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The Hills – Season 4 Episode 16: You Did This Monday, November 24, 2008

Posted by Matt_T in the balls.
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Some quick news this week before the recap.  Heidi and Spencer eloped and got married. MTV can’t be happy they did that without it being for their cameras.  I wonder how long it will take for this event to show up on the show.

We start this week with Audrina and her work buddy.  Audrina says she’s had a crappy week, a friend of a friend told her that JB and LC hooked up.  Audrina says she called her when she first heard and Lauren said she has no idea what she’s talking about and hung up on her.  She says that LC then texted her and said she can’t believe that she would ask her that, that she isn’t that girl.  Audrina says that JB isn’t answering her calls and she starts crying.  This has got to be a joke right?  This is the best the HIlls writers could come up with?

At LC’s, she goes into Lo’s room and says that Audrina is crazy.  She tells Lo what happened.  Lo says that’s ridiculous.  LC is upset, since Audrina believes it and is calling her shady, and a slut, etc.  She’s calling their other friends, Brody and Frankie and telling them.  LC is pissed, she’s done with her if she doesn’t apologize.

Holly shows up at Speidi’s place.  Spencer says Hello Little Miss Traitor.   Holly is looking for Heidi, but Spencer says she isn’t there and doesn’t want to see her.  He confronts her about living with LC.  Holly wants to know how he knows.  It was Stephanie.  Of course, she loves being in the middle of all of this.  Spencer says that Heidi had to hear it from Stephanie, not her own sister.  Holly says that both her and Stephanie have Heidi’s best interests at heart and Spencer only cares about himself.  Nice.  Spencer says he’ll tell Heidi that Holly came by, but she probably won’t want to see her.

Back at LC’s, Audrina comes in and says hello.  And Lauren doesn’t say anything initially.  Audrina says they need to talk, but LC says until Audrina acts like a friend she has nothing to say to her.  Audrina gives LC her own line of ‘you know what you did.”  Lauren laughs and says she’s insane.  Audrina asks her straight up if she hooked up with JB.  LC says OMG and to quit talking about her to other people because she’ll believe what she wants.  Audrina walks out and slams the door.

On the way to commercial break the Hills host people talk about Speidi getting married, and its on the cover of US Weekly.  Well there you go.

Off to Audrina’s, where she’s staring pensively out the window and she’s leaving JB a message.  She wants to know if he got her texts and other calls, and she really needs to talk to him.  She needs to find out from him if it happened.  Again, this is absurd, I don’t buy that this is a rumor or anything.  This is all manufactured by MTV.

Holly comes to Bolthouse to see Heidi.  She’s in a cubicle.  Holly asks about her office, Heidi says she had some trouble, but she doesn’t want to get into it.  Whoops.  Slumming it in a cube.  They go to a room to chat.  Heidi says its good to see her.  Holly says that she’s never been more hurt.  Heidi says she’s tried to be the best sister she could, but to hear she moved in with LC hurt her.  Holly says all the issues are with Spencer, he pushes everyone away.  As Heidi starts to disagree, Holly asks if he told Heidi that she came by today.  Heidi looks surprised.  I guess he didn’t.

Audrina heads to some bar where JB is waiting.  She asks how he is and he says he’s been better.  He’s drinking red wine.  Audrina says she wants to talk about him and Lauren.  JB says there’s nothing to talk about.  Audrina asks if he hooked up with Lauren.  JB says no, its ridiculous.  He says he’s done, she didn’t believe him and she left all these messages cursing him out.  He’s done with it, its immature.  Audrina says she talked to LC.  JB asks what she said and Audrina says that LC said it didn’t happen.  JB says I said it didn’t happen either.  He finally gets fed up and says he’s leaving, its all very stupid.  I’m with you JustinBobby, this is stupid.

Lauren goes to meet Stephanie.  She needs coffee ASAP.  Stephanie asks her what’s going on.  Steph says she kind of knows, Audrina sent her a text.  LC is pissed, Stephanie wants to know what LC’s story is.  That’s an odd way to say it.  LC says that she tried to talk to her but Audrina wouldn’t listen.  Steph says that JB has hooked up with her friends before, but LC says that’s not her.  She’s supposed to meet Audrina tonight again, but she’s not sure if she’ll be friends with her again.  Steph says that she can’t let this ruin their friendship.

Heidi gets home and Spencer asks how her day was.  She had a long day, its harder work than before.  Oh boo hoo.  Spencer thinks its funny.  Heidi asks about his day, specifically if he saw anyone.  He says no.  Heidi walks into the room and slams the door.

Audrina is talking with her sister, Casey about the situation.  She’s going to see Lauren tonight, she couldn’t talk to her before, she was shaking.  And she saw the look on LC’s face that it hurt her.  Casey asks if she’s going to apologize, and Audrina doesn’t know what there is to apologize for.  Casey explains why she should apologize and hints maybe they should all grow up.  I think Casey got the brains in their family.

Lo and LC are sitting at a table talking about how ridiculous it is that Audrina has been running around.  Audrina comes over to the table and says they need to talk.  Audrina says that she didn’t accuse Lauren, she asked her.  LC flips out and says its insulting, that she would think that.  Audrina asks what is she supposed to do when someone that she trusts calls with details.  LC wants to know what would make her think that she would do that.  Audrina says that Lauren has been flirty with Justin.  Lauren predictably freaks and says that Justin disgusts her and she’d rather kill herself.  Audrina says that she came her to resolve things, not get in a big fight.  Audrina says that Lauren is doing to her what she did to Heidi.  Uh oh.  Lauren says that what Audrina did is way worse than Heidi.  Uh oh.  Lauren says that Audrina knows her.  Audrina says I guess not.  They both start crying and Audrina pops up to leave.  Lo gives Lauren a shoulder to cry on.



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[…] The Hills – Season 4 Episode 16: You Did This Some quick news this week before the recap.  Heidi and Spencer eloped and got married. MTV can’t be happy they […] […]

2. seasofsilver - Tuesday, November 25, 2008

OK I stopped watching the show, but now I am going to have to go back!!! Its like heroes and villains and comic book characters!!!!!!!



3. DougOLis - Sunday, December 7, 2008

*disloyal Spencer. There’s no such word as “unloyal”

4. lily hamid - Tuesday, December 9, 2008

does anyone know the song that played at the end of audrina & lauren’s fight?

5. lbha - Sunday, December 14, 2008

Does anyone know the name of the song that plays at the end of audrina and caseys discussion??

6. nadia - Saturday, December 20, 2008

i want to know the song at the end of casey and audrinas discussion too

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