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Friday Night Lights – Season 3 Episode 9 Recap Wednesday, December 3, 2008

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Yeah, about those previous recaps…my bad. Sorry to have left you hanging, hopefully you visited the AV Club or somewhere else wonderful to keep informed in my absence. Thankfully, there are no more Wednesday night MAC games involving my alma mater that will put my FNL viewing behind schedule. So, let’s get to the jump and welcome the return on the live run-down.

Bad news to start this one off – Billy is no longer going to marrying Stripper Collette. Looks like they broke up while Tim was in NYC with Street. Street managing to become a sports agent in NYC with no post-secondary education is as amazing as his becoming a world-class wheelchair rugby player in about a month’s time.

Out on the practice field, Saracen is finally taking some hits in practice as a wide out. And Buddy Garrity up and interrupts practice to let them know that the first round playoff rematch vs. Arnett Meade is GONNA BE ON NATIONAL TELEVISION ZOMG WTF LOL BBQ!!!111!!!ONE!!ELEVENTY!!!

Tyra is out on the rodeo circuit with Cash the Cowboy. This is not going to end well. Especially since it appears that the infamous Cash owes some angry cowboys money.

You’ll never believe this, but THE Scotty Simms from THE San Antonio State is at the practice field to recruit Riggins. This is amazing since Riggins has attended approximately 5 practices and 3 classes this season.

Tami’s birthday is coming up and Coach needs for Julie to secretly pack an overnight bag for the big romantic evening he has planned for her after the game on Friday. This will require Julie to spend a Friday night watching Gracie the Invisible Baby.

Back at the rodeo, Cash just came in second place and promptly freaked out at Tyra. Oh yes, this is going to end gloriously.

Saracen’s mom continues to confound Crazy Gramma Saracen. Mom might stay behind to help out with Gramma next year so that Matt can go to college. Gramma naturally goes into a crazy old lady rant and accuses Ma of trying to ruin everyone’s life. Poor Matt is never going to be allowed to have a life.

The Riggins boys are getting drunk at home rather than Tim getting ready to go meet with Scotty Sims like he’s supposed to. So Lyla is gonna take him to the coach nice and drunk. Drunken Riggins is the best Riggins. Its how everyone should meet him the first time for an important event.

On the way to the big dinner with Scotty Sims, Tim’s true self comes out and Lyla realizes how not serious he is about going to college and getting a full ride. She kicks him out of the car en route to the meeting.

The Cowboy Way is a sonofabitch, as Cash is getting hammered in a hotel room and admits to Lyla how much money he is in debt to the bad cowboys. And Tyra is realizing that she made a mistake by taking off with a strange cowboy and giving up all she was accomplishing this year. She gives Landry a call in the middle of his getting interviewed by the tv crew about his “accomplishments” as a student athlete. And Landry leaves to get her in three…two…

Ok, so he’s not gonna leave to go get her, but its clear they are bringing back the Landry/Tyra dynamic. I’ve missed it so. Especially after watching him hit on emo 15 year old lesbian bassist.

The Texas High School Championship trophy looks a lot like the Super Bowl Trophy. A LOT.


The Panthers are not playing well against Arnett Mead to start with and AM is, of course, getting off to a big start. This is needed so that The Panthers can have an improbable comeback in the 2nd half. Or so that Saracen can come back in to QB. Riggins leads a nice drive, but we go to the half with AM leading Dillon 7-3.


Time for an inspirational speech from Coach Taylor. Get your heads in the game dammit! IN. THE. GAME!


/runs through brick wall


Saracen comes in at WR and Gramma and Matt’s Ma burst out of the door in a show of solidarity to head to the game. And we lead off with Matt making a huge catch and getting LIT UP.  And then throwing a huge block for Riggins to score and make is a 10-7 lead for Dillon. Staring down a 4th and 7 with :50 seconds to go and needing a first down to win it, Coach calls for a play to Saracen…



Cue the Explosions in the Sky as the Panthers win…

Back to the rodeo crowd with Cash playing poker in a backroom and losing big. He throws Tyra down in a fit of rage. She’s bound to kick his ass at some point right? And she takes off! HURRAH TYRA! Although its weird to see her weak and vulnerable again…

Scotty Sims is waiting for Tim outside the locker room. He’s forgiven Tim since he is SAS’s number one priority. And Tim agrees to talk with him. OUR RIGGINS IS GROWING UP!

At the local fancy hotel Coach and Miss Coach are getting ready to get nasty in their hotel robes. Until the phone rings. It’s Tyra and she needs Tami to come get here. She confesses everything as Cash has left her behind and penniless. Awwww, Coach is never gonna get sweet hot Tami loving.

Lyla and Stripper Collette are hanging out and listening to Katy Perry and bitching about their respective Rigginsi. LYLA IS GOING TO VANDERBILT SHE DONT NEED NO RIGGINS BOY! please let this lead to Lyla stripping please let this lead to Lyla stripping…


Awww, Stripper is gonna take Riggins the Elder back. Billy is such a lovable loser.

Cash is back in the hotel room and pushing on Tyra. Coach is potentially gonna get punched by Cash or vice versa. That doesn’t happen but Cash does hit Coach’s SUV. Which is grounds for execution in Texas btw. I lived there. I know the laws.

Tim shows up at Lyla’s door to let her know that he accepted the schollie from SAS. And to beg forgiveness.

BUT WILL SHE TAKE HIM BACK??? Of course! Those Riggins Boys are irresistable.

And with that, we leave Dillon behind yet again. Thanks for coming back here again even though I’m about as reliable as a Riggins in getting these up. See you again next week? The preview promises that Coach finds Matt and Julie in bed together! ZOMG YOU GUYS!



1. DougOLis - Monday, December 8, 2008

Quote of the week: “It’s already beer-thirty in here”

2. Ricky - Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Did you notice the song that was playing during practice in Episode 9? Hopeless Destroyer. Awesome!

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