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Shades of “Grey’s”: “All By Myself” Sunday, December 7, 2008

Posted by Andy Hutchins in Rockabye, Shades of Grey's.
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The prop bet for this week: more intimate encounters or more Bailey Looks? Join me after the jump to find out.

The episode starts with the new interns reading the lips of the Chief and others, who are discussing and voting on the solo surgery, which would make someone “kind of a badass,” as Meredith’s internal monologue says. They come back with Karev, Stevens, and Grey, getting Yang to say “imbeciles” (nice teaching, Cristina) and Bailey to lambaste all of them in a moment of good-natured gloating about her own victory in her solo surgery quest. Lexie comes back and points; we flash to the title.

It’s Yang, unanimously, except she’s banned from the solo surgery and has to pick another intern, who will pick a partner. Let the brown-nosing begin. She also gets to woo Virginia Dixon, the Asperger’s suffering cardio goddess who’s skeptical about the snark at Seattle Grace. It’s the Chief’s tortured two-step for the week.

Oh, and Denny’s following Izzie around; she says “Shut up” to him in a hallway with other people, and he yells at Karev for a chaste kiss. This is in no way annoying.

The nameless black intern plants the idea of sex as distraction in Lexie’s mind, and she goes directly to Sloan, asking for teaching; he’s doing a cutting-edge surgery, and Bailey, earnest as a puppy, wants in and gets in. Sloan/Bailey/Lexie have a voiceless patient (tremendously subtle) who communicates via Post-Its with her husband and with the world via computer.

In our installment of “The Continuing Adventures of ‘Deth and ‘Die,” Sadie nails the Alex/Izzie relationship: “Whatever he’s got going on with the girl who masturbates all the time…I don’t like to judge, but…” And Mer tells her to figure out how to separate their friendship from their working relationship. The patients they share with Karev, Callie, and Hunt are sisters who were in a car accident and bitch at each other. They continue arguing after the commercial break, whining about a DC trip and grounding; the elder one (named after eminent blogger Holly Anderson) gets wheeled away to check for a skull fracture, the younger one says “I hope you die.” Nothing will come of this, I am sure.

First suck-up try, by George: “I know you still see me as 007.” That tag, for his “license to kill,” got applied in season one, and we were told it was “over a year ago” by Karev earlier. So is SG time slow like time in Dillon, Texas? Color me confused.

Izzie has failed to staff the clinic because she’s been having spirited sex with a ghost. That ghost, whose name is on the clinic, needles her about it. At least he’s being woven in well.

We come across Dr. Dixon, who, we learn, wants a surgery, but hasn’t done an appendectomy; Yang stutters while being asked about the appy, and Dixon educates her about her childhood problems with stuttering. Yang, who’s treating her differently, more straight-up, than everyone else, explains the solo competition. Dixon calls it “torture” and grunts as a way of asking for it.

Back to the voiceless patient, and we learn she’s a blogger, who her husband somewhat derisively says is “famous in some Internet circles.” Yet another blogging stereotype, but, well, what do you expect?

Grey’s Future Lesbian Couple Vol. 2 (that’s Callie and Sadie) flirt over bones. Pretty hair.

Derek says Mer and Cristina are fighting; Mer corrects: “fought.” Almost instantly, the skull fracture girl crashes with her sister outside the door and freaking out. This has NOTHING to do with Grey/Yang. Nothing.

Mer goes to Cristina to brown-nose and says “Do what you have to do”; she then goes back to the younger sister and promises to bring her updates from the OR because she’s freaking out.

We flash to the OR and Derek tells Yang to observe Karev’s skill; Dixon chimes in with a “create a system” strategy. The girl crashes again. Go figure.

Sloan and Callie are talking about “this whole girl thing,” Sloan goes down the flirting list, and Callie thinks she’s making it up, then says something about the “hot intern.” That gets this speech from Sloan: “No. The hot ones are the ones that cause trouble. The ones that distract you from realizing your true potential; you need to focus on the medicine. Take all that pent-up sexual energy you waste thinking about hot, young, naked available interns and put it back into your genius. Your godliness. Build someone an organ. That’s hot.” Callie says, “She smiled,” Sloan roars, and Sara Ramirez makes an inestimably cute chastened face.

Immediately after his speech to the person who ISN’T building an organ while fending off a hot young intern, Sloan’s hot young intern leans in while he’s computerizing the procedure. She gets banished, and Sloan is perturbed, getting the first great Bailey Face of the night.

Izzie begs George to cover for her in the clinic while she has more “hot, hot sex” with a ghost.

Holly Anderson’s brain-dead, explained clinically by Dixon, who says “That’s good news,” considering her vital organs are great candidates for donation.

Karev confronts Yang (who seems like she’s trying to get a tampon in the bathroom), saying “You were robbed,” then just explaining the solo surgery when he realizes he can’t suck up. Hunt asks Yang about what she’s going to do; he says “follow your gut” and says he chose her because of the same. She smiles as he walks away.

Sadie likes Callie’s necklace, which means Callie must run away giggling.

George pages Alex to find Izzie; Alex says he doesn’t know, and tells him off. Izzie, we find, is glowing post-ghost coitus, saying “There’ll always be surgeries. There won’t always be fiances that come back from the dead.” Ew.

Above an OR, Sadie and Lexie talk about their misdeeds while watching the Sloan/Bailey surgery, and teaching equaling sex; Sadie points out that Sloan likes Lexie, and Lexie smiles because she’s apparently just starting her freshman year at Seattle Grace High. In the OR, Bailey gets rebuffed when she asks Sloan a question, and then explains that she’s actually trying to learn, which gives Sloan an ego boost, which in turn gets Bailey a shot with the scalpel.

The Rockette’s pointed out to me that someone with Asperger’s wouldn’t be her first choice to deliver news to patients, but Dixon seems to me to be one end of the science/emotion continuum “Grey’s” is obsessed with, and perhaps that makes her useful in these circumstances. In any case, it’s apparently not particularly gentle to say “I will be harvesting your sister’s organs” to the young girl coming to terms with her sister’s death. Dixon gets shooed by Mer as the girl cries.

Izzie tries a different tactic with Cristina: a soliloquy on her mind-blowing sex. Gloating seems like it won’t work.

The voiceless woman won’t talk. She flips up her computer and her husband flips out. Couldn’t have seen that coming.

Sadie confesses to the Chief, and the Chief says “You know who your father is, and you know he’s the reason why you’re still here.” Of course, we don’t. So that’s our fun mystery.

Dixon talks about the organs and the decision, telling Yang to “leave feelings out of it” as Cristina looks at Mer.

So she picks Karev. “He made the best case,” she tells the Chief.

Alex runs off to tell Izzie, also saying “I love you” and spilling his guts, saying “I think you might love me, too.” Poor Alex: he will lose to Ghost Denny, who says “I’m really starting to not like that guy” after the speech.

Mer realizes that her patient is a parable, and tells the girl to apologize. She cries, and Mer goes from “loved” to “loves” in explaining the situation, in turn realizing the need for reconciliation with Cristina; she tells Derek as much, and he says something cryptic about the problems with losing patients, which you would think he would have known by now, world-famous as he is.

The Sloan/Bailey/Lexie woman can speak! She utters “Hi” to Lexie, then to her husband. It’s sweet, if altogether predictable. Lexie may go say “Hi” to someone soon.

Dixon and the Chief discuss her employment. She approves of the torture he gave Yang, and says she might stick around.

When Mer goes to Cristina to apologize, in the observation room above Karev’s appy, she gets told something about separating personal and professional, gets to hear a fiery speech by Yang about how she deserves the solo surgery, gets to tell George that “there’s something wrong with all of us,” and gets paged.

Hunt rescues a crying Cristina from an empty hallway. This will combust.

Alex is freaking out, and Mer tells him to “kick ass,” whereupon Izzie shows up and Kanye West’s “Street Lights” flares up.

Hunt and Yang are in the bowels of Seattle Grace, and he brings her to a steam vent, which gives her the Marilyn Monroe treatment as she gets giddy, then gets kissed. It’s quite hot.

It’s a little hotter than Lexie showing up at Sloan, forcing herself in as he leers, and stripping down, saying “teach me, teach me,” as he protests. He says he’s bad, and they get it on.

Mer’s monologue starts, and she tells off the doctors waiting for Karev to screw up; it’s about connectedness, choosing love, and so on, and the song fits it perfectly, with Hunt/Yang kissing in the steam, Sloan/Lexie rolling in the sheets, and Izzie handing Alex sharp objects.

Overall, a good episode, but overly predictable; I could have told you that the older girl was doomed, that it was going to be Karev, that there would be some sort of Sloan/Lexie contact, that Izzie would still be sleeping with Casper In A Cable-Knit Sweater. This was playing to “Grey’s” strengths a little too heavy-handedly, and I hope there’s some more subtlety and better use of twists in the next episode, which, sadly, doesn’t air until January.

The prop bet goes to intimate encounters, five (Izzie/Denny had three implied or seen, Hunt/Yang one, Sloan/Lexie one) to one or two.

Until then, I hope you enjoyed my Shades of “Grey’s.” Leave whatever comment, question, or correction you want.



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