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Real World: Brooklyn Recap – The Roommates Explore Their Fabulousness Thursday, January 15, 2009

Posted by The NY Kid in MTV, reality TV, undergroundBTO.

This episode opens with Chet, JD and Sarah all sitting around talking in the bedroom. Chet finds some lube and jokes around with JD about him “trying to get some”, but his jokes turn to dropped jaws when he finds a Magnum condom. Because he’s a 12 year-old, Chet immediately runs out to tell Ryan that their roommate has an enormous package. Join me after the jump to find out what other revelations were made this episode.

We see Sarah doing Katelynn’s hair, and the latter finally confides in her that she is transgendered and describes her operation in Thailand. Meanwhile, Chet and Ryan are amusing themselves by setting off an alarm clock and confusing their roommates into thinking that it is the phone or the doorbell ringing. After JD looks around the entire house and goes outside to the front gate, Scott finally tells him that Chet and Ryan are playing a prank. A little while later Sarah and Katelynn are sitting in the kitchen discussing feminism and other thought-provoking issues, and this causes Chet and Ryan to become bored.

That night we learn that someone has put a condom on a banana and then put that banana into the fish tank. This pisses off JD, since he assumes that the condom is his. He goes off to bitch about the situation to Scott, Sarah, Baya and Devyn, and they all decide that Chet must be playing another prank. They also decide that Sarah needs to be the one to talk to him, since she seems to have the best relationship with him.

In the morning Sarah talks to Chet about the banana-condom incident, and he gets very defensive. He then goes off to talk confront JD and tells him that it wasn’t one of his condoms. JD says that he assumed that Chet had taken one of his condoms because it looked as if someone had been through his personal belongings. JD then quasi-threatens Chet, telling him that “the pranks had better stop.” Meanwhile, Baya convinces Sarah and Katelynn to go to a dance class at the gym together, and we discover that Sarah and Katelynn have absolutely no rhythm. On their way home they talk about the boys, and Katelynn comes out of the closet to Baya, mentioning that she would never tell Chet or Ryan because they are extremely immature.

The next morning Baya calls the Hip-Hop Dance Conservatory (we need to conserve this stuff?) and asks some questions about the audition process. She finds out that she needs a resume and some letters of recommendation, and JD offers to help her with her application. Everyone then decides that they are going to go out and dance that night, and JD wants to take everyone to Chelsea. Hilarity ensues when Chet puts on some eyeliner and Ryan immediately informs him that Chelsea is “the gay district” so he might make some new male friends.

That night while out dancing in Chelsea, JD tells Chet and Ryan that if they are too uncomfortable he will take them somewhere else. When they finally walk in, Chet notices that he is “surrounded by nothing but homosexual men.” Ryan looks uncomfortable, but JD tells him that he will give him $100 to dance with a drag queen. Ryan goes over and stands next to the drag queen in question, but doesn’t really dance. The drag queen then says that to earn the $100 he has to accept a kiss on the cheek and Ryan agrees. When Ryan sticks out his cheek the drag queen fools him and kisses him on the lips, which prompts Ryan to repeatedly wipe off his mouth. Back at the house Sarah tells Scott and Katelynn (who had stayed home) what happened with Ryan, and they all laugh as he spends several minutes brushing his teeth. Eventually Ryan admits that he had a good time, and JD feels that he is a little more open-minded now.

In the morning Ryan calls his girlfriend and tells her that he kissed someone else. After scaring her for a few minutes, he finally tells her what really happened and she responds with “that’s really disgusting.” JD, Sarah and Devyn go to the Conservatory to support Baya in her audition, but they aren’t allowed to watch. It’s a good thing, because she looks stiff and awkward during the routine. A little later Chet’s family (mom, sisters, and brother) come by the house and his mom is upset by the fact that he wore eyeliner for their night out. They talk to JD about his job as a dolphin trainer, and then they go out to dinner with Ryan. When they find out that JD is gay, Chet’s mom says “oh, that’s why he is so nice.” Back at the house Chet’s mom reminds him to “remember who you are” and then the family leaves. After they are gone, JD tells the roommates that he put his own father in jail for stealing his identity.

In the morning Baya gets a call about her audition. The director of the Conservatory tells her that he will e-mail her the evaluation of the audition and says that she has been accepted. Baya tells him that she doesn’t feel like the Conservatory is the best fit for her at this time (umm, so why the audition) and she declines.

That night we see JD on the phone talking to detectives about his father (who confessed to everything). After the conversation he goes out alone and comes home very drunk. For some reason, JD goes off on a rant about being “tired of people who don’t speak English,” which surprises the roommates. Chet gets very upset, and he and JD get into an argument.

In the morning Sarah talks to Chet about the previous evening, telling him that they were all trying to get JD to go to bed and avoid that confrontation. Chet says that he had no idea that JD was drunk (aren’t you in a frat? how are you unable to identify drunk people?). Meanwhile, JD takes Baya to the Broadway Dance Center to meet the director, who happens to be a friend of his. Afterwards we see Chet talking to JD, who opens up to him about his poor family life. The episode ends with a heartwarming moment where they seem to have put the previous night behind them.




1. Jerkwheat - Friday, January 16, 2009

I really don’t like these people. The fucking pretentious conversation in the kitchen at the start of the episode really sealed the deal.

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