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My Saving Grace and My Happy Place-Talk Amongst Yourselves Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Posted by Shakarean Hutchinson in SA, Scrubs.

Well, it’s not like this hasn’t happened before. And I’m sure we both knew I wasn’t going to catch at least one night. Well, I knew. I highly doubt you care a bit about me. Anyways, I didn’t get to see the show last night. There are reasons, there are always reasons. But I had planned to watch it this morning and write about it. Except ABC’s player is acting like a little bitch right now. And I really don’t want to download the show. And it’s not streamed by Hulu. And I hate doing reviews/posts after 12 PM. It’s almost no point in doing them cause you would have caught it by then. So yeah, no luck for last night’s episodes people.

But just because I haven’t seen it doesn’t mean y’all can’t talk about it. How was Maddox dismissed? Is Kelso still at the hospital? If so was there an explanation given? Is Cox the new Chief of Medicine yet? Did JD and Elliot get back together like we all know they are even if some of us would give away our left ovary so that wouldn’t happen? (Sigh) Are there going to be two episodes every Tuesday for the rest of Season 8? Discuss in the comments. I’m gonna try to catch the two epis before next week. And work out my problems with ABC’s player.



1. metschick - Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Well, I’m Scrubs’ bitch, so I really liked these two, the second more so than the first.

I’m not a shipper, don’t care who hooks up/who doesn’t on any show. That being said, I really liked how they went about JD/Elliot. It felt natural that they’d fall into the comfortable friendship and then talk about their feelings. I would’ve liked it less if they’d just hooked up and then tried to sort things out.

I also love me some Scrubs wisdom: Just look into your heart, and do whatever the hell makes you happy. Truth.

Shallow: I really liked Elliot’s dress @ the end of both epis – the yellow polka dot one @ the end of MSG and the teal/blue wrap dress @ the end of MHP. And her hair looked a little shorter, which I like. Wasn’t feeling the runaway extensions.

There were lots of little jokes that I laughed @, but I’ll leave those to you to discover when you see it.

Except for this one: Mop it off.

2. JB* - Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I genuinely had some laugh out loud moments at some of the side jokes in the show, especially some of the call backs to previous seasons like the sex buddy trumpets and Dr. Ito (Call me Jan).

I hope they are going to curtail this double-episode stuff though to stretch out the season.

3. DougOLis - Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Good but not great episodes last night. I was kind of over the JD/Elliot relationship too, but I agree with metsy that they handled it very well and it actually seemed natural. As long as it doesn’t continue into another on/off again type thing, I’m cool with it.

Dr. Cox saying he missed Kelso was actually pretty touching and sincere. I know it’s what he wants and what he enjoys, but it does feel kind of sad that hanging out back in the hospital cafe brings Kelso his only enjoyment.

Loved the callback to the Dr. Jan Itor too

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