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The City – Episode 5: Boys Night Out Monday, January 19, 2009

Posted by Matt_T in the balls.
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Jay and Whitney are out and they talk about Adam and Aliie.  Allie is Adam’s giflriend and she lives with Jay and Adam.  Allie is from Cali too, but Sacramento.  Allie and Adam come meet Jay and Whitney at the bar.  Allie asks how she likes NY.  She says she misses home sometimes, but she likes it especially Jay.  Allie is a model, she got a gig with Diesel, she’s not naked, she’ll be wearing ‘things’  She travels a lot and says Whitney and Jay will need to keep an eye on Adam while she’s gone.  FORESHADOWING.

Olivia and Nevan are out shopping, she’s looking for a photograph, and she’s been looking for a while.  She’s dressed like Blair as usual.  She asks Nevan whats up, and his parents want him to get a job, but he’s not really interested.  He’s wanting to work in a nightclub, but his dad doesn’t want him to booze 6 days a week.  Last year Nevan had his rent paid for and money coming, but he was cut off.   He’s been crashing on couches, but Olivia says he can’t crash with her anymore since he trashed her apartment.

Whitney and Erin are out for a walk in a OMG NY is beautiful moment.  Erin says that Adam gets a little wild while Allie is out of town.  More foreshadowing.  Whitney is torn since she’s friends with Allie, but she doesn’t want to snitch.

Jay, Adam and a couple of other tools are out for a boys night, and it looks like they are at some burlesque club.  Jay says that ‘sometimes you have to take your nuts back in your hand and say okay its my turn.’  Nice.  Jay is taking shots and pretending like he’s not going to watch.  There are two girls there who are listed as Whitney’s friends and they think the boys are cute.  Jay doesn’t think its a good idea, because next thing you know you end up going home with them.  Double nice.  The girls come over to say ‘Hi’ and Adam says they need to leave, the girls want to know where to, and they say they want to have fun.  Jay says oh shit, and there will be reprucussions and Adam is nonplussed.

Whitney and Erin go to meet Sam for brunch at what looks like the Seinfeld diner.  Whitney is wearing the most ridiculous headband I’ve ever seen.  Sam tells them about seeing the boys out last night, and one of the girls had a boyfriend.  Sam gets a text while she’s there saying that Adam made out with one of the girls.  How convenient for her to get that text right when Whitney and Erin got there.  The girls all make ERMAGAWD faces.

Whitney and Jay are out for a walk, and Jay looks like a homeless person in a flannel hoodie and a Indians hat.  Whitney asks about his night, Jay says he went straight home.  Whitney tells him what she heard from Sam.  Jay says he doesn’t see Adam doing that.  Jay thinks it is one of those “Alex moments” where someone is just making stuff up.  Right, just like Alex.

Jay goes to meet Adam for a drink and he asks what happened.  Adam says that he and Peter (his friend) just came back to the apartment with some people.  Jay says what Sam says and Adam denies it.  Adam says its just the shady girls.  Jay is worried because Whitney will say something to Allie.  Jay tells him he needs to tell Allie and just be straight up with her.

Adam goes to pick up Allie from the airport, and she’s wearing a jacket that looks like a trashbag (think Missy Elliot) and Adam is wearing some parka.  Adam  asks if she’s talked to Whitney, Allie hasn’t and Adam says that Peter brought back some girls.  Adam says that he was talking to one of the girls and that was it, and he tells her about the text that Whitney got.  Allie wants to know why she would say that, and she wants to know why someone would make that up.  Adam doesn’t have a good answer for that.  Allie wants to find out who the girl is and why she would make up that stuff.  Adam looks really uncomfortable, and says he wants to stay way from any of the bullshit drama, and gives her the ‘you know you can trust me line’

Nevan shows up to Olivia’s with a bag and says home sweet home.  He says he needs just 5 or 6 days.  Olivia says there’s rules, no girls and no girls.  Olivia’s place is not as fancy as I would have guessed.  She points out how ugly his shoes are and he says they are comf.  Quit trying to make fetch happen.  She wants Nevan to find a job, but he says that won’t happen.

Sam, Erin and Whitney are out and Allie comes to meet them.  She says the trip was fine, but she’s annoyed by what she heard.  Erin says that she would want to know if that was her boyfriend.  Sam says that it happened at 6 in the morning and Whitney wants to be there for her and cares about her.  Allie says this isn’t just some little relationship, its serious.  I think she has on an engagement ring, but I’m not sure.  The other girls leave, but Allie calls Adam to come meet him.

Adam shows up and Allie asks him what is going on at 8 in the morning with girls over there.  Allie is upset saying that everytime she goes out of town he has to have some party with drunk girls over.  Adam says that he hates seeing her cry and that he put her in that position, he apologizes and says he loves her and he’ll never do it again.  Allie doesn’t say anything, but they hug and kiss and I guess its ok.



1. Grey W - Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Does anyone know what the music is at the end of the club scene where Adam and Jay leave with the girls? It’s not on any of the tracklistings I’ve found. Good work on the blog.

2. karla - Saturday, May 16, 2009

i just wanna know
wahts the name of the song when they are kissing each other

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