryan wants.



1. JB* - Sunday, January 25, 2009

I, for one, was fraught with stress.

And honestly? An email to a housemate? How bi-curious.

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