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The City – Episode 2: The Truth Will Reveal Itself Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Posted by Matt_T in the balls.
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Whitney lets us know Alex called her out of the blue and had something he wanted to tell her.  She goes to meet him, and says she’s still getting settled.  She hasn’t found a place to live yet, and has been staying on a couch.  Alex says he’s done that before.  Alex says he hadn’t seen her since that night, and Whitney kind of apologizes.  Alex says that he was hurt at first, but he’s cool now.  He asks what happened with Jay and Whitney says they’re still seeing each other.  Alex says that his roommates best friend used to date Jay.  This girl says that Jay told her he wasn’t seeing Whitney anymore and he was all over her.  Whitney wants to know why she should trust him, and she says she has to be careful about who she trusts.

Whitney heads back to Erin’s place and tells her what Alex said.  Erin says WHAT like Lil Jon.  Whitney says that her heart dropped into her stomach.  Awww.  Whitney says she’s going to talk to Jay and ask him about it.

Jay and Adam are playing basketball in the park.  Jay says that he went to the dinner party and it was awful.  Adam wants to know if Jay is going to quit seeing other people.  He says he doesn’t think so.  Adam doesn’t think Jay should either.  Jay says he never does until the girl brings it up first.

Olivia is at dinner with Nevan, and Olivia looks exactly like Blair Waldorf here.  Olivia says she’s been working with Whitney a lot.  Nevan says she should be nice to Whitney and help her out, so she doesn’t get all involved in that ‘downtown crap.’ Olivia says she’ll take Whitney to the Manolo show.

Jay meets Whitney for dinner, and he looks homeless.  Whitney tells him what Alex said.  Jay wants to know if she believed what that idiot Alex said.  Alex explains it away saying that he saw the girl out and she was leaving and wanted to talk, and said she’d take him home in the same cab.  He says that he didn’t go home with her and he’ll even call her up right now and ask her.  Whitney says no, she trusts him.  Uh oh.

Olivia and Whitney head to the Manolo show and Whitney is excited to meet him.  Olivia says that he is a family friend.  Whitney finds a pair of shoes she liked and Olivia said that was her first pair of Manolo’s and she wore them when she came out as a deb.  Whitney and Olivia find Samantha from the party the other night.  They go to meet Manolo and Whitney says it is her first pair and Manolo says it won’t be her last.  Olivia interjects and says her first pair was for her deb party.  Samantha cuts her eyes, and Whitney notices and smiles.  Olivia asks about Jay and Whitney says they had their first fight.

Off to Erin’s and Whitney says she just wants to go have some drinks and have fun. Erin is excited to meet Adam and Allie.  Whitney says its going to be a fun night of nothingness.  They head to Tenjune and Erin asks Jay and Whitney what their signs are.  Jay is a Gemini and Erin asks if he’s two faced and crazy like all Gemini, Jay laughs and says yes.  Whitney notices Alex is at teh same bar.  Alex is talking to his roommate Shannon and he can’t believe that Whitney is still dating a guy that’s cheating on her.  Erin says that he needs to go.  Shannon tells Alex he should go over there and say something.  Alex saunters over and Jay asks Alex if he has something he needed to say to him.  The guys get up and are whispering in each other and talking shit to each other.  Shannon gets in Whitney’s ear and says the rumors are getting around.  Alex and Jay continue to jaw and each other.  Alex says that if he sees Jay outside of a club he’ll take care of him himself.  More macho bullshit and Jay gets his friend to get Alex out of there.  Nice.  Whitney and Jay are out the next day and recap the night, and Whitney doesn’t understand why Alex is so involved.  Jay says he doesn’t want to talk about that guy anymore.  Whitney looks like she may cry.

Whitney heads to People’s Revolution in SoHo and Whitney tells Kelly its good to be back in her office.  Whitney tells Kelly about Olivia, and Kelly is shocked that Olivia actually got a job.  I bet its for all the free TV time.  Kelly tells Whitney she’s glad to see her and she can give Whitney any tips and help she needs.  Kelly asks about Alex, and Kelly says that she doesn’t have good taste in men.  Whitney tells her what happened with Jay and Alex, and Kelly says that maybe she can’t trust either of them.  Kelly Cutrone, voice of reason.

Not a bad first two episodes.



1. stef - Tuesday, December 30, 2008

where can i watch this on the net?

2. Matt_T - Tuesday, December 30, 2008

You can watch it here:

And it should be on Hulu.com in a few days

3. rine - Friday, March 20, 2009

someone who knows what the song in season 2 is….when thet are in the club….a woman sing someting about……all you women everywhere, raise/put your hands in the air…..i`m a lady????
please answer anyone

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