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The City – Episode 4: Good Things Come in Threes Monday, January 12, 2009

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Olivia and Whitney are working and Olivia is very proud of her use of socials in place of socialites.  DVF herself actually makes an appearance this week.    She wants to know if Whitney likes it and if she’s learning anything.  Whitney says she is and compliments DVF.  Olivia doesn’t seem to happy that Whitney is getting praise.

Whitney is out eating with Erin and she tells her what happened with Jay last week.  Erin tells her its time for her to be selfish and do what she wants.  Whitney says she knows what she wants and she hopes Jay will give it to her.  RAWR.

Back to DVF for a meeting.  They are hosting a Wonder Woman event with Warner Brothers.  Alixe is going to have Whitney do the windows to show off the new collection.  Olivia is to help Whitney with her project.  Olivia forces a smile and she has dimples.  Aww.

Off to Erin, and she thanks Duncan for making the bed.  He says since he messed it up it was he should do.  Erin says he’s the first house guest to make the bed.  Duncan is sad he’s leaving, but Erin likes the long distance thing, when he’s there its Duncan time and its good and when he leave she still has time to do whatever she wants.  Duncan pushes further and says he wants to move to the City and he’ll need a couch to stay on, and by that he means her bed.  I cannot believe he actually said that.  Erin says she’s only 24 and wants to have things to look forward to.

Back to DVF, for the party.  Alixe is pleased with how everything looks.  It looks like a really big party, someone even brought her dogs.  Whitney’s friend Samantha shows up to the party and Olivia even seems happy to see her.  Samantha wants to know what’s up with Jay.  Chris, one of the coworkers comes over to talk to Whitney and Sam.  Chris is the only guy who is working there.  Sam says it must be nice since he can see all the pretty girls working there.  he agrees and smiles at Whitney.  Olivia’s cousin is there too.  Its definitely a party.  Chris asks Whitney to do lunch some time in front of Whitney, Sam, Olivia and Alixe.  Whitney is flattered and the girls seem impressed.

Back to DVF and Olivia answers the phone, its Jay looking for Whitney.  Olivia tells him she’s out to lunch.  We head to the lunch and Whitney is out with Chris.  Whitney says she doesn’t know a lot of people and Chris says he’ll take her out.  Whitney giggles.

Whitney and Chris head back to the office and Olivia is saying she only orders lunch from 3 places.  Chris gives her a hug and Whitney says she’ll see him in the hallway.  After he leaves Whitney tells Olivia and Michelle that it was fun, but he’s kind of quiet and shy and she didn’t feel any chemistry.  Michelle wants to know if Jay knows she was going out with him.  Olivia pipes up and says that Jay called.  Whitney says that she doesn’t want to hide anything from him.  She says she didn’t know if it was even worth telling Jay about it.  Olivia says that she doesn’t need to say anything to Jay, but Whitney says she’ll say something so she doesn’t feel sneaky.

Duncan is getting ready to leave, and Erin says she wants him to move to NY if its for him, not because of her.  She says they have a good thing going and she doesn’t want to put any more pressure on it, and she’ll visit him whereever he moves.  Duncan calls a cab and heads back to Canada.

Whitney goes to meet Jay for dinner, and it looks like he’s already started in on the food and drinking.  Whitney comes right out and says she went to lunch with some guy.  Jay wants to know what that’s all about.  Jay thinks that she’s trying to make him jealous.  Whitney says that just because she goes out with someone of a different sex doesn’t mean there’s anything more to it.  Jay tells her she can do whatever she wants, and Whitney says that’s good to know.

Off to Erin’s and she tells Whitney about Duncan wanting to move there.  Erin is nervous because she’s only had long distance relationships.  She asks about the lunch with Chris.  Whitney says she needed to do it for herself and Erin says thats what dating is about, going out with people until you find the right person.  Whitney says that boys are so confusing, and they need to man up.

Jay is talking with his roommate, Adam and he tells him that he’s thinking about being exclusive with Whitney.  He refers to it as being on ‘lockdown’  Jay is a douche.  He says its either going to go somewhere or nowhere and he’d rather Whitney hang out with him than that dickhead Alex or some accountant she works with.

Jay heads over to Whitneys with a bottle of wine.  She says she needs to pick out shoes and fix her make up and she’ll be ready to go.  While she’s trying to find shoes Jay pours them some wine and says he needs to talk to her if that’s ok.  Whitney tells him that he can tell her anything.  Jay says its been a good three months and he hopes she’s happy too.  He says that maybe now they can take things to the next level.  Whitney is all giggles and smiles and says that she can be his girlfriend.  He said its big for him, its only his third girlfriend and he’s 24 and Whitney says its the same thing for her.  Jay tells her the dating game is over for her.  Whitney seems really happy.    They make out while the music plays.



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2. nicole - Wednesday, January 14, 2009

what’s the song that’s like:
“give the sun your smile
we are on the rise
there’s something beautiful
there’s something beautiful about today..
dodododo” etc.


3. delly - Thursday, February 12, 2009

this song is: something beautiful by chauncey jacks

does anyone know the song right after that? (when erin tells duncan that she´s only 24…..)
the mtv page says its: since you´re in love by jesse malin….. but it´s not!!!!!

4. Luna - Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Does anyone know the song that played right after Jay was asking Whitney to become his GF. ” Tobe who i want..To be who i am…to know what i can” Thanksssss

5. Therese - Saturday, April 11, 2009

what is the full name of the co-worker, Chris?

6. Monarch - Monday, April 20, 2009

The song is : “Love when I can” by Nat Jay

7. Monarch - Monday, April 20, 2009

Here is the list of the main songs you can hear in the Ep 4 :


enjoy !

8. casey - Sunday, April 26, 2009

no thats not the song at least not from the online version. does anyone know? (right after erin and duncan talk)

9. Colleen - Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Does anyone know what song is playing right before Jay asks Whitney to be his girlfriend? They’re showing some scenes of the city and the lyrics are:

“Your life in slow motion…

One day you disappeared for good.
i couldn’t bear to think about you now.”

10. THECITYFAN - Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Does anyone know what is the song playing, when Erin and Duncan are talking on the street, and then Duncan takes a cab and leaves, so then Erin just stands there, and then it’s filming the New York city night, the song is going like this: ‘call me ….. in a wintertime’ then comes ‘la la la la la la la la la’ The song is very slow
I have been searching it on google and mtv pages but I haven’t found it yet.

11. Mary - Saturday, July 31, 2010

did anyyone else notice the guy in the background of the los dados restaurant whitney and jay go to in “good things come in threes” having some kind of seizure?

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