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The Hills – Season 4 Episode 14: Back to New York Tuesday, November 11, 2008

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Lauren and Whitney are at work when Kelly calls in and says they need help in New York for some shows.  Whitney looks excited.  Lauren asks if she’s heard from Alex (the guy she met in NY) recently.  Whitney says they’ve talked and texted a few times.

Kelly’s leading a meeting in New York, she looks around and is glad everyone is wearing black.  LC and Whitney walk in, but they aren’t wearing black.  Kelly notices them and asks where their black is.  They say they brought it for later. Kelly lets them know its going to be busy and to be sure to be nice to everyone that comes by.  She gives Whitney a heads up that Alex is in the show and Lauren is going to see him in his underwear a lot.  Whitney laughs and says that’s ok.

Lauren and Whitney head to Buckler to help dress  models.  Whitney helps a guy named Adam, she makes small talk as they dress him.  Alex is the next model.  Whitney gives him a hug and helps him get dressed. Whitney introduces him to Lauren as they have never met before.  Lauren says that he was nice, and they thought Adam was cute too.

Off to Speidi’s place, Heidi is up and getting dressed.  Spencer doesn’t understand why she’s up early, he could order them breakfast and he wants to know why she’s in a bad mood.  I bet its because she got fired.  Heidi says its because she got fired from the job she worked so hard for and worked 3 years for.  I was right!  She says she was an idiot and got fired for nothing.  Spencer says that the party needed spicing up anyways.  Heidi wants to go work on her resume and Spencer tells her to be sure to put him down as a reference.  He wants to go out that night since Heidi doesn’t have to work.  She initially says no but then decided its a good idea.

Off to the Buckler fashion show.  Lots of shots of the models, half dressed.  Alex goes to chat with Whitney, and she asks if he’s done with hair and make up.  Alex turns it on her and asks what she thinks.  Whitney tells him he looks like he has a bad fake tan.  Zing.  Kelly catches Whitney talking to Alex and tells her to get back to work.  Adam comes over and invites the girls to come to his restaurant, free food, live music.  Whitney and LC are excited, provided they don’t have to work.  The show starts, and all the guys look like they have that fake orange tan that Whitney was laughing about.  After the show Whitney says that Alex is really nice but really nervous.

Il Bastardo is the name of Adam’s restaurant and Whitney and LC head there as soon as they get off.  Adam welcomes the girls and lets them know that Jay, the singer is his roommate.  Adam introduces LC to his girlfriend.  Bummer LC, he’s taken.  Adam let’s Whitney know that he calls Jay the serenader.  Alex comes by and says hello, but he’s not sure if he can come down there, he’s got some other friends there.  Whitney says she doesn’t want to leave LC sitting by herself, so she’ll go back and forth.  The set ends and Jay comes down and Adam introduces him to Whitney.  She tells him she enjoyed his music.  Whitney thinks he’s so hot and so does Lauren.  Whitney giggles about him while Alex watches.

Speidi head out to Ultimat and Spencer orders 2 bottles of water since they shouldn’t drink.  Spencer sees Brent Bolthouse.  Wow, this doesn’t seem set up.  Heidi tells him not to go over there, he says he isn’t going.  He says he’s going to the bathroom but comes over to see Brent.  Spencer tells him how bad he feels, how hard Heidi’s work and he feels bad.  Brent says that everytime Spencer comes around something bad happens.  ouch.  He tells Spencer that he doesn’t even know Spencer and this is a conversation that Heid should be having.  Spencer said that he did it on his own like all the other times and Heidi told him not to.  Brent tells him that the conversation is making him uncomfortable and he doesn’t want to see Spencer around any of his events.  Boom.

Back to NY and Whitney is still giggling about Jay. LC tells her to go grab him. Whitney says that’s too forward for her.  But she gathers up the courage to do it.  She gets a shot for him.  They chat about where they are from.  And Whitney was right about her guess that he was from Australia.  While this is going on Alex is looking on in the distance.  Whitney asks Jay about one of his songs and he says maybe he’ll sing it for her later.  Smooth.  She says she’s only in for one night and has to leave at 6:30.  He laughts and says she can sleep on the plane.  Before she leaves with him she says she has to go check on Lauren first.  Alex whispers to a friend he’s losing steam on the Whitney thing.  Hmmmm maybe because she’s not into you?  Whitney tells Lauren what happened and Lauren says she needs to go with him.  Whitney says she didn’t want to seem too available.  Sure why not play games?

Back in LA Spencer tells Heidi what happened and she says she now feels bad and wants to go over.  Spencer says he can’t fire you twice.  That does make sense.  Heidi goes over to Brent and apologizes.   He tells her that her boyfriend is an idiot, and she’s an adult and needs to be responsible.  He asks if she’s ever heard the expression ‘you are the company you keep?’  Heidi again apologizes and says she’d do anything ot have any kind of a job with them.  Brent says that he’d consider it and talk to Sam but for now he had to work.  That was a quick turnaround, Brent.

One of Alex’s friends tells him that if he lets her go she’ll come back.  Meanwhile Whitney is chatting with Jay about exes.  Alex has enough and comes over and asks to talk to her if she has a minute.  Jay asks if she wants to go talk to him.  She says ot really.  Ouch. She decides to leave with jay, but does want to say bye to Alex.  Jay says that’s not a good idea, so they just head out.  One of Alex’s friend comes up to tell him what happened, and he doesn’t believe it.  He goes out and sees Jay and Whitney walking off arm in arm.  Alex getts the emo music and I’ll see you next week.



1. Sheila - Tuesday, November 11, 2008

ouch….whitney girl…lol

2. Joe - Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Did anyone else notice that in the beginning with the conference call that the phone was not plugged into the jack at all????? Anyone else notice? Turn on the Tivo and watch it again

3. mmandbb - Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I love your Hills recaps, better than the show itself! I need to catch-up as this was the last episode I watched. From this day on, every episode viewing will be followed by your recap reading. It’s like a 12 year old wrote this show … sheesh. ~B

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