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DeadOn’s 411 on 90210: Recap Sunday, January 4, 2009

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Let’s address this right away:

  • Yes, I am a man.
  • Yes, in the spirit of Mike Gundy, I am 31 years old.
  • Yes, I am straight.
  • Yes, I am addicted to the shows of the WB… er, the CW.

The big new show for the CW this season is 90210, touted as a return to everyone’s favorite zip code. I kept meaning to start this in the fall, but schedule conflicts prevented it. With those cleared, and the show returning on Tuesday, let’s get up to speed.

The Premise
Family from Kansas moves to Beverly Hills, where Dad takes job as school principal. Dad grew up here, Mom is hick from the sticks. They move in with his mother, an aged star actress with a passion for the drunk life. Oh, and this time, the son is adopted, and black. Commence drama!

The Main Cast of Characters (and What We Have Learned So Far)
Harry Wilson
The father and principal of West Beverly High. He was a student in the school in what I’d estimate the mid-to-late 80s, probably just before the time the previous show started. He also dated Tracy, mother of Naomi Clark, and knocked her up before leaving for college. He thought she had aborted it until she told him in the premiere she put it up for adoption, and the son just showed up before the winter hiatus.

Debbie Wilson
The mom, just a good Christian woman who loves her family and is loathed by her mother-in-law. Also apparently a skilled photographer. She is just trying to figure out how to deal with a whole lot of changes in a very short amount of time – moving, her daughter

Annie Wilson
The daughter. Kind of bland and goody-goody, she gets caught up in a pseudo-love triangle with Ethan Ward, who she had crushed on in her younger days visiting her grandmother, and Naomi, the cool young thing of the high school (despite only being a sophomore). Eventually, she ends up with Ethan, to Naomi’s chagrin. But – drama – they share a half-brother!

Dixon Wilson
The adopted son, a lacrosse star and likeable guy who seems to genuinely care for his sister. He has a bit of a temper, though. He ends up into Annie’s new friend, Erin Silver (referred to as Silver) and is now dating her.

Naomi Clark
The supposed sex-kitten, daughter of Tracy, ex-girlfriend of Ethan Ward. She ends up in a lot of drama, as her parents are divorcing due to Dad’s affair, and her best friend, Adrianna Duncan, is an aspiring actress with drug issues who almost OD’d.

Ethan Ward
Another too-good-to-be believed All American boy, star of the lacrosse team. He and Naomi have a frequent off-and-on dating history which seems to be over now, as he is with Annie. Seems too clean cut, so I expect we’ll see something of interest in the second half of the season.

Erin Silver, the only recurring character to have been on the original series. Of course, then she was an infant, half-sister of Kelly Taylor and David Silver. She is a bit punk, a bit emo, a bit off from the rest of West Beverly High, dating Dixon and with a YouTube series about the dirt. She’s like Gossip Girl, xoxo!

Adrianna Duncan
Aspiring starlet who had success when younger and now is just tryin to get cast – think Jodie Sweetin of Full House without the Pants Off Dance Off gig. Best friend Naomi gets caught with her drugs at school, but before Adrianna can fess up, she OD’s and nearly dies. Off she goes to rehab paid for by Navid Shirazi, and after her release, a relationship seems to develop.

Navid Shirazi
The guy who runs the school news show and whose father is a famous director. He is into Adriana, as established above, and friends with Dixon, but seems to exist to move stories along right now. Also, he has the coolest name on the show by far. But if you knew me, you knew I would think that.

Kelly Taylor
Back from the original series, she now has a four year old son, which is revealed to be fathered by Dylan McKay. She serves as a Guidance Counselor at the school. When Brenda Walsh returns, old feelings are stirred up, though they seem to be okay now.

Secondary Characters
Ryan Matthews – The cool English teacher who seems dangerously close to being too cool. Hooks up with Kimberly McIntyre, an undercover narc posing as a student. This gets him suspended. He has a thing for Kelly, but slept with Brenda. Man-whore!

Brenda Walsh – She’s back and still bitchy. She is apparently an actress now and directed the school play. She was apparently some sort of side dish for Dylan still, and rumors are rampant she will be revealed to have a fata disease.

Tabitha Wilson – Played by Jessica Walters, and who really cares beyond that since she was on Arrested Development in a similar drunken role. Loves to harrass her daughter-in-law and tell stories about her sexcapades as an actress in the 70s.

Tracy Clark – Mother to Naomi, ex of Harry, thorn in side of Debbie. Getting divorced and just found her son she gave up for adoption years ago. Also, a MILF.

So there you go – the 411 on 90210, who matters and what they have done so far. They return in a couple days – sex! pregnancy! drugs! drama! – with the newest episode. Until then, I’m audi 5000.



1. DougOLis - Monday, January 5, 2009

This seems about 3 months too late.

Silver and Tabitha are by far the two best characters. Jessica Walters steals every seen she’s in and the chick who was on Reaper and now plays Silver is gorgeous, talented and has an interesting character. I suppose Adrianna is pretty interesting too.

2. JB* - Monday, January 5, 2009

Oh, you are absolutely right – it is late, but at the same time, the hiatus break gave me the chance to catch up.

I’d say Silver seems the most well-flushed character. I think I read she was the first one cast, so that may be a contributing factor.

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