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New Music Tuesday – November 18th, 2008 Tuesday, November 18, 2008

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Ok, so here it is. The big week of major commercial releases just in time for next week’s Hell On Earth Black Friday sales.

Let’s cover the big guns and the others you should go pick up, after the jump


Nickelback – Dark Horse
This may not end up being the week’s number one, but I’d bet five bucks it’s the biggest overall seller of this group by year-end. I don’t hate “Gotta Be Somebody” as much as I should, but even the presence of Mutt Lange can’t change the fact that there is a song called “Something In Your Mouth” on here. I wonder if Chad Kroeger reads Jezebel…

Beyonce – I am…Sasha Fierce
Sasha Fierce, for those who don’t know, is the adopted daughter of Chris Gaines. Beyonce finally reaches the “concept” double album stage of megastardom. “If I Were A Boy” and “Single Ladies” have both been very successful (and well done) initial singles and this will be flying off the shelves over the next five weeks. I’m pretty sure there will be a copy of it in one of our cars by the end of the weekend.

Il Divo – The Promise
Dude. Your mom is stoked. Don’t tell her its out though. Just surprise her at Christmas. Unless that bitch Oprah ruins it for you before then…


David Cook – Self Titled
The American Idol winner releases his solo debut. As we mentioned last week, he has definitely been the loser of the two finalists in terms of quality first singles, but Cook seems to have more album artist promise than Archuletta. Getting a well known, radio ready producer like Rob Cavallo for this album was huge. Brinign on co-writers like Chris Cornell and Kevin Griffin were equally wise moves. Doesn’t mean this is going to be any good, but there’s gotta at least be potential for a solid B or B- here, right?

Dido – Safe Trip Home
I liked “Here With Me” (both song and album) and the Jon Brion factor here has me intrigued. But it’s been five years since her last record and nearly a decade (ok, it will be a decade in just a few weeks) since her primary commercial success here in the States. This is probably still going to be a big international album, but I have no idea how it’s going to track here.


Stereophonics – A Decade In The Sun
Another artist with a much bigger international following than a Stateside following, the Welsh band provides us with their very first greatest hits album, with a couple of new songs along the way (as witnessed above the jump). I admit that I’ve lost track of these guys over the years (after having really enjoyed Word Gets Around, Performance and Cocktails, J.E.E.P. in my college days), but they came back into my consciousness with “Dakota” a few years back and I’m anxious to pick this one up and remember some days of yore.

Graham Lindsey – We Are All In This Together
Anyone whose first album gets the high praise of “best debut since Gillian Welch” from No Depression is someone whom I probably should have been a little more familar with before the last few weeks. Thankfully, Lindsey has a great promotion team behind him and this new album found its way to us. It’s really an excellent set of brooding, rootsy, folk and at the very least you should do a little googling and see if its your thing. In addition to the full length, Lindsey also has a new EP out today as well, The Mine.

And that’s gotta be about the most I’ve ever cranked out for an NMT article. But it’s a huge day and I missed a lot of things in addition to what’s on the board here. As always, let’s talk about it in the ol’ comment section.



1. Rockabye - Tuesday, November 18, 2008

If it means anything to you, I get to write something similar next week.

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