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24 Day 7 Recap – 11:00 A.M. to 12:00 P.M. Monday, January 19, 2009

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The Following Takes Place Between 11:00 A.M and 12:00 P.M.

Janeane Garofolo refers to Bill’s van as a “dark colored panel van.” I respectfully disagree – bright blue rape van is more my style. Edgar 2.0 can’t get the traffic cameras to load because Chloe is way smarter than him.  Moss thinks Jack and Tony have been planning the escape for a long time, but that makes no sense at all. Why would Jack lead them directly to Tony in the first place and then have Tony brought in? Moss is so the mole.  Renee is pissed and can’t believe she trusted Jack; she’s going to do whatever it takes to find him and Tony.  Janeane Garofolo identifies Tanner as the sniper from earlier and apparently he’s still alive and recovering in the hospital. 

Moss updates POTUS Taylor and she’s not so thrilled that Tony and Jack have escaped. She runs through the option of withdrawing from Sangala or continuing the attack with Kanin again; they both seem relatively worthless.  Kanin tries to push her towards withdrawing from Sangala but she’s hesitant because of what that would signal to the world.  She says she ran on a campaign of non-negotiation with terrorists. I wonder who would actually run on a campaign of negotiating with terrorists.

Bill takes Jack and Tony back to new-CTU and Chloe is happy to see him. Jack asks Tony, “Why the hell are you not dead?” Tony says he was dead for 10 minutes and someone at CTU injected him with something so he could be recruited by Emerson. Jack asks if this is why he was working undercover and Tony says, “No Jack, I was really working for him.” Things get a bit awkward as Tony explains himself, but he says he turned against Emerson when the CIP device was involved. He didn’t sign up to kill innocent American lives. Tony says that he needs to get back undercover because he has a new job that will lead to direct contact with Dubaku and they need to get to him before he leaves the U.S. Jack relents to helping them out and seems to understand the risks associated with getting Tony back undercover.  Bill says they have proof that the conspiracy exists but it only exists at the lowest levels right now. Jack says the 3 of them are the only people he trusts and if they turn on him, he will turn them in.

Emerson finds 2 new people to replace Tony but just as he does Tony gives him a call.  Tony says he’s back in and Jack wants in too. Emerson in unsure of Jack’s involvement but Tony says Jack’s turned and he wants their help fleeing the country.  Tony essentially calls Emerson’s replacements worthless and says that Jack can take Tanner’s old place.  11:11:57


FG Taylor asks for the suspicious Secret Service agent’s help in being driven to a random location. Secret Service agent, Ryan, won’t help unless Taylor tells him where they’re going.  He says it’s to meet Samantha Ross because she has new information about Roger’s death. Ryan doesn’t look really happy but he agrees to go along.  POTUS Taylor interrupts and wants her husband’s consolation because she’s not sure what to do about Sangala and the CIP device.  He says the right call is whatever she says it is and I’m not real sure that is in fact true.

Edgar 2.0 gets a call from his wife and she’s still in a holding pattern; he tries to reassure her that everything is going to be fine but he’s obviously very worried. He gets snappy with another coworker because his wife’s flight is #18 in the holding pattern and still about 2 hours out from landing.  Tanner has regained consciousness and Renee and Janeane Garofolo are going to pay him a visit.

Tony briefs Jack on Emerson and says that he’s British and was in the SAS, but I don’t recall hearing an accent on him before. After hearing his resume Jack thinks he’s good, which has to mean quite a bit coming from him.  Tony says he’s not a whack job and is only about money and personal loyalty. They arrive at the address Emerson provided and are led in to a suspicious Emerson. Jack is led downstairs to a basement with a couple of goons and things aren’t looking so good.  Tony tries to plead with Emerson that they can use Jack and he’s far more capable than any of the other goons. Emerson is worried about Jack being a wild card and he wants Tony to kill him. Chloe freaks out when she realizes that they’re going to kill Jack. Bill tries to assure her that he’ll get out of it but if he doesn’t then it helps Tony’s cover. He says they all knew the consequences going in.  When one of Jack’s captors isn’t looking he takes out the other with a Zidane style headbutt and chucks a 2×4 at the other who now drew his gun. He takes him out with a sweep of the leg, hits him over the head with another 2×4 and drags him into the corner as a hostage. Tony and Emerson show up and Jack says:

I came here to do a job, not be crossed by you. You’re already short-handed. You need good men, not like these 2 traffic cops. Look what I’ve done to them.

Emerson apparently likes what he’s seen and believes that Jack can be trusted on the job because he kills the lackey that Jack had as a hostage and lets him in the group. 11:26:25


Edgar 2.0 calls some Air Traffic Control and lies to them saying he’s Agent Moss and he has an urgent protocol from the White House grounding his wife’s plane. Naughty, naughty boy. Knowing the show, I expect this will somehow come back around to bite him in the ass.

POTUS Taylor plays the recorded threat from Colonel Dubaku for Prime Minister Motobo and he’s quite concerned. He asks her if she’s heard of the situation in the Tasanga (sp?) Province and it’s quite clear she has not; Kanin informs her that Juma’s troops are encroaching on a refuge camp of mostly women and children.  Motobo tells her that many men are abandoning Dubaku and joining his freedom fighters on the promise of American support. She excuses him and says she’ll do everything she can and then grills into Kanin for withholding this information. Kanin pushes hard for her to back down but it seems like she’s going the other way now.  She doesn’t want to lead another Bay of Pigs and he says that Kennedy survived the Bay of Pigs; which while true, still wasn’t exactly the right course of action. Same with Clinton in Somalia.

Jack and Emerson make up and it seems like Jack could actually get along with this guy if he didn’t, you know, want to aid in the taking down of the country’s infrastructure.  Tony warns Jack to watch himself around Emerson and not to underestimate him; Jack says he won’t and I believe him.  Emerson gives them the next mission and they’re to kidnap Prime Minister Motobo at his State Department residency.   Chloe wants to warn someone but Bill says they need to let it go so they can get to the bottom of the conspiracy. Sad Chloe. 11:38:44


FG Taylor shows up to the meeting spot on the Tidal Basin (I think; Jerkweezy, can you confirm?) and sends Ryan away, who plans to watch on them from a bridge.  Samantha meets up with FG Taylor says that Roger traced suspicious bank activity at work to a Swiss Bank and a senior member of POTUS Taylor’s administration doing business activity in Sangala with General Juma. She provides him with whatever evidence Roger had as Ryan looks on very creepily.

Renee and Janeane Garofolo show up at the hospital to question Tanner. Tanner wants his lawyers and he doesn’t provide Renee with the answers she needs when she asks kindly.  Renee excuses Janeane Garofolo and asks her to stall Tanner’s lawyers and she reluctantly complies.  Renee returns to question Tanner and blocks the door with a chair.  She puts a gun to his wound and tries to force the answer out but she eventually backs down; Tanner laughs at her probably thinking she’s weak and handcuffed by the law. She returns to him and cuts off his air supply. 11:51:08


Janeane Garofolo leads Tanner’s lawyers on detour and they eventually give up on her. They ask the nurses station where Tanner is and they realize that something is wrong with his ventilator. The nurses can’t get through the blocked door until Renee emerges and makes a beeline for the exit. She excuses Janeane Garofolo, who wants nothing to do with Renee’s extreme measures taken. Renee calls Moss and tells him there’s a plot against Motobo at his residence; he tells her not to go in alone. Right.

Moss calls Motobo’s head of security and gives them the code to go into hiding. Emerson’s team busts through a wall and starts gunning down Motobo’s security detail. Motobo’s head of security locks Motobo and his wife in a panic room just as Jack and company show up. Jack begins busting through the drywall in an adjoining room and I’m going to laugh pretty hard if that’s all they reinforced the panic room with.  Motobo and his wife try and get an outside signal to make a phone call but Emerson’s team cut off all outside lines. Aren’t panic rooms supposed to have their own secure telephone lines, power supplies, and air sources? Jack discovers the panic room is made of reinforced concrete and I’m relieved. Emerson threatens Motobo’s head of security to open the panic room and he reveals that it can only be opened from the inside. Emerson knocks him out and looks worried. As do Jack and Tony in the other room because they know this is their only chance to get to Dubaku.



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