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24 Day 7 Recap – 10:00 A.M. to 11:00 A.M. Sunday, January 18, 2009

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The Following Takes Place Between 10:00 A.M. and 11:00 A.M.

POTUS Taylor gets word that they’ve captured Tony but lost the CIP module and then receives the demands from Colonel Dubaku. He threatens to use the CIP module to take down American infrastructure systems unless Taylor withdraws all attack groups by this time tomorrow. He wants confirmation that Taylor has started to retreat the aircraft carriers within 3 hours.  All in all, it’s a well constructed threat in that it puts all of the blame and decision making on to Taylor with a preventable way of saving American lives (domestically and in Sangala), but Taylor will have none of it.  She wants the NSA to shore up the firewall and clearly still does not understand that that is a difficult task because they can’t rebuild the firewall in 3 hours. Taylor wants the FBI to work Almeida hard from the Africa side. What other side is there?

Jack, Renee, Moss, and Tony all arrive back at the FBI building via helicopter and Moss grills Renee for going in solo.  Renee tells him there is a leak in the FBI and Moss acts mostly surprised.  Jack carefully explains how they know there’s been a leak and Moss seems to believe him. Moss locks down security protocols and limits access to those with higher clearance.  Renee tells Jack there’s no one she trusts more than Moss and I am suspicious.  Janeane Garofolo prepares Tony for interrogation and Renee asks for her help in tightening security measures around the office.  Tony looks stone cold as he’s sitting in the room.  Edgar 2.0 is pissed that he no longer has clearance to do whatever he wants.

Emerson gets word that Tony has been captured by the FBI and he wants to use their assets inside the bureau to get Tony out, but his boss (?) says to continue on without him because it’s too risky.  Dubaku gets word from Juma that American troops haven’t retreated and he sounds pissed; in all fairness, he does normally sounds pissed though.  He wants to do a more forceful demonstration and it’s quite clear he doesn’t have a lot of patience since about 10 minutes of the 3 hour ultimatum have passed.  Emerson’s boss convinces Dubaku to ease off. Maybe.

Moss tells Renee that Tony is working for Juma and Dubaku. Jack wants in on the interrogation because he knows how to get to Tony and Moss relents; of which I’m pretty surprised and having my doubts about Moss being an Emerson insider.  Jack tells Tony to save himself some time and pain and just tell him where the CIP device is; Tony says no and suggests that Taylor retreat the troops because Dubaku is serious and willing to take thousands of American lives.  Tony says he sold off the CIP module because Juma was willing to pay for it; Jack is surprised (as am I) because doing it for the money doesn’t sound like Tony’s style.  Tony goes off on former President Logan and the government for killing Michelle and then turns it on Jack.

“Here you are working for the same people who want to put you in prison. The same people who killed everything you love and left you with nothing. Your daughter wants nothing to do with you. Teri’s dead. Michael…No Jack no, you need to hear this. You need to start living in the real world, because every second you help the government, you’re spittin’ on Teri’s grave.”

Jack goes apeshit on Tony throwing the table out of the way and forcing him up against the wall.  Moss wants to intervene but Renee lets Jack go at it. Jack gets in Tony’s face demanding

“TELL ME WHERE THE DEVICE IS! So help me God, I will kill you and you will stay dead this time.”

Jack chokes Tony until a point where it sounds like he’s actually struggling and Tony whispers “Deep Sky” into Jack’s ear.  Moss intervenes and throws Jack out.  Jack calls a number while muttering “deep sky” and says he was told to call this number based off an old CTU emergency code. And holy crap, it’s Bill Buchanan!  Maybe Tony wasn’t bad after all. The spitting on Teri’s grave comment wasn’t real cool though because the government really had nothing to do with her death, that was all Nina. Jack briefs Bill on the events of the day and Bill says he’ll call him back on a secure line.  OMG OMG OMG, Chloe’s with Bill too!  Chloe and Bill say that they’re going to need Jack’s help to get Tony back undercover otherwise the whole operation is over.   He’s their only hope, just like Obi-Wan.  Bill’s hair is really white now too and it’s kind of freaking me out. 10:17:39


FG Taylor returns to the White House and is confronted by Kanin and told to ease off on the Roger stuff because POTUS Taylor needs his support.  Kanin reveals to FG Taylor that Roger was about to be investigated by the SEC for insider trading, and we all know that probably isn’t true. Kanin says that he and POTUS Taylor were trying to hide this from FG Taylor so he could preserve the memory of their son. Clearly they failed.

POTUS Taylor tells Kanin that the Admirals think they need to start pulling back by 1 P.M. to meet Dubaku’s demands. She weighs her options. Blah, blah blah. Kanin says that at least one of the options will save thousands of American lives; and either he is weak, doesn’t understand appeasement, has never seen the West Wing, or is in on the corruption.

Chloe sets up a secure line so Bill can communicate with Jack.  Bill tells Jack that Tony is working under deep cover in an ongoing investigation into people high up in the government who are helping Juma’s regime.  Bill doesn’t know the extent of the corruption or conspiracy but he believes members of the President’s inner council are involved (cough, cough Kanin). Bill says the corruption runs deep and wide and they’re operating outside of the government.  Chloe says she can’t believe what the senators tried to put on Jack but he looked good on CSPAN. Chloe is still awesome. Jack wants to bring Renee in to help spring Tony but Bill only wants to use her as a last resort. 10:28:44


Janeane Garofolo asks Edgar 2.0 about some data mining procedures and he looks quite worried and tries to ignore her. Janeane Garofolo makes a snarky comment that is somewhat funny.  Edgar 2.0 is trying to get into something where his access is denied and it looks like the show is trying to setup him as the mole; but I am not convinced, it is far too early for the show to tip its hand.

FG Taylor receives a phone call from Samantha and she reveals to him that Roger didn’t commit suicide. She wants to meet with him alone.

Moss tries to question Tony and shows him horrible pictures, but Tony is unphased because Tony is a badass and was trained to be so.  Tony warns Moss to get POTUS Taylor to stand-down otherwise his next batch of pictures will be of dead Americans.  Renee wants Moss to try more coercive methods of interrogation but Moss wants to stick to legal methods; maybe because he’s the mole and he doesn’t want progress made, no? Also, he wants Jack out of the building because he’s a wildcard; and wildcards can disrupt your corruption, no? Janeane Garofolo found someone who went around the Level 4 lockdown to hack into the FAA database and she can find out who it was from the server room (cough, cough Edgar 2.0).

Janeane Garofolo visits the server room and as we all know, nothing good ever happens on 24 in the server room. The music gets dramatic and surprise, surprise it was Edgar 2.0 who went around the firewall.  And guess who shows up right after she figures it out? Kim and her cougar, wait no, it’s just Edgar 2.0.   Aww, he broke in to the FAA database to check on his wife and see if her plane had been grounded (kind of like Edgar 1.0 and his grandma). He says he was worried because he could no longer get into the database and see if it had been grounded; what, has he not heard of FlyteComm? Janeane Garofolo looks at the flight manifest and sees that he wasn’t lying.

Jack and Chloe get ready to extract Tony and she’s going to knock out the cameras with loops as he makes his way out.

Renee returns to her office and thanks Jack but says they won’t need him anymore. She says she’s going to put in a good with the justice department for him and he thanks her by putting her in a sleeper hold. Jack takes her gun and ID badge and gets ready to do his Jack Bauer thing. 10:41:54


Bill makes his way to the rendezvous point in a bright blue van that’s super discreet.

Jack breaks into the interrogation room and holds Moss up and threatens the security guard. Despite there being 2 armed FBI agents who could take Jack down, they give in and Jack and Tony knock the 2 of them out. Chloe leads Jack and Tony out of the building by monitoring and looping the security feeds. While Jack and Tony are in hiding we get a nice exchange of dialogue:

Tony: Listen Jack, I’m sorry about the stuff I said back there, I just needed to get you close to get you Bill’s codename

Jack: Just glad I didn’t break your neck

Tony: Well, uhh, you came close

Jack: Yeah, sorry about that

Tony chuckles

They continue on and Edgar 2.0 notices that someone is hacking in to their system. Janeane Garofolo says that anything is possible if you know what you’re doing and well, Chloe does. Janeane Garofolo says she’s going to lock Chloe out of the security subnet; and she may temporarily, but my money is on Chloe in the long run. Chloe loses her feed and Janeane Garofolo says she “pinged the line and it automatically reset.” I have no idea what that means because it does not make sense.  Janeane Garofolo gasps when she realizes that Moss and the guard are unconscious and Tony is gone. Sirens go off and we see a bunch of FBI guards making their way through the building. Hehe:

Chloe: Someone at FBI is blocking my every move and it’s really starting to piss me off



Jack and Tony make their way into the stairwell.  Moss and Renee reunite and she apologizes for trusting Jack. Janeane Garofolo finds their location in the southwest stairwell and agents converge. Chloe hacks back into the system and locks Janeane Garofolo out. Janeane Garofolo acknowledges that Chloe is very good; don’t worry Janeane Garofolo, she’s very good in my dreams too. Chloe alerts Jack that he’s heading into an ambush and they jump out of a window onto the parking garage roof. Tony jumps off the parking garage onto another car while Jack provides cover fire.  Jack breaks into a car and hotwires it while FBI agents converge.

Jack: This is gonna hurt

Jack busts through the concrete wall of the parking structure while screaming and lands on top of some other cars. Aren’t those concrete walls designed to stop things like that? A car going about 15mph shouldn’t be able to break through. Anywho, Jack pulls himself from the car as Bill opens the van doors and Tony provides cover fire. Jack and Tony make it to the van just as the FBI agents show up and open machine gun fire. The bright blue van speeds away inconspicuously. 11:00:00



1. Matt_T - Monday, January 19, 2009

Maybe the van was bright blue to throw of suspicions, like its so conspicuous, no one would think that the van was a threat

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