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House “Emancipation” Recap Tuesday, November 18, 2008

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Looks like Foreman might not be hidden behind House for too much longer. You see that? Because he’s behind him… oh forget it. On this week’s episode, not only does everyone lie but some people lie like every time their mouth opens. Also, Cuddy initiates the end of Foreman’s indentured servitude. What? Come on, it’s not even a full-on slavery joke. Not to mention the fact that racism is dead. Didn’t you watch TV the first few days after Obama won the election? Racism drowned in a sea of Jesse Jackson’s/Stephen Colbert’s tears. Oprah brushed racism right off a white man’s shoulder, then put her head on it.  Neither black nor white is smokin’ crack tonight. No longer is Adam Duritz the only colorblind one hanging around.

You’re right, what that satirical affirmative societal progressivism leading into double Counting Crows pun gibberish means is that I didn’t do any research this week. For those six of you who click the informative link every week, I apologize. There are, in fact, actual things that happened in the actual show after the jump.

Alternate Titles: Seriously, Tell the Truth Already; The Parting of the Ways, But Not Harry Potter

A girl who is an emancipated minor due to the death of her parents is this week’s patient. She falls down at the factory where she works, gurgling some bloody vomit. Naturally she is sent to Princeton-Plainsboro. During the initial differential diagnosis we learn that this week’s revelatory character flaw is that Kutner is too trusting. Later House calls it “Empathetic Orphan Syndrome.” We also continue to learn that before all else, Thirteen always thinks drugs. House refuses to let Foreman head up a clinical trial, I’m thinking because Chase and Cameron have left him already. Foreman delegates what House delegates to him and goes to work in the clinic; Cuddy gives him a puzzling case instead. Dueling doctors House and Foreman. Oh, and Kutner’s red t-shirt with white and black stripes is from J. Crew, but it was on clearance last winter so if you want one, you’re probably out of luck. That chest pocket is damn useful. Thirteen finds a bong at the patient’s place, but she still says she isn’t doing drugs. Kutner believes her and disobeys House, putting her on steroids, causing a psychotic break.

I started a few minutes late because it was sloppy joes night, and I naturally needed to wash my hands so zip, no commercials, whee!

Foreman does some more redelegation, then goes to work on solving the other case. The kid starts laughing maniacally, I’m thinking exorcism. Foreman finds Cameron and Chase in the cafeteria for a consult on crazy kid. They are all Norman Rockwell and only stop the joking banter when they learn that Cuddy has assigned him a case of his own. Then they are ominously skeptical. While performing an MRI, Kutner learns the emancipated minor has been vividly lying to him due to a wealth of activity in her lymbic region, the location of imaginary activity.

Soup, salad and breadsticks for $6.95, how you please me, you will never know. “Saved by Zero,” how you make me want to pry out my eardrums with a flathead screwdriver, you will never know.

Differential diagnosis determines the girl needs anti-anxiety meds not called xanax. I did not know such existed. Also, Wilson is now trying indifference as his therapeutic treatment of House. Cameron and Chase are waiting by circulation for Foreman, along with the Asian chick who has been a nurse extra forever, seriously I think she has been on since Season 1. The girl’s urine turns brown, so stress is not the correct diagnosis.

John Krasinski works in a fictional office, thus giving him credibility in cell phone consumerism?

Foreman’s liberation experiment continues to go poorly, Chase telling him that he needs House after the boy must be defibrillated. The same Asian nurse extra came in to help, so I went on over to the imdb and found out that there is an extra who has played a nurse on 53 episodes of “House,” not to mention recurring roles as an extra nurse/paramedic on six other shows. But I can’t find any pictures of her, so I still don’t know if that’s the right person. What I did find out conclusively is that Billy Crystal’s daughter played Taub’s wife, which is interesting because Peter Jacobson inexplicably reminds me of Billy Crystal. Whoever Bobbin Bergstrom is, I’m sure she’s burned into my subconscious as what a nurse should look like.

Oh, the show: Magical lesions appeared out of nowhere after they removed arsenic from her blood, so House wants to put arsenic back in her blood. House doesn’t want to help when Foreman comes to him for help with the kid. House barges into Wilson’s office to try to provoke him out of indifference, but with no results. While they’re biopsying her brain, Taub tells the girl that she needs to leave a long time, using empathy founded in Thirteen’s Huntington’s. The girl says to stop trying to walk in her shoes unless he’s been raped. Foreman discovers the answer to his other case while mulling over the facts with Cameron and Chase, then performs a House-esque exit without elaborating for them. Thirteen goes to find the girl’s parents and tell them that their daughter, though she was raped by her father, really needs a bone marrow transplant from immediate family. But the girl that they thought that she was is actually at the home where Thirteen goes to find the girl’s parents, so liar just keeps on lying.

Why is it that all of Microsoft’s different ad campaigns appear to convey the same message: “Don’t believe all that bad stuff you hear! Please, look, it’s Mojave and people like it because they don’t know it’s actually Vista! Look, Deepak Chopra likes Microsoft, all that stuff they say can’t be right!”

Thirteen confronts the girl about not being who she said she was, but stubborn Ms. Pants-on-Fire still won’t tell them who she really is. Meanwhile, the older brother had been giving the younger brother extra vitamins to make him extra-strong, and not only did Foreman solve the case without House’s assistance, he solved it by maintaining a positive outlook on his patients rather than by House’s mantra “Everybody Lies.” House, on the other hand, decides that the lying girl is still lying, even about being raped. He confronts her about his belief that she committed a horrible wrong she chooses not to face. He pushes her until she reveals that she killed her brother by not watching him while he bathed. House has to take a seat and a deep breath, but then conducts his special brand of cynical persuasive magic. The girl’s parents come to the rescue in the weekly conclusive/redemptive/contemplative/ cross-cutting sequence set to a dulcet, acoustic, baritone tune. Foreman tells House that he’s going to do clinical trials and House doesn’t fight it. Wilson grabs the elevator door just before it closes to ride with House and profess his admiration for House’s assish nobility. They agree not to talk about Cuddy, who wasn’t in the episode at all.

Next week, in a special extended episode, a guy pulls a gun on House (uh, haven’t we been ’round this block before) and demands parallel treatment through Thirteen. Let me be the first to predict a double Huntington’s diagnosis and some unexpected cure for the both of them.



1. sturdyhart - Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Is it possible to tell if someone is lying by using the MRI & asking questions? This, I find intriguing.

2. thierry - Saturday, April 18, 2009

House is a great show a Foreman wll be truly missed if he leaves the show.

3. jm - Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Bobbin Bergstrom is a medical technical advisor for the show and she’s not an Asian. She’s white.

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5. Aidan - Tuesday, May 15, 2012

What is the name of that Asian nurse? You say you found her on IMDB, but I really can’t :(

6. AKM - Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Asian nurse is Tammy Yamada, but I don’t think she’s credited. She’s a friend of mine.

7. remove wat - Friday, June 14, 2013

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