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DeadOn Round Table: Holiday Movies Friday, December 19, 2008

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For many people, today is the last day in the office for the year. Your ever-helpful DeadOn Staff has compiled our list of favorite holiday movies for you to enjoy, helping you get in the holiday spirit (or just avoid your family).

See our recommendations and tell us what we missed, after the jump…
The question:

What is the best holiday movie, be it simply a mesmerizing one, easiest to rewatch, or just eminently awesome?

Home Alone and Home Alone 2 are my favorite holiday movies. A little odd, I know, but one of my favorite Christmas memories is going to see Home Alone with my family and each time I watch the movies I’m reminded of that. And who doesn’t love seeing Joe Pesci getting hit in the head with paint cans?

Every year, I watch “A Charlie Brown Christmas” – brilliance in the simplicity, even if it is a) just a a cartoon and b) was made for TV. Besides, is there anyone alive who doesn’t love the dance?

Heck, even the guys at Psych do the dance.

For Christmas laughs, though, it is a toss-up between Bad Santa – I do love me some Lauren Graham, plus it is a Christmas movie with the f-bomb almost 150 times – or Scrooged, for the lunacy of things like “Well, I’m sure Charles Dickens would have wanted to see her nipples.”.

And if you look to celebrate Hanukkah with stereotypes and cheap laughs, Adam Goldberg, Andy Dick, and the always awesome Judy Greer can offer you The Hebrew Hammer from 2003, which was funny, but repetitive. That said, the only other Hanukkah movie I know of is the Adam Sandler cartoon Eight Crazy Nights, so Hammer gets the nod by default (and Judy Greer)

My Christmas staple is “A Christmas Story” – every year TNT (or TBS) runs a 24-hour marathon. There is just so much to love between the leg lamp, “you’ll shoot your eye out”, the decoder ring, the tongue stuck to the flagpole, and the perfect ending with Christmas dinner at the Chinese restaurant. I could literally watch that movie every day around X-mas, but any other time of the year and it’s “Meh.” There’s just something about Ralphie (Peter Billingsley) talking about dropping a F-bomb that brings out the Christmas spirit in me.

My other X-Mas favorite? “Gremlins” – the true story of why you should never get them wet and never, ever feed them after midnight. The sight of those rampaging midget monsters through small-town America during the holiday season absolutely kills me every time.

I find it hard to disagree with any of these, but I will make a case for two unexpected Christmas movies: Die Hard, and Lethal Weapon. I don’t know if its the juxtapose of the supposed joy of the holiday season against the milieu of good versus evil, or just the way that Alan Rickman reads the note “Now I have a machine gun, Ho Ho Ho.” or the way that Riggs is pondering offing himself while Porky Pig sings “Deck the Halls” on the television in the background, only to be saved by Bugs Bunny.

I don’t have any specific Christmas movie memories, but I would second the esteemed Yostal’s note on Die Hard; it’s a family movie that just so happens to be a really, really good action movie, too.

Now, what did get played over and over in the House of Rock when I and my siblings were younger was the series of Disney Christmas sing-a-longs on VHS. The tapes – see an excerpt at

were just the basic series of Christmas songs played straight and given interesting cartoon background, or, in some instances, parts for Chip and Dale. I’m actually a big opponent of Christmas music now, but I can’t help but smile listening to these.

So there you have it… DeadOn’s recommendations of holiday movies to bring a cheer to your heart, satisfy your need for Christmas killings, holiday monsters, or religious stereotypes – with a scantily clad Lauren Graham to boot.

Let us know what we forgot or screwed up. Otherwise, see you next week for those who will be in the office still.

Thanks to Mrs.JB* for the PhotoShop effort.



1. DougOLis - Friday, December 19, 2008

My favorite holiday movie is Love Actually. Probably the best chick flick out there. It has an amazing cast, great music, a sweet story, some damned funny moments, is not cheezy in any way, and gratuitous nudity. If you haven’t seen it because you refuse to see chick flicks, I think you should give this one a try, it’s well worth it. Kataroo would be with me on this.

2. Greek McPapadopoulos - Friday, December 19, 2008

The Governator is disappointed in your failure to include…


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