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DeadOn’s 411 on 90210 – Love Me or Leave Me Wednesday, January 14, 2009

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Last week, the return of 90210 had teen pregnancy, theft, illegitimate children who were not actually legitimate children, and the promise of someone passing out in chemistry class, making West Beverly High very similar to rural Iowa. This week, secrets will be revealed and boyfriends get mad when their girlfriends are knocked up by someone else… also similar to rural Iowa. And everywhere else in the world.

Join me, after the jump, to get DeadOn’s 411 on 90210 for Episode 13, “Love Me or Leave Me”

With Beverly Hills in the middle of a mid-winter heat wave, and with the A/C busted at school, classes are canceled. A call goes out from far and wide for a beach party for the kids to Frisbee away the heat.

What Happened to the Main Cast of Characters
Harry Wilson
Harry is caught in the middle of a battle for control between his wife, who he loves, and his mother, whose home he lives in. He finally reminds his mother the children are their children. He and his wife go out to Palm Springs to track down Annie, where they are relieved to see her alone in a bed, so they react by getting freaky in the back of the minivan.

Debbie Wilson
Debbie cannot handle the heat wave, being just a plain ol’ Kansas girl. She and her mother-in-law spend the time raising and lowering the thermostat, arguing over a car for her children from their grandmother, and expressing outrage over Tabitha giving Annie the keys to the Palm Springs house. In between, she manages to rake her husband over the coals as well for not saying anything.

Annie Wilson
Annie hearts Ethan in all sorts of public locations this week. After having the new car taken away, her grandmother instead gives her keys to the Palm Springs condo, saying she cleared it with Debbie already. Inviting Ethan, she is “ready, ready for Palm Springs” – some sort of euphemism, I believe. The road to “Palm Springs”, apparently, is filled with overthinking and soliloquies of love and David Archuletta singles. However, Ethan freaks out when she talks about how important it is to him, breaking her heart, though everything wraps up nicely in the end.

Dixon Wilson
Dixon really should not take advice on women from Navid. Telling his friend that Silver mocked Annie & Ethan’s romanticism, Navid says it is only sour grapes – she wants Dixon to say I love you as well. As he and Silver build a sand castle at the beach party, he drops the three worded bomb, but is stunned by Silver’s response of “Thank you.” Things are awkward when they run into each other in school the next day, understandably.

Naomi Clark
Naomi does the stereotypical popular girl snap judgment, assuming that Adrianna’s issues are drug-related, but she comes around and supports her friend when she learns the truth. She had told everyone her drug concerns, though, which started the rumor wildfire around the school.

Ethan Ward
Ethan is in tow to Palm Springs with Annie and has his naughty bits a-titter over her approval to “go to Palm Springs.” When Annie says that she always dreamed her first time would be with someone she really loved and cared about, he backs off in a panic attack, worried that if something should ever go awry between them she would hate that it happened. The next day, he fesses up that sex with Annie would be more than just physicalness – it would be emotion, which scared him. With that said, hugs and kisses all around.

Silver believes the heat wave is a sign of the apocalypse and the end of days, naturally. She also believes people like Ethan and Annie saying “I love you” is weak balls. When Dixon tells her the same thing, she only says “Thank you”, then flips on him for being hurt by the response. She still appears confused by Dixon’s response the next day at school.

Adrianna Duncan
Adrianna is putting out feelers to discuss her pregnancy with friends and loved ones, but Navid is not interested in change when she asks if he is happy, and Naomi thinks her “big personal issue” is drug use again. With the stifling heat of the classroom, Adrianna collapses in the chemistry lab, which is passed over without a second word. When she finally tells Naomi, she gets the support she wanted. Some muscle guy named George keeps talking trash about her, causing Navid to try to throw down with him, which is when she tells her boyfriend. His uncertainty leaves her in tears.

Navid Shirazi
Navid may love him some Barack Obama, but in the case of he and Adrianna, he is against change. When Adrianna tells him she is pregnant, he reacts totally normally, by asking to walk away for a bit. When they talk later, he want to be okay but he doesn’t know if he can be, because he doesn’t know what he can be to her now.

Kelly Taylor and Brenda Walsh

Secondary Characters
Ryan Matthews – Absent

Tabitha Wilson – Tabitha buys a nice Saturn for her grandchildren, which is rebuffed by her daughter in law. She also wants to revitalize her acting career, beginning with an audition for a miniseries about a seventy year old Revolutionary War grandmother who knits in her downtime from repelling the British in Red Coats and Blue Bloods. I smell Golden Globe!

Tracy Clark – Absent

Things settled up too nicely next week with the big conflict of the child given up for adoption, so it was time to cause friction with every couple. Ethan and Annie may end up causing more heartburn to the CW viewers than Clark and Lana on Smallville.

Next Week
Car crash!

Now, that’ll be seventy-five cents for dialing up the 411.



1. DougOLis - Monday, January 19, 2009

What the fuck was Silver’s problem? Is this a case of me not understanding women or were we not supposed to know why she was so pissy?

Is Jessica Walters leaving the show? Or are we still going to get her while she’s off filming her TV show? That’s seriously going to suck if she does leave because her quips are one of the best parts.

2. JB* - Monday, January 19, 2009

I understood it to be part of Silver’s being a rebel against the shackles of traditional values – she is a free spirit who believes love is merely a chemical reaction similar to chocolate.

I am sure there may be some backstory in the future (tie it in to her parent’s history, especially Mr. Silver’s wonky marital woes… or maybe even the Kelly/Dylan/Brandon triangle) , but for now I took it that you can’t confine Silver to aprons and apple pie!

Jessica Walters is billed as a special guest – the CW made it sound she will be on intermittently, but not constantly. She was integral to the set-up of the show (why they moved), but is likely not needed (storyline wise) on a constant basis. Of course, for adding something to the episode, as you say, I think she is very important.

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