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The Hills – Season 4 Episode 20 Season Finale: I Heidi Take Thee Spencer Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Posted by Matt_T in the balls.
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We start this week with Heidi back at work with Kimberly  talking with Brent Bolthouse about an event they have planned.  Brent asks what Heidi and Kimberly did on their vacations.  Kimberly went to Hawai’i and Heidi tells Brent about getting married in Mexico.  Brent looks shocked, and isn’t really sure what to say.  I expect a lot of those reactions.  Even if it was a fake marriage.

Lauren and Loo head to a salon to get hair and make up done before a black tie event that evening.  Lo is excited since they haven’t been to a big event in a while.  Bolthouse is doing to the party, and Lo wants to know if she’s going to talk to Heidi.  Lauren says she wn’t talk to her and Lo wonders if Lauren misses her.  She says she does but the main reason why they aren’t friends hasn’t changed.  Lo says that Holly told her about the wedding and the Heidi misses Lauren.  I guess Holly is still living with them?  Lauren says she’d love to go up to her and be fine, but she’s only been best friends with her and hated her and nothing in between.

Amazing shot of JB wearing overalls with a sleeveless shirt  riding his Harley with Audrina on the back.  They pull into Palm Springs.  JB’s rented a suite for them for a getaway.  He says he’s going straight to the bar and she should look around.  He finds a bottle of champagne though.  He says its nice to be away from LA.  He pops the bottle like he’s won a championship and says they don’t need glasses.  Audrina takes a swig out of the bottlw.  They talk about how nice it is just to go away with just them two and not have all the drama.  Audrina wants to d this once a month.

Off to Speidi’s place and Darlene, Heidi’s mom is sitting on the couch staring at Spencer.  Heidi comes in and is surprised.  Darlene says that she just got there and wanted to surprise her.  Spencer doesn’t say anything and is staring down.  I think he’s scared, and he should be.  Darlene is intense.  Darlene says she wants to know what’s up with them.  Heidi says that they went to Mexico and had a couple margaritas and … Darlene interrupts and says that it was that simple, some drinks and they get married?  She wants to know what happened to her big marriage that she wanted.  Heidi says she wanted to be a princess too when she was younger.  Zing.  Darlene says well if Heidi is happy, then she’s happy for her, but her voice cracks and its obvious she’s upset.  Heidi wants to know why she is upset.  Darlene says that its sad that she didn’t invite the people that helped her grow up and shape her.  This is pretty sad.  Darlene says she feels excluded from her life.  Heidi says she didn’t mean to hurt her, but she can’t live her life worrying about other people.  Darlene wants to know if it was legal.  Heidi says they are going to go to the city court to make it legal and she hopes her mom will support her.

Back to Palm Springs and are eating outside.  He says its like a dark night picnic.  Audrina says she’s been so antsy recently, and she thinks its JB.  He says he gets the same way when he hasn’t seen her in a while.  He wants to know if the universe is in their favor.  She isn’t sure and neither is he.  He thinks they are at a standstill and something needs to change.  He says she’s a rare breed and he thanks his lucky stars he met her.  He showers her with some more affection and then pulls off his pinky ring and gives it to Audrina.  Is this an engagement?  He didn’t ask her to marry him.  I guess its like a promise ring, but neither of them seem like the promise ring type.

Off to the party at SLS hotel, Heidi and Kimberly are talking about how well the event is going and Sam seems happy.  That’s good for Heidi, she may be making up for her past errors at Bolthouse.  Heidi says its too bad Spencer can’t come, but he’s not allowed anywhere near Bolthouse, but she is glad that Stephanie and Holly, her two sisters are coming.  Stephanie says hello Mrs. Pratt to Heidi, and Holly looks sad.  Heidi spies Lauren coming in.  Heidi wants to know if she should go say  something.  Lo and Lauren see the other girls too and Lauren waves at Steph.  Lo and Lauren decide to stay where they are.  Heidi decides to come talk to her.  Lo says she looks nice.  Heidi wants to talk to LC alone.  Heidi asks how she’s doing.  Lauren says she hates that its awkward.  Heidi says that she misses Lauren.  Lauren asks if she’s okay and Heidi says yes and asks Lauren if she heard about them getting married.  Well its not real, but whatever.  Lauren asks if she’s happy and Heidi says yes.  Lauren says that’s all that matters, and asks her mom.  Heidi says its really hard and she starts crying.  Lauren gives her a hug.  Awwww.  This would be sweeter if it wasn’t fake.  Heidi says that what her mom said was not repairable.  Lauren reminds her that she has a great mom and sisters.  Heidi says that the only thing missing is Lauren.    Lauren says it is what it is, and it isn’t always fair.  Heidi asks if she’s been working out a lot, and Lauren says no, she’s just hiding it well.  Yeah right, way to be modest.  Heidi says she still feels 19, that time seems to just pass by. Heidi says she’s going to go back to work, Lauren is going to go find Lo and get some more champaign.  Heidi says it was good to see her and Lauren says she misses Heidi.  Awww.

Spencer comes out in the morning and Darlene is sitting in the kitchen.  Darlene said she didn’t sleep much last night.  She wants to know where Heidi is.  Spencer says she’s at work.  Good to see at least one of them works.  Spencer shows Darlene some pictures.  Darlene says that she knows Spencer manipulated Heidi into this.   She says this has moved too fast and she can’t let him go to the courthouse.  Spencer says its too bad since Heidi is his wife.  Not legally, but whatever.

Back to Palm Springs, and JB and Audrina are chatting in bed.  Audrina and JB both have their doubts, but they are best friends and they think they can do it.  I’m still not sure what happened, but they seem happy, so good for them.

Back to LA and Heidi and Spencer are headed to the courtroom with Stephanie.  Spencer is wearing a 3 piece suit and Heidi is in a white dress.  Spencer says this is the happiest day of his life.  Heidi wishes her mom was there.  Heidi goes to go to the bathroom to freshen up.  Spencer says that she doesn’t need to, she looks great and they can do it now.  While she’s in the bathroom Stephanie tries to talk Spencer out of it, since her mom and sister isn’t there.  Steph thinks that Heidi will regret this later in life.  Heidi comes back and says she’s ready.  Stephanie says she has chills, Spencer tells her she can wait outside with her chills, but Steph says she’s their witness and has to come in.

They head into the courtroom and the judge welcomes them.  She asks if they are ready.  Spencer says he is.  The judges starts the procedure for Heidi Blair Montag and Spencer Pratt.  Does Spencer not have a middle name?  She has them join hands, and asks Heidi to repeat her vows.  Stephanie looks like she’s going to puke.  Heidi repeats her vows.  When it comes to Spencer’s turn, he stops and asks Heidi if she really wants to do it, since its his idea.  He says he doesn’t want to do it sneaky, with no one there.  Heidi starts crying and says she wants her mom there.  Spencer decides they shouldn’t go forward with it now.  He wants to give her a dream wedding.  They hug and leave with Stephanie who seems relieved.  Good to see they didn’t go through with another fake marriage, and it seems to me this was all calculated for ratings, but hey I’m a cynic.  The music takes us out on another season of the Hills.

Thanks everyone who read this season, I’ll be recapping The City starting next week.  See you there.



1. DougOLis - Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Justin-Bobby wearing the overalls riding down the freeway on his chopper has to be one of the greatest shots of all time. I couldn’t stop laughing. It is the most ridiculous thing ever and I could have swore I saw similar images happen all the time in Grand Theft Auto with those fat redneck guys.

The “I also said I wanted to be a princess” line was a solid comeback. You get a +.5 for that Heidi.

The talk between Heidi and Lauren seemed oddly genuine. Either Heidi has gotten better at acting or those tears were real because that scene seemed a lot different than ones we normally get on the show.

I’m not empathizing with Spencer at all but that does kind of have to suck that no one in your fiance/wife/whatever’s family/friends likes and doesn’t think you should be together.

That’s a spiffy looking suit that Spencer has. Do you think that was a real judge? That couldn’t have been right? That’d be such a waste of the courts time.

Good job on the recaps Matt and I look forward to following along The City with you (if not regret having to add another show a bit).

2. Matt_T - Wednesday, December 24, 2008

I saw on the superficial that the judge was an actress. (I’d link to it but I’m on my phone)

Either Heidi thought the judge was real or she is a better actress

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