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The City – Episode One: If She Can Make It Here Monday, December 29, 2008

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Whitney gives us a brief intro to her friends, and classifies them as the downtown girl, Erin who likes to date boys, Adam a downtown guy who is a model who does what he wants and his girlfriend doesn’t always agree with that.  Olivia is an uptown girl, she’s a socialite who wants everyone to know she’s in a higher social class then them.  Join me after the jump for the first episode of The City.

Opening shot of Whitney walking to work in the meat packing district.  She’s wearing a bright yellow dress and as she walks by some construction workers turn and stare.  How cliche.

Emese, the director of public relations welcomes Whitney to the office, and says she picked a great time to start since its fashion week.  Its always fashion week in Whitney’s world.  Whitney is shown her desk and introduced to Elizabeth who is on the phone.  Olivia comes in late to work and Whitney introduces herself.  (Sidebar:  Olivia is gorgeous, and its rumored that she’s the real life Blair Waldorf)  Olivia wants to know where she’s from and Whitney says she’s from LA.  Olivia doesn’t look impressed.  Whitney says she’s working in PR, and Olivia wants to know if she has experience.  Whitney says she worked at People’s Revolution and Olivia says that she knows Kelly Cutrone, and OMG its a small world.  She asks Whitney if she knows anyone else.  Whitney says she’s been hanging out with this guy Jay, and when Olivia presses she admits its a love interest.  Whitney asks Olivia if she is going to any fashion shows this week.  She says she’s going to some shows and parties and she’ll see Whitney at them.  Olivia says she’s going to have a dinner party for her closest friends, and Whitney says that sounds cool.  They head to a staff meeting and Alixe introduces Whitney to the team.

Whitney is home (I think, its not really explained) talking to Erin.  She mentions Olivia, and Erin knows her and says that Olivia is a big socialite.  Whitney has a date to get ready for, and she’s excited, because it will take her mind off work.  Whitney meets Jay at Nero for their date.  Jay has an outside table for them.  He toasts to her first day of work.  Whitney asks if he’ll be her tour guide and he says he will.  Jay asks if she’s going to miss her family, she says she will but she needs to be here for work.  Jay wants her to do an Australian accent, she tries and its not very good.  Jay does his take on an American accent and Whitney tells him he sounds like a dork.  She’s all giggly and they seem to be having a good time.  He asks if she’s ready to get out of there, and she says yes please.  Jay says if she needs a place to stay she can always stay at his place.

Back to Erin’s apartment (we get a title this time) and Whitney tells Erin that it was a good date.  Erin asks if she went back to his place and Whitney blushes and says yes.  Erin is excited for her.  (Erin has yellow fingernails.)

Shots of fashion week craziness.  Cameo shots of Rosario Dawson, Jennifer Lopez, Eva Longoria and Molly Sims.  Olivia is wearing the headset and looks in charge.  Whitney helps one of the models out with her shoes.  Whitney is wearinga black dress.  I guess she’s used to Kelly’s rule on only wearing black.  The show goes really well, everyone is clapping.

Off to the DVF after party, Whitney and Olivia are introduced to Samantha an assistant buyer.  Olivia complains about her dead handshake.  I’m with Olivia, you gotta have a firm handshake.  Alixe comes up and tells Whitney the show was great, and the press got some great feedback.  She tells Whitney she’s going to do well and she’ll see her later.  Olivia looks to be eavsdropping and she wants to know what Alixe had to say.  And Olivia does look like Blair.  I’m in love.  Olivia invites Whitney to her dinner party and tells her to invite Jay.  Whitney is pleased.

Whitney goes to meet Jay and says she’s recovering from the show and party.  Jay says he’s seen her around and he doesn’t get a good vibe from her.  Whitney wants to know how everyone in NY knows everyone.  He tells her its just different scenes.  He says that the super rich scene isn’t one she should get into, but its different because she works with her.  Okay, so if Laguna Beach was ‘the real OC’ is this supposed to be ‘the real Gossip Girl?’  Jay wants to know if Whitney will be mad if he doesn’t go.  Whitney says, not mad but wants to know if he’ll come just to see her.  He still doesn’t want to and he says he has one thing and he always does what he wants, and that’s it.  Whitney just nods.

At Erin’s apartment Whitney is getting ready for the party and she invites Erin since Jay doesn’t want to go.  Erin wants to be sure its ok.  I have a bad feeling about this.

Olivia is setting out name cards for her dinner party.  Her cousin  Nevan (seriously?) says that Olivia is just like her mom with the place settings.

The girls arrive at the apartment in Tribeca.  Whitney says there’s no polite way to get out of a taxi.  Quote of the show thus far.  Erin and Whitney come in and say hello to everyone.  Olivia wants to know where Jay is.  She seems disapointed, I think those two may have a history.  Olivia says that disapointed Jay couldn’t come but she’s glad she brought Erin.  She looks like she’s not telling the truth though.  Olivia has everyone sit down and grab a drink.  Someone gives the first toast, and its to Olivia for being a good host and bringing everyone together.  The second toast, Olivia makes to Whitney.  After the toast, she asks Whitney to talk more about Jay.  Its a little awkward.

We head to an unnammed pool hall and Jay is playing pool with his roommate Adam.  He says its good to have a boys night out.  He tells Adam about the dinner party and said he didn’t want to go, its moving too quick.  Adam says its good to have a little space and that Jay is thinking about it too much.  Jay is worried about when he goes on tour.  Adam says not to stress it.

Back to the dinner party and some prententious douchebag is telling some stupid story about his dad being an art dealer or something stupid like that.  Olivia shushes everyone to ask Whitney why Jay didn’t come.  Whitney says she doesn’t know and she’s not Jay’s girlfriend, so she couldn’t make him.  Olivia seems pleased by this response.  All of the sudden Jay comes in carrying a bottle of champagne.  Jay says that he came to support Whitney and they decide to leave and Erin leaves with them.  Erin seems relieved to be able to leave and Olivia seems disapointed.



1. Lo - Thursday, February 5, 2009

Olivia well wants herself a justin bobby!!! Whitney is waay too nice and sweet to realise her new “friend” is a wanna be boyfriend stealing biatch. Erin is like her replacement Lauren( pssh who could ever replace Lauren) ..shes a great friend… did you notice how similar Whit and Sammi are???!! like they say the same thing at the same time the whole convo!!lmao..

That Jay guy seems like a total douche…*shudder* another justinbobby(pre-sweetie era cuz lets be honest the new justin is a cutie)…

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