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I Spent Money on This? Thursday, December 25, 2008

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I am not a believer in the purchasing of holiday music. You only listen to it for six weeks, and there are enough radio stations which either go heavy on the holiday music or switch formats entirely. If you need to hear Jingle Bell Rock, chances are you are going to be covered.

My fondness for Garth Brooks has previously been cataloged in this very column. But it was not the first time he got me…

The Album
Beyond the Season
The Year

The Story
There’s not much of a story to this purchase – just a teenage fan who felt compelled to buy everything his favorite artist put out, even it cost me about four hours of detassling money.

The Good
Absolute best thing about this album is Bruce Bouton’s steel guitar. I know the rest of the world (e.g., the North) may not appreciate the instrument, but it is a gift when played properly.

Ten of the other eleven tracks are traditional holiday songs, so if you are into, as one reviewer called him, an artist with “a nasally-Rod Stewart” sound performing the holy hymns, you must buy this.

The Bad
The album came out in August of 1992. Yes, these albums need to be recorded earlier in the year, but to actually release in the dog days of summer? Is the extra month of sales that important?

The eleventh track is a cover of a Buck Owens’ tune, Santa Looked a Lot Like Daddy, which does very little to refute Southern stereotypes.

I admire almost all of Buck Owens’ catalog… but this is not one of the stronger works.

The Verdict
Unfortunately, this would not be enough of a lesson to me to avoid future Garth Money Grabs (though I have avoided the other two holiday albums). We’ve already covered one, and there are at least two more to address – which really says volumes about me.

Join me next week as I continue to tally the thousands of dollars spent on ill-fated purchases of music. And don’t tell my mother, lest she want me to pay her back.

And of course, Merry Christmas, all.



1. DougOLis - Friday, December 26, 2008

I’m not going to lie to you, I also own this (on cassette), and actually like it. Maybe it’s more of a nostalgia thing from Christmas growing up, but I find myself listening to this at least once each Christmas season (Reba too).

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