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24 Day 7 Recap – 9:00 A.M. to 10:00 A.M. Sunday, January 18, 2009

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The Following Takes Place Between 9:00 A.M. and 10:00 A.M.

Air Traffic Control is monitoring GSA117 trying to determine why the lost control when they discover Tony is controlling the flight.  We get several shots of a little boy with his mom; we are not moved. Janeane Garofolo reports that NSA is trying to find the point of entry and Edgar 2.0 says they’ve never seen anything like this before.

Jack and Renee report back to Moss that Schecter was killed by a sniper and they’ve sealed off the building where the shot came from.  Moss asks Renee if she’s okay in a hushed caring tone and it’s all but assured that they’re doing it; to her credit though it does seem like Renee is the one wearing the pants in this relationship. Jack realizes that Tony probably has an informant in the FBI department because how else could they have a sniper in position so quickly. My money is still on Moss. Renee is quite defensive that she has good people; Jack and his Members Only jacket are given a timeout.

The FBI/NSA isn’t making any progress on fixing the firewall and neither is Air Traffic Control with calling passengers on the plane. But they did scramble a F-16, albeit probably too late.  Air Traffic Control dude is slow to realize why Tony might want to change the flight path and land on a different runway.  Tony locks Air Traffic Control out of their system completely and redirects another flight (SRI35) into an intersecting runway. I foresee a big boom coming up.  Tony acts like a badass to the Air Traffic Control weenie and tells them to check the surveillance cams at JFK. ATC dudes realize the planes are on a collision course; they are quick.  Tony directs GSA117 to pull up at the last second and the plane barely misses landing on SRI35. I wonder why GSA117 doesn’t spinout SR135 with its jetwash; I will not let Goose die in vain. Tony gives them back controls of their system and tells them that was just a warning and a demonstration; ATC weenie asks what he wants and Tony responds “you’ll find out soon enough.” Oh how I missed you Tony. 09:10:34


Renee and her team are monitoring something as Tony’s sniper spies on them from a window.

Tony’s boss, Emerson, shows up to the boat where Tony is working and he shows off the tested CIP module. Emerson does not seem real impressed with the appearance of Latham but at least Tony has him in a place where he’ll do whatever he wants. I foresee many sandwiches being made. Tony says he’ll take care of Jack like he took care of Schecter; I remain skeptical.

President Taylor’s Press Secretary gives a presser saying that Dictator Juma has not stopped his genocide despite global condemnation and UN sanctions, so the U.S. plans to lead a military intervention.  President Taylor meets with former Prime Minister Motobo of Sangala to go over post-invasion plans and has to convince him to do a full legal trial on Juma and not just execute him on the spot. It all seems a bit pedantic and Motobo gives his word, but I am not convinced. Kanin (the Chief of Staff) informs Taylor about the precedings at JFK and she looks utterly confused. She says, “it’s just technology, we should be able to unplug these bastards,” and I think “what a fucking idiot.” It’s not like unplugging your hair straightener when it goes on the fritz ma’am.  Kanin straightens her out and she grounds all air traffic.

The sniper, Tanner, calls Tony asking for support because he’s trapped in the building.  Renee’s team continues to watch the sweep of the building on a live feed and Jack gets some sympathy from an FBI agent. Jack gives a kind of cheesy speech about how the people deserve to know what they’ve been doing and decide their fate. An agent enters the basement where Tanner is hiding and we’re either going to get a shootout here or this agent is an insider for Tony. Guns are drawn and we find out that Tony sent the agent to get Tanner out; the agent gives Tanner a FBI jacket and keys to a car. Shouldn’t Tanner have had his own car? How’d he get there? Jack sees Tanner exiting from the building and notices that he’s wearing different shoes than everyone else; which in all fairness, the first thing I notice about another man too is his shoes. Jack doesn’t want Renee to tell anyone else about Tanner because they don’t know who to trust, so he wants the 2 of them to track Tanner on their own. Renee procedes to be more awesomer and she agrees with Jack. They take off after Tanner and Jack gets to drive. 09:28:25


Oh snap, Emerson delivers Latham and the CIP module to Colonel Dubaku, one of Juma’s most brutal military leaders, as he watches new coverage of the JFK incident in a dark control room. Dubaku links the CIP module theft and testing back to the invasion of Sangala as he prepares to make his demands known to President Taylor for intervening in their affairs.

Taylor’s NSA advisor (I think) informs her that the CIP firewall cannot be reengineered and fixed immediately and the entire process will take several months. At risk is the national power grid and water treatment and distribution systems; this doesn’t make a lot of sense to me because those seem like they’d more likely be localized dirty attacks rather than high technology, but hey, it’s more dramatic. People could quickly die of dehydration damnit.

First Gentleman Taylor’s Secret Service bodyguard calls Kanin and tells him that FG Taylor is going to visit Roger’s old girlfriend because he’s worried about Taylor’s…dramatic pause…state of mind.  Kanin’s reactions to this news further perpetuate my belief that he is somehow connected to Jonas Hodges (Jon Voight).

Janeane Garofolo tattles to Moss about Renee leaving the scene with Jack.  Renee does a terrible job of covering her tracks and lying to Moss so she has to resort to the “do you trust me?” line.  He does, but not really.  If he’s connected to Tony, there’s no way that didn’t tip him off.  Moss asks Janeane Garofolo to do a triangulation on Renee’s phone and find out where she is.

Renee and Jack have the talk about how far Jack was actually going to go with Schecter and she seems to be heading towards the “by any means necessary” side. 09:42:40


Roger’s old girlfriend, Samantha, is interrupted at work and asked to meet with FG Taylor. FG Taylor wants to have a word with Samantha in private; well, as private as you can be with 2 Secret Service agents around. FG Taylor cuts the bullshit and immediately tells her that he knows about the $400k that was wired to her offshore account after Roger’s death and he wants to know who paid her.  She does a terrible job lying and FG Taylor gets quite serious and angry while one of the Security Service agents looks on concernedly.  Could this Secret Service agent be in on the corruption? Wouldn’t he have said something earlier?  Samantha says that the money belongs to her Aunt because she’s had money troubles since her Uncle died (with $400k sitting around? Really?) and she moved it to an offshore account.  FG Taylor delivers a brilliant line, “You want me to believe that you had the presence of mind to commit tax fraud 3 days after my son died, the man you supposedly loved?”  I’m beginning to like this guy a lot more and he doesn’t believe her. He gets a bit more aggressive and the sketchy Secret Service agent steps in.  FG Taylor chides, “I’mgoing to find out what you’re hiding, and when I do, God help you.”

Back to Tony’s boat and Tanner tells Tony that he got out. Jack follows behind in the FBI car and is forced to back off when Tanner reaches the docks.  Jack and Renee load up as they see Tanner making his way to Tony’s dock.  Tanner’s at the security gate when he hears Jack make a noise. He cautiously peers around until Renee comes into full view and Jack pulls a gun to his head.  Jack knocks Tanner out when he won’t tell him anything about Tony and then shoots out the security camera. Tony sends out a lackey to check on the camera as Jack uses Tanner as a hostage/cover.  Tony’s lackey shoots Tanner instead of Jack and Renee kills the lackey.  Jack and Renee both gun down Tony’s main lackey and Renee kicks away his gun (what? he’s dead). Renee discovers the computer undergoing some funky deletion process and can’t stop it.  FAIL. Jack snoops around the boat trying to find Tony and this is actually pretty tense. Jack finds Tony hiding in a closet and Tony makes a run for it.  Jack gets a clear shot at Tony and hesitates after Tony looks at him. Jack looks sad and hurt and Tony continues on. While Tony is running off the boat Jack leaps off the boat onto a storage container and attacks Tony like he’s a pirate again and Tony’s a Christmas tree. The two boys wrestle a bit and Jack gains control as Renee nonchalantly rolls up without too much concern for their fighting. Boys will be boys after all.  She tells Jack that the CIP module is gone and the computer has been erased.  Jack yells at Tony, “WHERE IS IT?” but still no “WE’RE RUNNING OUT OF TIME.”  Moss flies over in his helicopter and I’m starting to have a few doubts about his corruption because he probably should have been able to notify Tony and Tanner sooner. Jack is sad, “what happened to you? What the hell happened to you?” Awwww.  10:00:00



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