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Friday Night Lights – Season 3 Episode 6 Recap Friday, November 7, 2008

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Fret not boys and girls, we didn’t abandon the quaint hamlet of Dillon – we’re just a little late in getting caught up. So, maybe we missed last week’s episode in which JD McCoy established himself as QB1 and Saracen had an emotional breakdown. And maybe this is coming to you a few days later than normal. But, we’re gonna get caught up and get back on track. If you still believe that as long as you’ve got clear eyes and a full heart, you can not lose…hit the jump

We open with the seniors (of which I think Riggins has been for all three seasons…) hazing the freshmen with a “naked mile”.  Since McCoy is the QB, he gets to run an extra mile naked all the way back to the fieldhouse. And here he finds Coach Taylor. Looks like we’re in for a JD-centric episode gang. But hey, we’re done with the live blog insanity. Let’s recap the week’s events.

Bands Reunited
Oh yes, that’s right – it’s the return of Crucifictorius! You know how badly you’ve wanted this. However, Landry pissed off the rest of the bass player so they are having some auditions. And a cute 15 year old freshman girl shows up (who’s also in chorus!) and appears to be on her way to winning Landry’s heart. She even figures out that all of his songs are about a “particular girl”.  Landry is going to seduce her like a master.

Scenes From A Grocery Store
The winner of this week’s best scene award goes to Gramma Saracen for Gramma chewing out Coach Taylor in the middle of the grocery store. She hasn’t taken too well to Eric benching Matt for Young Gun McCoy (we’re calling him this because the team’s PA announcer does) and she decided to vent to Eric in the middle of the produce aisle. Her insanity and slide into dementia is so real yet so delightful.

Tim Riggins – American Hero
Second best scene of the night? Riggins taking McCoy on a ride through “the real Dillon”. This includes the Landing Strip, the burger joint, and a bar when Tim is known as Ray, a veteran of both Iraqi wars. Is there any doubt that Tim the Running Back is what this country is all about and not effing Joe The Plumber?

Love Song
Matt and Julie are officially back together and even made sweet love after midnight out by the lakefront. And then smiled at each other in church the next morning.

Smack It Up, Flip It
So, last week was the return of Street and his baby and his baby momma. And Street, Murderball Jones, and the Riggins Boy all went in together and bought Buddy Garrity’s house to repair and flip. This is, of course, going swimmingly and the joy is compounded by the fact that Baby Momma is heading back east with the Baby. Most heartbreaking scene of the night goes to Street singing his kid a song over the cell phone.

Odds and Sods
Best throwaway line of the night: After the game was over and McCoy had a huge game, the PA announcer let out that McCoy had “lit it up like a Whitesnake concert”. Tyra’s new rodeo man may or may not have a Baby Momma himself, depending on who she chooses to believe. Oh, and JD is finally starting to have some fun and went to a team party! Yay!

Next week, it appears that Riggins gets into more trouble and that Street is going to make his last appearance. We’ll try to get it in on time next Wednesday. But I’m about as reliable as a Riggins boy…



1. john - Tuesday, November 18, 2008

is the song sung by landry and devin anywhere on the net??

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