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The Hills – Season 4 Episode 13: It’s Her Move Tuesday, November 4, 2008

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Audrina comes up to Lauren’s room and Lauren is going to see Tokyo Police Club that night and she wants Audrina to help her pick out an outfit.  Awww Lauren wants to play rock chick.  Audrina tells LC she needs to tell her something and drops a bomb.  She’s moving out, and this weekend.  Lauren says “Wow that’s quick” and I agree.

Heidi and Kimberly are at an event that’s 4 years in the waiting.  Sam and Brent roll up and talk about how important this event is.  Sam says everything will be coordinated through her and points at Heidi.  It seems Sam didn’t recall her name.  He asks if she’s going to be there, because she wasn’t last time.  Ah, Sam does remember her, just not for a good reason.  After they leave, Heidi mentions to Kimberly she may invite Spencer, and maybe Stephanie and oh, maybe Audrina too.  Kimberly doesn’t think that’s a good idea, but Heidi says its going to be the biggest party.  FORESHADOWING.

Lauren and Whitney are at work, and Lauren says that she likes Whitney’s dress.  Whitney said she thought it might be dorky, and LC says she hopes not bc she’d be a dork too.  Whitney laughs and says they both ARE dorks.  Good one Whitney!  LC tells her about Audrina moving out, she’s ok with it, its going to be weird when she’s goine and she hopes she’s moving out for the right reasons.  I guess Lauren doesn’t think she should live with JB.

Audrina and JB are out at a ‘cute place.’  JB says every place they go is cute.  In the next breath Audrina says she found a cute place.  She’s really excited and wants to show it to JustinBobby.  She gets quiet for a minute and JB asks what’s up.  She says she’s not sure if she wants to live alone and asks JB if he wants to move in.  He says let’s just see if it happens.  She doesn’t seem too pleased.

We’re finally at Audrina’s House as the caption tells us.  She comes in with a friend we’ve never seen before.  The house isn’t furnished yet.  She gives friend a tour, and says she wants to make it really girlie.  Friend says the kitchen is huge, and I agree, nice appliances too.  Audrina wants to make it really romantic and fluffy.  Friend asks about JB, and she says it will be nice for him to come over and rekindle the flaime.  Friend asks if she bought the house for her or her and JB.  Audrina shrugs and doesn’t really answer.

We go over to LC, Lo and Audrina’s house (it seems MTV is confused about which house is Audrina’s.)  Lo says she feels bad Audrina is moving out, because it didn’t really work out.  LC says Audrina never felt at home there and you can’t live somewhere that isn’t home.  LC says she thinks JB will move in, and says Justin Bobby, the man so great he needs two names.  Zinger from Lauren.  Lo says he’ll probably never forgive her for naming him JustinBobby.  Maybe not, but I think it was a great thing, Lo.  Lo says that Audrina will still be Lauren’s friend even if JB moves in with Audrina and they’ll still see her.

Off to the event and I saw Michelle Trachtenberg, and a couple other celebs who looked vaguely familair.  Heidi tells Kimberly she had everything set up, and wonders if it will be ok to get a drink.  Kimberly says she doesn’t see why not and she was hungry.  Spencer arrives and said he found the bar before Heidi.  Then Audrina, her friend from earlier, JB and Stephanie.  Spencer asks JB if he’s going to move in with Audrina. Spencer says it was great when he moved in with the greatest thing ever.  He then leans over and gives Heidi  a kiss.

Heidi starts yelling for another tequilla shot and said she’s so wasted.  Sam overhears her and starts to walk over and Spencer shushes her.  She yells again for a tequilla shot and Sam comes over to ask where Brent is.  She says she’s not sure and asks if she should find him.  Sam, in turn, asks if she’s still working, and she asks if he is.  He looks like he’s about to kill her, Spencer decides this is a good time to ask if Sam wants a shot.  Sam retorts that the bar is over there.  Heidi asks if everything is good, Sam says it is when they are working.  Zingaroni for Sam.  Heidi has glossed over eyes.  I can’t see this ending well.

LC and Stephanie are walking to school and LC tells her about separating out Audrina’s cookbooks.  Stephanie says Audrina got a house, and LC is surprised Steph knows more than she does.  Steph tells her about the Bolthouse party the night before and she hadn’t seen Speidi drink in a long time so they must have been celebreating something.  Steph wonders if Heidi and Audrina are going to start hanging out.  LC is rather nonplussed.  Stephanie says that Spencer likes JB and that could be the new posse.  Lauren looks confused.

Brent calls Kimberly into her office and says he just got off the phone with Sam.  He says that Sam was pissed that they were drinking at the opening and asks Kimberly if she was drinking.  She said no, she would never disrespect him by doing that at event.  A little over the top there, brownnoser.  He asks her if Heidi was wasted and Kimberly says she doesn’t think so.

Brent calls Heidi in and he asks her.  She says she did have a few drinks.  Brent is mad, he can’t have her visibly drunk in front of his partner and clients, and especially not when she is working and has responsibilities.  Heidi says that she felt she worked hard and she could drink.  He also said its not acceptable for to have her boyfriend there.  He tells her he’s backed her all the way, but he can’t now, she needs to pack up her stuff because she’s fired.  Holy crap.  She doesn’t freak out, she just says ok and leaves.

We head over to LC and Lo’s place where Audrina is packing up.  They show her putting like 4 boxes of toothpaste in a box.  Who has that much spare toothpaste?  LC comes in to help her pack.  They get all sentimental and Lauren wants to know who she is going to cry to.  Audrina said she’s going to call her, of course.  Audrina is packing up a picture of her and JB where he’s actually smiling.  He’s not there helping though, she thinks he’s working.  I’m sure.  They both thank each other for their friendship.  Aww.  LC says its not the end of the story, its just ‘to be continued’  That line couldn’t sound more scripted.  Lauren starts crying a little and they hug.  They head outside and Lo gives her a goodbye hug too.  Lauren says she’s ok, but she’s just a little sad.  The shot of the moving truck pull away is very similar to the one when Heidi moved in with Spencer.  Cue the music and we’ll see you next week.



1. Rockabye - Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I have that much spare toothpaste.

2. Koedee - Monday, November 10, 2008

I thought that Aud’s “friend” was her sister…

3. kimberly - Tuesday, November 18, 2008

where did lo get her from dress that she wore at the end of the episode?

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5. ooopinionsss - Wednesday, December 3, 2008

How you think when the economic crisis will end? I wish to make statistics of independent opinions!

6. Audrina's friend is sister - Sunday, April 19, 2009

“We’re finally at Audrina’s House as the caption tells us. She comes in with a friend we’ve never seen before.”

That was her sister Casey.

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