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Events Occur in DeadOn Time: 24 Day 7 – 8:00 AM – 9:00 AM Thursday, January 15, 2009

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It is I, DougOLis-long time commenter/first time contributor, who will guide you through another season of the most intense show on television, 24. These recaps should come in a more timely matter in the future, but for now this is what you get. 

A recap of where things stand following 24: Redemption – War broke out in the Southern Africa nation of Sangala when General Benjamin Juma overthrew democratically elected Prime Minister Motobo.  Jack happened to be hiding in Sangala with an old friend, Carl Benton, at a school founded by Benton at the time. When Juma’s Colonels started “recruiting” child soldiers, Benton and Jack transported the kids from the school to the American Embassy but not before Benton gave his life. In order to secure passage for the children into the embassy, Jack was forced to turn himself in to the State Department.

Meanwhile back in the United States, Allison Taylor was sworn in as the new President after defeating former President Noah Daniels.  On his way out President Daniels seemingly did no favors to the incoming President by providing General Juma with arms and condoning the coup.  President Taylor’s son Roger found out from a friend, Chris, that a few shady businessmen led by Jonas Hodges, Jon Voight, may have had some involvement in the providing of arms and coup after Chris discovered sketchy bank transactions.  Before Chris was able to provide Roger with tangible evidence, he was tortured and killed by Jonas Hodges’ men.

Now on to Day 7, the _th worst day in Jack Bauer’s life. As always, events occur in real time.

The Following Takes Place Between 8:00AM and 9:00AM


John Billingsly, the nerdy middle-aged guy from a many a show, is driving down a major D.C. street with his teenage daughter in the backseat when he’s suddenly sideswiped in the middle of an intersection.  It appears this is not an accident as another black van rams his car on top of another car (not sure how that works in real life) and men with ski masks and guns jump out of the van. They pull him out of the car and throw him in the back of the van but sadly leave his daughter behind.  One of the men in the masks, who sounds a lot like Tony Almeida, says that they need him to fix something.

A hot redheaded agent gets out of her SUV and walks into Jack Bauer’s Senate hearing for crimes committed by CTU as Red Foreman attempts to grill Jack. Jack does not want a lawyer and answers quite truthfully, albeit a bit pissed off and snarky. Redheaded agent, Agent Walker, has a subpoena for Jack and removes him from the hearing. Janeane Garofolo informs Agent Walker and us that the kidnapped man, Michael Latham designed the firewall for the country’s infrastructure system, which I’m assuming is connected to why Walker needs Jack. In a first for everything, Garofolo informs another FBI analyst (Billy from Entourage) that she is a “cheerful person.” The head FBI boss of this department is briefing a group of agents/analysts about some domestic terrorist group which has been stealing various devices and just kidnapped Latham 10 minutes ago (how’d the FBI find out so quickly?).

Back in some secret dark room (why do terrorists always work in the dark?), Latham’s kidnapper, not Tony by the way, is looking at a flight grid and wants to know when a seriously jacked up Latham is going to finish working on the device.  In the span of 10 minutes they were able to kidnap Latham, bring him back to their secret location, and have Latham repair what is probably an intricate device; seems entirely reasonable to me. The flight Latham’s new friend is monitoring, GSA117, prepares to depart from an undisclosed airport.

The head of the FBI office, Agent Moss, “welcomes” Jack and I suspect that given the nature of bosses on this show, he might be corrupt. Agent Walker, whose first name we find out is Renee, thinks she can handle Jack by herself but Moss seems worried and methinks they (Moss & Renee, not Renee & Jack) are doing it and/or he is corrupt. And it turns out the man in the mask was probably Tony as Renee informs Jack that they have recent security photos of Tony and it was not Tony’s body in his grave. Jack looks pissed. We get confirmation that a badass looking Tony is in fact alive and leading the terrorist group as he checks on the progress of his minions while GSA117 takes off. Apparently the device Latham was working on, a “CIP module,” keeps “going out of phase.” A VERY SERIOUS TONY threatens Latham to fix the device now because “in a few minutes he will not need him anymore.” We reach the first commercial break as the clock ticks up to 08:16:57.


The POTUS (President Taylor) is watching CNB, nee CNN, (this is how she gets her news?) as a report runs about General Juma’s ethnic cleansing in Sangala killing at least 300K men, women, and children. Taylor and her sketchy Chief of Staff, Ethan Kanin, discuss what to do about Sangala because she can’t morally sit by and watch as the UN acts like a bunch of little bitches (see the 24: Redemption movie for more); whooray for unilateral invasions.  Taylor and Ethan discuss the First Man mourning the death/suicide of their son, which I guess happened in between 24: Redemption and now.

Latham fixes the CIP module and they get full control of Air Traffic Control’s system.

Renee briefs Jack about Tony’s involvement with the terrorist organization and reminds us why he might be pissed (former President Logan had his wife, Michelle, killed). Jack is skeptical that Tony would be involved with a terrorist organization and thinks he may be under deep cover (see: Season 3); Renee suggests that Jack helps them find Tony and ask Tony himself.  Jack gets to work with moody and brooding analyst Sean (Billy from Entourage, aka Edgar 2.0) and Sean seems absolutely thrilled.

President Taylor meets with the Joint Chiefs and finds out that the military is in position and they do not expect much resistance (riiight). Secretary of State Stevens does not want to invade Sangala and get involved in another 3rd world conflict half way around the world (Chief of Staff Kanin provides a similar look; could either be involved with the, uhhh, interests we saw in 24: Redemption?), and Taylor gives him an ultimatum to get on board or resign (hello Colin Powell!). Taylor is informed by some FBI agent that Tony’s terrorist group has access to air traffic control but there’s not a lot they can do at the moment. Clock ticks to 08:33:16.


First Man Taylor meets with a reporter from CNB (CNN) who is skeptical about the invasion of Sangala and doesn’t understand the difference between a genocide and tribal war. FM Taylor tries to convince/bribe the reporter from holding off on the criticism for awhile but it seems to little avail.  He steps out of the room and receives a phone call from a private investigator (Chuck Norris? Did I hear that correctly?) who informs him that his dead son (Roger)’s girlfriend received a large amount of money right after Roger’s death. FM Taylor is going to go see Roger’s ex-girlfriend and the Secret Service agent assigned to him seems nonplussed.

Janeane Garofolo is quite worried about Tony getting in behind the firewall because apparently it not only controls air traffic control but also the power grid and water treatment/delivery/sewage systems. This seems entirely plausible because it’s well known that the entire country’s infrastructure is maintained on one highly advanced system networking all plants.

Jack seems to have found a lead in an old CTU contact named Gabriel Schecter who provided Tony and Jack with less than legal supplies. And he just happens to have moved to the D.C. area around the time the terrorist group’s thefts began. Agent Moss wants to go through the proper procedures to get to Schecter but Jack wisely suggests they go in Jack Bauer style.  Renee convinces Moss to let her take Jack and she’ll keep him on a short leash.  08:45:04


Renee makes the connection that Jack and Tony were close because they shared a supplier in Schecter (no need for case files here).  Jack is skeptical that Tony is involved with a terrorist group, but he wants to find Tony and help straighten him out.  Renee and Jack arrive at Schecter’s apartment, which timing wise must have been pretty much in the FBI building.

President Taylor receives a mission briefing about the invasion of Sangala from the Secretary of State and apologizes for ripping him a new one earlier.  Apparently FM Taylor was successful in his persuasion of the reporter from CNB because he’s going to hold off on his report.

Jack and Renee pay a visit to Schecter and things start out a bit cold but not yet hostile as Schecter plays along pretending to be helpful. When the questions become more serious and accusatory Schecter asks his brutish friend to escort them out. Schecter’s friend makes a weak move for Renee so she uses it as an excuse to take him down and guns are drawn. Jack gets serious and cautiously heads into JACK BAUER INTERROGATION MODE and gets approval from Renee to do “whatever it takes.” Welcome to the grey side Renee. Jack threatens Schecter with a pen to the eye and he agrees to cooperate (as I mourn the lack of a “DAMNIT GABRIEL, WE’RE RUNNING OUT OF TIME!”).  Suddenly Schecter is shot by a sniper from the building across the way. Tony calls Jack on Schecter’s phone and tells him to stay away because there’s nothing he can do.

Air Traffic Control is no longer able to communicate with GSA117 as the flight prepares to land at JFK, but Tony is and he’s going to make a course change…09:00:00



1. Matt_T - Thursday, January 15, 2009

Redemption was such a long time ago that I had forgotten about the Jon Voight connection.

The new agent is a stone cold fox.

2. Shakey - Thursday, January 15, 2009

I forgot about Jon Voight too. I found that part intriguing at the time.

John Billingsly, the nerdy middle-aged guy from a many a show, is driving down a major D.C. street with his teenage daughter in the backseat when he’s suddenly sideswiped in the middle of an intersection. It appears this is not an accident as another black van rams his car on top of another car (not sure how that works in real life) and men with ski masks and guns jump out of the van. They pull him out of the car and throw him in the back of the van but sadly leave his daughter behind. One of the men in the masks, who sounds a lot like Tony Almeida, says that they need him to fix something.

This is exactly how Rush Hour 2 begins.

3. dougolis - Thursday, January 15, 2009

@Matt: I would do naughty naughty things to her

@Shakey: Good to see that originality is still a strong suit of the 24 writers then. I felt like I’d seen essentially that exact same scene many times before and you’re definitely right about Rush Hour 2.

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