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The City – Episode 3: The L Word Monday, January 5, 2009

Posted by Matt_T in the balls.
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We start this week at Erin’s, and you can see the AC/DC photo behind her again.  There’s a guy playing guitar and Erin asks him to show her a chord.  I figured her rock star husband would show her a few.  He teaches her a D chord and Whitney comes in.  Erin introduces Whitney to her boyfriend Duncan.  Erin introduces them as roommates, because he’s staying there.  Whitney asks what they are doing later, and they talk about watching The Sound of Music together.  Whitney says she’s going to go run errands and grab dinner, she’ll be back, but if they want alone time, just let her know.  Erin tells her to just come and go as she pleases.

Whitney and Erin are having breakfast, and Whitney says she’s working on a website for work.  Erin asks if she’s okay on the couch, she feels bad having Duncan there too, because its small, but Whitney can stay as long as she wants.  Whitney says she’s been looking for apartments but can’t find anything, and its been hard.  Erin wants her to find some place she likes since it will be her home, it needs to be one she loves.  Erin asks her how things are with Jay.  Whitney says she’s not sure where she stands with Jay, since its still in the beginning stages.  Erin says the more you like someone, the more you overanalyze.  Whitney says she just wants to trust him, and Erin says it take it a day at a time.

Off to work and Olivia, and Whitney are helping Alixe with a photoshoot for the website.  Olivia asks about Erin and Whitney gives her the rundown, about wanting to not be so intrusive while Duncan is in town.  Alixe has Whitney change the look on a model, while she’s helping the model Jay calls Whitney.  Bad form to answer so soon at work.  Jay says that he’s found an apartment for her to see.  Olivia wants to know what’s up.  Whitney tells her and says that work is her first priority, but its obvious she wants to go see the apartment.  Oliva tells Whitney she should reschedule with Jay so she can show Whitney some cool places.  The shoot ends soon after and Whitney rushes off to see the place and says she’ll call Olivia later.

The apartment is gorgeous.  Its got a great view, hardwood floors a sweet balcony and the agent says that its the only vacancy that she has in the building.  The agent says they have a few minutes to decide.  NO PRESSURE.  Whitney says the balcony is scary, and she always thought she’d live in one of the ‘shorter brick buildings’  Jay says its a great place and only 2 blocks from Erin.  Whitney say she doesn’t want any regrets, but she decides that’s the apartment she wants.  I bet Olivia won’t be pleased.

At DVF Olivia asks how the apartment hunt is going.  Whitney says that she just found out she got the apartment.  Olivia asks if its the one she saw with Jay.  Whitney says yes, its gorgeous and Olivia wants to know if its new.  Whitney says its brand new, and she’s on the 30th floor.  She feels like she’s on top of the world up there.  She says she’s moving in this weekend and she thinks Jay will help her.  Olivia hopes that she isn’t relying too much on Jay.  Nosy coworker keeps leaning back to listen to the conversation.  Olivia says that Whitney needs to be her own person and to Olivia its realy important to maintain that individuality.

Duncan and Erin head to Brass Monkey for cocktails.  Duncan’s from Toronto and Erin asks how he likes being in NY.  He says its great in Toronto, but its amazing and he’d rather be with her than anywhere else.  Erin says she’s only been in long distance relationships.  Duncan says that she must be good at them.  He says it works out well, because when they do see each other its great.  She wants to know why there’s nothing wrong with him.  He says he has his secrets.  They hold hands and make eyes at each other.

Off to Whitney’s new apartment for moving day.  The new couch is delivered and Erin comes in cooing about how exciting it is.  Whitney asks about Duncan, and she says that Duncan said he loved her last night.  She is so happy, she’d been wanting to say it for a few days but didn’t want to say it first.  She said it just felt right.  Jay asks Erin if it was too soon.  Erin says that if they were in opposite positions she would think he was crazy, but to her it felt right.  Whitney says that if it feels right than the time was right.  Jay says that he’s worried that people throw the word around too much.  He wants to know if its real love or over the top lust.  Erin says they’ll see, and Whitney looks a little worried about Jay’s attitude.

The next day Whitney and Erin are out for a walk/jog in the park.  Erin is worried she’s crazy.  Whitney tells her that its different for everyone.  her and Jay are in a different place than them.  Erin stops her and they look at how beautiful the scene is.   ITS OMG NEW YORK.  Some guys run by, and this scene seems a lot like the one in Gossip Girl where Nate is jogging and then sees his Dad.  Whitney says she’s going to talk to Jay today and see where they stand.

Off to Olivia’s and her cousin and he says he was on the train station, and he says he spit on the platform.  Olivia is grossed out.  Cousin got a $100 ticket for it.  Oh cool story.  Olivia gives him the run down on Whitney’s apartment search.  And Olivia is upset that Whitney got the first apartment she found even though Olivia told her not too.  Olivia says that she’s trying to help the LA girl become a New Yorker.  This is so forced.  Whatever.

Whitney goes to meet Jay, he welcomes her with a smooch and a hug and tells her she looks cute.  Whitney tells him about her day and says she saw Erin.  Jay still can’t believe how quick that was.  Whitney defends her and Jay asks if Whitney would consider them boyfriend/girlfriend since they’ve been hanging out a month.  Whitney gives this long explaination, and she really likes him, but she won’t go around saying he’s her boyfriend if he doesn’t consider the same thing.  She asks how Jay feels.  He wants to just get to know her better, he doesn’t want to make it complicated, he’s not wanting to date anyone else.  He is just happy with how everything is going, and he doesn’t want to make everything about a relationship.  Whitney says that she doesn’t want to be with someone who doesn’t make her a priority.  Good point Whitney.  Jay talks around it and flashes her a smile and says they’re good.  Whitney agrees, but she’s upset.  Poor Whitney.



1. DougOLis - Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Alright, I’m caught up now and here are my initial thoughts:

Seems kind of like they’re trying to capitalize on the Gossip Girl popularity with Olivia, but damn if she isn’t hot as hell.

I was kind of annoyed with the show at the start; I love Whitney but there was something offputting to me. I’m not sure if she’s a leading lady or I can handle her in large doses.

Jay is possibly a giant douchebag. I’m not sure if Alex was lying or not, but Jay did not handle it well. And getting your friend to make the actual threat is a pussy move.

I like Erin, like a lot.

It’s kind of weird hearing TV on the Radio on this show; I guess more likely in NY than LA but still kind of weird

2. Matt_T - Wednesday, January 7, 2009

They’re definitely trying to capitalize on GG. That’s how this whole thing started back with Laguna Beach piggybacking off of The OC’s popularity.

On a whole, I like the cast but I’m with you on Whitney, and maybe she’ll hit her stride, but for now I’m not feeling her as a lead.

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