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The Hills – Season 4 Episode 18: Dream Boy, Dream Job Monday, December 8, 2008

Posted by Matt_T in the balls.
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We start this week at People’s Revolution.  Kelly calls Whitney up and says she ran in to someone with Diane Von Furstenberg who said they needed someone to do press in house for them.  And when they said that Kelly thought about her.  The job is in NY and Kelly would hate to lose her, but Whitney’s done great work at People’s Revolution and it would be a great job for Whitney.  Whitney agrees.

Lauren is over at Audrina’s place.  Audrina’s glad that they are hanging out.  Lauren likes what she’s done with the place.  Audrina says its her bachelorette pad.  She and JB talked and that’s kind of over, but not really.  Lauren says her parents are moving out of Laguna Beach.  Awww.  She’s sad.  Audrina says its like growing up.

Stephanie goes to meet Spencer and he points out that she’s late as usual.  Stephanie wants to get his advice on Cameron.  I don’t think he’s the best person to get relationship advice on.  Steph says that her and Cameron have broken up and gotten back together.  Cameron doesn’t like driving to her house all the time.  Spencer says if Cam can’t drive 15 minutes to see her then he’s not worth it.  Hmmm, maybe Spencer does know what he’s talking about.  He tells Steph he knows she can do better.  Wow, Spencer is being nice today.

Back to People’s Revolution and Whitney tells Lauren about her meeting with Kelly. Whitney says its so out of nowhere.  LC says working with Diane Von Furstenberg would be the most awesome thing ever.  Whitney says she’d have to move to NY and LC is sad.  She says she’s happy for her, but she’ll miss Whitney.  Whitney is going to NY tomorrow, and she may see Jay.  LC blurts out, dream boy dream job.  And she’s so happy for Whitney.  Whitney says if she does this she wants to make sure that she is doing this for the job and for herself.

Stephanie and Cameron go to meet Heidi and Spencer for dinner.  On the way in Cameron asks if its okay that he’s there.  Steph says its ok.  Spencer is not happy and lets Cameron know.  Well he’s back to being the same old Spencer.  Stephanie is not happy.

Over to Lauren’s house in Laguna Beach.  Awww memories.  Where’s Kristin?  And Stephen?  Lo comes with her to help pack.  Mom and Dad Conrad are moving into a smaller house, since all their kids are grown up.  Lo says she loves packing.  I think she’s being sarcastic, but Mom and Dad Conrad appreciate it.

Off to NY where Whitney is waiting for her interview.  Alixe Boyer is interviewing Whitney.  She took a look at her resume but wants to hear what she’s been doing.  Whitney talks about the Sass & Bide show from last season.  Alixe is looking for an imagine coordinator.  She needs someone to work on all facets and fashion week is coming up.  It seems like its always fashion week.  Alixe wants to know how soon she can start, and Whitney says as soon as she wants her to start.  If she’s going to work in fashion she needs to go where the work takes her.  She wouldn’t have taken the interview if she wasn’t serious about it.  Alixe is impressed.

Cameron comes to see Steph, and he says he’s had better days.  Steph says its not working out.  Cameron says they need to compromise, because its worth keeping.  Steph isn’t sure it can work, its gotten so twisted.  She said its the happiest she’s been in a relationship, but that’s passed.  She feels like she deserves better, as she’s crying Cameron said if that’s what she needs than that’s what she’ll get.

Back to Laguna Beach, she’s reading through her diary.  She reads an entry from the last time her parents moved, and it mentions how she had her first kiss with Stephen.  She pulls out her first cellphone.  She finds a will she wrote, and she wanted ot be buried in her homecoming dress with her crown.  Lo says moving is like closing a chapter in a book.  LC says that this was always home and she could come back from LA.  And now this makes LA more like home.  Lo is a little sad too.  LC thught her parents would always have this house.  Lo says that her parents new house wil lbe home, because her family will be there. LC says its time to make her house a home.

Jay is waiting outside for Whitney after her interview.  He gives her a hug and a kiss on the cheek.  She says the interview went well, they are looking at other people but she’ll hear tomorrow.  She wants to get back as soon as possible.  Jay asks if she’s staying tonight.  She can’t, she has to leave, but she’ll see him when she gets back.  She’s all giggly.  She says she’ll have to see him next time, and hopefully its sooner than later.  They kiss goodbye and she heads toward the airport.  Cue the music and we’ll se you next week.



1. CC - Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Does anybody know who sang the last song of the show?

2. mpd - Tuesday, December 9, 2008

It’s called You Never Know by juliet lloyd, http://www.julietlloyd.com

3. DougOLis - Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I really hope this Elizabeth character is seen more. Damn.

Are mom and dad Conrad moving out because they want a smaller house or because dad lost a boat load in the stock market?

Alixe is also looking for someone who can provide free publicity to a national market.

Have you seen the episodes (or discussion) they post on backchannel.mtv.com? Hilarious and snarky shit; I’m surprised MTV lets it through.

Did you watch the preview for next week? Did they elope with MTV in tow?

4. Matt_T - Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Glad to have you back from Australia.

It looks like they either filmed the eloping with their own cameras or tipped off MTV. I read somewhere (probably The Superficial) that the ceremony wasn’t legit (surprise surprise)

The show is weird now that they are celebs, so we know what’s going on in the tabloids before it shows up on The Hills.

I doubt Alixe was looking for anyone else. Like People’s Revolution and Bolthouse, the pub is much more worth whatever salary they are paying Whitney

5. confuseddddd - Wednesday, December 10, 2008

any one know the song that was played when audrina and lauren are sitting in audrinas house?

it goes something like

can you hear me,
will you catch me if im falling????


Lexie - Sunday, March 13, 2011

Please, if You found out, what is the song, email me :)

Lexie - Sunday, March 13, 2011

my mail yenithe@o2.pl

6. maddy - Wednesday, December 10, 2008

what was the song that played after stephanie talked to cameron.

7. Christine - Thursday, December 18, 2008

what song played in the end of when spencer and heidi left mexico and whitney flew off to ny.

8. lola - Monday, December 22, 2008

does anyone know the last song that was played when whitney goes in a taxi??? not the last song on mtv.com because i realized they play different songs on tv and mtv.com. its the last song on tv! thanks!

9. Nina - Sunday, August 29, 2010

What is the song that’s played when stephanie breaks up with cameron?

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