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The Hills – Season 4 Episode 15: One Last Chance Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Posted by Matt_T in the balls.
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At People’s Revolution Lauren asks Whitney if she’s heard from Jay.  Whitney’s heard from him and Lauren is jealous of her cute NY fairytale.  Lauren tells Whitney about Holly staying there.  Whitney likes Holly, because she’s Heidi without Spencer.

JB and Audrina are out at a date in Venice Beach.  Audrina says its not at all like Hollywood.  JB says this is his side of things.  JB wants to go to Mexico and Audrina says they need to to make up for Cabo.  She said he should bring his surfboard.  They go down to the beach and talk about how peaceful it is.  JB says that’s why he likes being there and not in her old stressful situation.  Now that she’s moved though its going to be easier for them now.

At home Heidi is cleaning out the closet.  Spencer wants to go see a movie,but Heidi isn’t in the mood.  She blames Spencer for getting her fired. Spencer says he didn’t make her drink that night.  Heidi takes responsibility for having ‘a drink’ (yeah right, it wasn’t just one) and inviting Spencer, but not for whatever he said to Sam to get her fired.  She’s also pissed about Holly leaving, and Heidi hasn’t even heard from her.  Spencer sarcastically says that he really misses Holly.  He says he just came into cheer her up, but somehow he’s the bad guy.

LC and Audrina go to the club Winston’s for a drink.  LC says its been so long since they’ve gone out for drinks.  Audrina says they attract trouble when they go out.  Lauren says its harder now that they have to make plans to go out.  Audrina asks if anyone is living in the guest house.  LC says no, but Holly is staying with them until she finds a place.  (I bet Audrina tells Heidi.)  Audrina says that Lauren still has to come see her place, and tells her about Justin wanting to take her on a trip and how he’s sick of Hollywood.  Audrina says whatever happens with her and JB will happen naturally.  Which is exactly what JB said to her last episode.  Lauren says that JB is her number 1.  Audrina says that she told JB the same thing.  They toast to that.

Casey, Audrina’s sister is over to visit.  She likes how her place is coming along.  Audrina tells her that JB’s helped with hanging the pictures, and he’s been over a lot.  Casey doesn’t seem too thrilled.  Audrina says he’s been better, they spend time at her house and at his.  She tells Casey that he has a toothbrush there now.  Casey looks shocked.  Audrina says she loves him, and Casey says well as long as you’re happy.  Ouch.  Casey does not like JB.

Heidi heads to SBE’s offices to meet with Sam. She looks like she wants to puke.  I don’t blame her, its gotta be tough to get fired from your fake job to get publicity for that company and your show.  Sam has the Gordon Gekko thing going on at work.  He says that Brent called him on her behalf.  Sam says its happened twice and he feels disrespected.  He wants to know why, Heidi says something about Spencer and Sam says that’s her problem and he doesn’t like to get involved in personal matters.  Heidi says she’s worked really hard and cares about the company and it won’t happen again.  Sam decides to take her back on a trial basis as he’s opening a new hotel.  He wants to get her out of the clubs.  But she better not screw up.  He then does get involved in the personal matter and says he doesn’t want to see Spencer around at all and if he does he’ll have him kicked out.

Heidi’s at school checking up on mails and doing some schoolwork.  Stephanie comes over and says she’s nervous about the final.  LC tells her about Holly staying there.  Stephanie says it could cause some problems, she thinks Heidi will be sad.  LC says she doesn’t really care about Heidi.

At LC’s house, Lo is incredulous that Heidi kicked Holly out.  She calls Spencer a hypocrite because he crashed with Stephanie.  And he expected Stephanie to clean up and cook for him.  Holly is just hurt by what happened.  She’s confused that Heidi is the one that encouraged her to come out.  LC offers her some wine and she gladly takes it.  She feels like Heidi did want her out.  LC assured her that it was all Spencer, since he pushes away everyone that cares about her.

Off to Speidi’s, and Spencer tells Heidi he’s glad she’s going back to work so he won’t have her moping around the house all day.  Heidi doesn’t like that, but there’s a knock at the door.  It Stephanie.  “Just in time for free food” says Spencer.  Stephanie tells them about Holly.  They are not happy.  Spencer hypothesizes that Heidi’s mom orchestrated the whole thing and she’s a stalker mom.  Heidi says not to call her that.  Spencer says that Holly deserves Lauren and Lauren deserves the mooch of the century.  Heidi says that Spencer doesn’t want him to speak to his sister and is pissed that he doesn’t care about it.

JB and Audrina are on a date and he pesters her to eat her veggies.  She jokingly calls him and old man and says she’s never dated anyone her age.  JB has a gift for her, its a shirt she liked earlier.  He tells her no bras with that shirt.  Smooth.  She really likes the shirt though.  She tells him he’s sweet.  JB says its all about growing up now.



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2. margarita - Wednesday, November 19, 2008

does anyone know the name of the song at the end i really liked it i cant find it anywhere =(

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