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Dexter “Si Se Puede” Recap Sunday, November 2, 2008

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This week Dexter gets a high-powered accomplice in the form of ADA Jimmy Smits. You know what the best part about ADA Jimmy Smits becoming Dexter’s partner-in-crime this week? He’s fictitious. Unlike this guy, who decided to express his fervent interest in the show by taking a page out of Dexter’s playbook of death. I’m a big fan of the show, but let’s get one thing straight: you can’t go around trying to be Dexter, exacting vigilante justice on whoever you deem fit.

Now that we’ve got that cleared up, this week’s events include Dexter using Deb to arouse suspicion about Ramon Prado and a neo-Nazi scumbag getting all kinds of stabbed. I can kid because he’s getting fake stabbed.

Alternate Titles: You Got a Friend in Mi…guel; The Impending Battle of the Sexes

The token Spanish colloquialisms I have mentioned in the last two recaps have made it all the way to episode titles. Dex and ADA Jimmy Smits vigorously pull up a fat fish and kill it on the deck of the “Slice of Life.” Miguel starts asking Dexter about his murder of Ethan the wife-killer at Bimini. For the first time Dexter openly discusses his vigilantism and Jimmy expresses his appreciation for Dexter.

Imaginary Harry shows up at Dex’s swimming pool, presumably after the fishing trip, to try to rain on Dexter’s friendship parade. This prompts Dex to “put him to the test” and find out if Miguel can be trusted. “Just because he can gut a fish doesn’t qualify him to hang with me while I do what I do best.” By that he means gutting people, in case you weren’t sure.

We’re taken to the marina crime scene from a couple episodes ago. Deb informs Dex that Mr. Wendell is the latest victim of the murderer now known as “The Skinner,” who is somehow tied into the Freebo case. At least he would be, if Dex hadn’t already killed Freebo. Wendell has been butchered worse than any of the previous victims. Dexter says the guy must be an experienced killer, and who would know better than Dex? And why don’t people stop going to that marina? LaGuerta “wants to nail whoever’s doing this.” Heh, nail.

Back at the station Dex is looking for a target to use as a test of Miguel’s trust, but more so to attempt to persuade Miguel that he is not ready to become Dexter’s partner-in-reaping. Deb comes in and tells Dex the Skinner’s last two victims were killed after they spoke with her. Dex uses the opportunity to create suspicion about Ramon, Miguel’s loose cannon brother over at the Sheriff’s Department.

LaGuerta is back at Ellen Wolfe the defense attorney’s house, where she hears a voice mail informing the Ellen that Miguel could be getting disbarred for the Chicky Hines evidence LaGuerta had handed over. They will not share Scotch or cupcakes this time around.

Deb shows up at Anton’s place to discuss the most recent victims of The Skinner and their connection to her. He offers her a beer and some pot. She accepts the beer. Deb is about to cry and Anton grabs her hand to reassure her that she is doing her job as best she can. Their banging is no longer a question if, but rather when. Anton assures Deb that the girl from the sex shower was nothing serious on Deb’s way out the door.

Dexter meets with Miguel to share a Red Stripe and discuss his latest target. Miguel is reluctant and Dexter is hopeful that he will learn that this whole justified murder gig is not exactly his cup of cafe con leche. Unfortunately for Dex, Miguel is a little crazier than he knew.

Dex walks in with no doughnuts due to his dilemma with Miguel; Masuka calls Dex passive-aggressive for not providing an explanation for his lack of doughnuts in one of two minor appearances he got this week. LaGuerta strolls in and hands Dexter a well-wishing card for Camilla, his friend at the evidence storage. Dex had no idea that she was dying of lung cancer. He says his parents used to play cards with her when they were alive. Meanwhile, Sgt. Angel is hitting up that hooker/cop for a date, and she says no again, but he’s definitely getting closer. Deb sits down at his desk and brings up Ramon Prado as the Skinner, Quinn’s ears perk up, everyone reacts if Deb had just unloaded an f-bomb in the middle of the Vatican. Angel does not think it wise to to pursue Prado on the record, so Deb is headed “off the grid.”

Dex visits Camilla in the hospital and she expresses her disappointment with the hospital’s Key Lime Pie. They share a heartfelt exchange, Dex wipes some drool from her cheek.

Rita and Miguel’s wife Syl are in the kitchen of Chateau Smits and Rita expresses an interest in real estate. Syl offers her a job starting the next day, expressing her trust in Rita. So Miguel trusts Dex, Syl trusts Rita, but does either couple really trust each other? I’m seeing some he-said, she-said drama unfolding here, and I’m not liking it.

Outside Dex and Miguel discuss their potential plan for murdering imprisoned bigot. Dexter gives him an intentionally flawed plan in another attempt to distance himself from Miguel. Too bad Miguel has already subpoenaed the man as an expert witness to put him at Dexter’s avail. Suddenly the teammate doesn’t look so bad.

Deb followed Ramon to a restaurant and she calls Dex as she searches Ramon’s car. They make a joke about the name of arroz con pollo. I’m going to need some Rosetta Stone before I can continue watching this show.

Yuki rolls up to Deb in the station parking lot and leverages her into spying on Quinn. Annnnd she’s gone. Glad to see this story line seems to be wrapping up.

Dex and Miguel are in the courthouse lobby discussing logistics and LaGuerta and her defense attorney friend roll into the lobby. Or maybe they’re not friends anymore, but the defense attorney offers her information on just how dirty Miguel actually is.

Dexter and Miguel stand in Coutroom 103 finalizing their deadly plot.

Deb and Angel discuss her unofficial Ramon Prado detail for the evening. Some hot chick tries to bait Angel into giving her a ride, but she was really a test from the hooker/cop, who decides to grant Angel his wish for a date because of his nobility in sending the chick away.

Dex hooks Camilla up with some real Key Lime Pie, but it’s still not as good as Camilla had hoped for.

Dexter sits at Rita’s kitchen table after Pizza Night, contemplating his impending kill, when Rita asks his opinion on her potential real estate career. She says she might see a side of Syl she doesn’t like, but decides to go ahead and take the job anyways. Dex says he is going home to get rest before an early morning run with Miguel, but Rita says Syl told her Miguel just hasn’t been right lately. That’s that he-said, she-said I was talking about and you can bet there will be a lot more of it before this mess is through.

Dex is in the living room of his apartment, sharpening his tools and discussing his and Miguel’s partnership with imaginary Harry, dressed in an identical wardrobe to Dex. Harry tries to convince Dex that Miguel can not be trusted, but Dex appears to be attempting to separate himself from Harry.

At the courthouse, Miguel enters the interrogation room where racist guy spouts like nine epithets in ten seconds. Miguel gives him the key to his handcuffs, designed to make him believe that Miguel wants the man and his Nazi pals to stop threatening Miguel’s family. He tells him one of his Nazi pals is waiting for him in the parking garage. A bailiff goes in to put a county wristband on the guy, but he’s already gone and the alarm sounds as he greets Dexter with “Heil Hitler.” Dex knocks him out and Harry shows up and tries to convince Dex that Miguel set him up. In reality Miguel has lured the police away so that the guy can be placed in Miguel’s trunk. Miguel uses his colloquial Spanish to deceive the bailiff and get himself, Dex, and Nazi man away from the scene.

Deb rolls up on Ramon, who breaking some guy’s leg with a tire iron and shoving him into the trunk of his patrol car. She follows him to a makeshift interrogation room, lit in bright red. Quinn shows up to back her up. Ramon shakes up a bottle of soda and shoots it up the guy’s nose, which I guess is extremely painful. He pulls Oscar’s knife, but as we anticipate him skinning the guy, he just cuts the guy’s hands free and allows him to go. Ramon is not Deb’s man.

Deb calls Dex, who has Nazi-man strapped to the table, to tell him Ramon Prado is not The Skinner. They tell LaGuerta of the brutality Ramon committed and LaGuerta agrees they must pursue the investigation. Quinn throws Deb a bone, everyone pats each other on the ass, they book Ramon. In the elevator Deb, presumably feeling indebted to Quinn, tells him about the IA investigation. He assures Deb that Yuki has a personal vendetta, but he appreciates the heads up and says he’ll handle it. Looks like he’ staying and Yuki’s going.

Dexter is performing his ritual, speaking to this week’s criminal, who is strapped to the table. “Even in prison I bet you still heard about the big slump in the real estate market. There is an upside to the downturn though… plenty of empty houses.” As Dexter performs his ritual, Miguel rolls up to the house. “But this part. The ritual, the connection and certainty, followed by that pristine silence… is for me and me alone.” As the knife plunges into Nazi man’s heart Miguel walks into an empty house, where Dexter had sent him because he just wasn’t ready to share the ritual with Miguel, though he is Dexter’s “first good friend.”

Next week, Miguel wants to destroy Ellen Wolfe and Dex is considering altering his code to comply, Deb is going a little bonkers over the Skinner case.

Oreo and Buster Throwin’ Bones

This is a new feature I’m going to be running, where my TV-loving dogs rate the just-aired episode I’m recapping by throwin’ one to five bones at the show being discussed.

This week “Dexter” is the recipient of two thrown bones, because it was pretty boring. Lots of groundwork being laid, little actually happening. At least that’s what my dogs thought.



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