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DeadOn’s 411 on 90210 – Hello, Goodbye, Amen Wednesday, January 7, 2009

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After returning to Everyone’s Favorite Zip Code (Copyright, All Rights Reserved by The CW’s Evilly Deceptive Promo Guy) in September, we’ve been away for about a month. A re-return post-holidays should find a new wave of drama, right?

Join me, after the jump, to get DeadOn’s 411 on 90210 for Episode 12, “Hello, Goodbye, Amen”

What Happened This Episode to the Main Cast of Characters
Harry Wilson
Harry spends most of the episode struggling with the knowledge that the son his high school girlfriend gave up for adoption, Sean, was adopted by a degenerate gambler who died down $200k. He begins to come up with a plan to get the money for Sean with the boy’s mother, Tracy, before his family voices their concern and he asks for a paternity test. Sean surprises him by saying sure, but the next morning is gone.

Debbie Wilson
Debbie feels something is wrong with the whole Sean situation, but knows Harry’s guilt is overbearing. Once she finally tells him she doesn’t trust Sean, Harry shuns her. She lays the cards out saying he is not her son, so she has to protect Annie and Dixon.

Annie Wilson
Annie spent the holidays in the 90210, away from her dear Ethan but spending time with half-brother Sean and the family. She first overhears Sean telling someone on his phone he’ll “get the money”, so she runs and tells Daddy, starting the $200k drama. However, a school lesson about perception – gee, you really do use things from high school! – sets her spider-sense a tingle. She snitches to a parent; this time Mom, who echoes her concern. After Daddy tells Sean of the paternity test, Sean appears in Annie’s room, telling her to sleep well. That wasn’t ominous at all.

Dixon Wilson
Nice Guy Dixon appears to have Cheerleader Christina into him, making him a mix CD (the kid doesn’t know who Curtis Mayfield is!) and inviting him to a gospel barbeque at her house Saturday. Dixon handles this like any teenage boy will – by lying to his girlfriend about where he will be that day. But of course, it is all a big misunderstanding, since Christina is dating another girl, and she just wanted to expose him to other African-Americans in Beverly Hills. Being a teen drama, this wraps up nicely, with Silver happy with him and Dixon fronting the gospel choir on a performance of “Amazing Grace”.

Naomi Clark
Naomi cannot WAIT for all her friends to know how FABULOUS and HOT her half-brother Sean is! I mean, he is SO cool! He surfs! He hangs out on MOUNTAINS! He gives her hugs and takes hunky pictures where he appears to be SNIFFING her hair! I mean, can you not see this is SO AWESOME everyone? NOT at ALL creepy!?! She especially loves to rub it in to Annie how great she is getting along with Sean, despite Sean living with the Wilsons. Alas, her gloating glory is short-lived as Sean managed to swindle her mother for half the $200k. Using my Super Secret Accountant Powers, that’s $100,000.

Ethan Ward
Ethan was a complete non-factor this time around, save for telling Annie about his ski trip and how she has to go with him next year. Not doing it for us, Ethan. Move it along now.

Silver was the center of the romantic entanglement with Dixon and Christina, but was just notable for being hungry at the open, miffed for Dixon’ lie at the three-quarter point, and proud to see him sing at the end. Oh, and she was excited to meet Denzel Washington off-screen.

Adrianna Duncan
Adrianna has a rehab group support circle meeting and asks Brenda Walsh to attend with her, since Brenda was the only one to stand up for her before – not even her own mother did. Brenda and Kelly Taylor are there to support her as she learns a member of her rehab group, Hank, has learned he is HIV-positive and started using drugs again. She is reduced to tears since she slept with Hank several times while there, so she gets an HIV test, which comes back negative. While absorbing that relief, though, she is told she is pregnant, and she has no idea who the BabyDaddy would be, nor can she fathom telling Navid.

Navid Shirazi
Not even present, he was spoke about when Adrianna learned her news, but little else. Next week should be big for him, though.

Kelly Taylor
Kelly was the Faithful Support Function in this episode – first for Adrianna, then for Brenda as both discussed big things.

Brenda Walsh
The rumors were true, as Brenda’s first scene on the show was of her reacting to getting bad news from a Doctor. He is asked if there is a husband or boyfriend the Doctor should call, and she says no. After Brenda bails on Adrianna upon hearing she is pregnant, Kelly confronts Brenda about it. A piece of the puzzle is revealed as Brenda says she will never have children – she had fibroids (save you the Google time: an often-benign tumor in the uterus) removed and there were complications. The thought of a 16 year old who doesn’t even want a kid being knocked up, while she cannot, was too much to handle. On the flip side, she is considering adopting.

Secondary Characters
Ryan Matthews – Not around

Tabitha Wilson – She regretfully announced she could do little to help Sean’s fiscal situation due to the bath she took in the market. She also announces she wants to return to acting, since she misses the scripts, the action, and the canoodling. Who wouldn’t?

Tracy Clark – Like daughter Naomi, she too was enjoying wining and dining Sean. Once the issue of the money came up, she was more than willing to explore her options to help him out. She gets bit in the ass, though, when Sean shows up at her door while fleeing from the Wilson’s home before taking a paternity test, and gives him the $100k.

This was a quick wrap-up to the Son Given Up For Adoption story, which will surely be back in the future – both with Sean and the real son. The reveal of Adrianna’s pregnancy and Brenda’s illness nicely bookend each other, and in-between the romance triangle kept the show moving along.

Next Week
Chemistry Class and Pregnancy do not mix well.

Now, that will be seventy-five cents for dialing up the 411 on 90210.



1. DougOLis - Wednesday, January 7, 2009

gee, you really do use things from high school!

Yostal is pissed right now

I thought mommy gave up the full $200k

2. Stop Fibroids - Tuesday, May 19, 2009

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