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Real World/Road Rules: The Island – We Are Finally Put Out of Our Misery Saturday, November 1, 2008

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This episode opens in the morning with Paula and Ryan discussing the upcoming Face-Off and the possibility of Ev winning. Obviously, this thought scares Kenny and Johnny. We also see Dunbar talking to Ev about the fact that he is more relaxed now that “there is no alliance bullshit” since the game is out of their hands. Join me after the jump to see how this whole thing ends up.

That night, we see Derrick and Johnny bitching about the fact that they can’t control the game anymore. Kenny starts talking to Ev, about Johnny and Dunbar in an attempt to figure out whose key she would take if she won. Afterwards, Kenny goes over to Johnny and tells him that he should talk to Ev and try to convince her that they can work together, but Johnny isn’t sure if Ev will think that he is sincere.

The next morning Ev is talking Paula, and they discuss putting together a boat crew of the two of them, Kenny, and Johnny. That evening, Paula tells Johanna that she thinks Ev might not take Johnny’s key, but Johanna doesn’t believe that. They discuss other options for who would take a key from whom (depending on who wins the last Face-Off). At the same time, Johnny and Kenny are talking to Dan and they tell him that he needs to win the Face-Off, which means that he has to stop drinking so that he can rest.

In the morning, TJ shows up to lead the castmates to the final Face-Off, which they find out is “Water Bound.” Each of the four players (Ev, Johanna, Dan, and KellyAnne) has their feet bound together and they must hold a weight behind their back with both hands while being submerged in 12 feet of water. After sinking all the way to the bottom, they have to push off the sand to break the surface of the water and grab a breath, and then sink to the bottom again, repeating the process until they can no longer take it. They start, and Dan is out almost as soon as his feet touch bottom. He comes up gulping for air, and Kenny and Johnny are pissed that he put so little effort into the Face-Off. KellyAnne is out shortly after him. Ev and Johanna both appear to be comfortable and are doing well until Johanna has a bit of hesitation at the bottom (she lost her shoe) and has to drop her weight and move to the surface. Ev wins, and Johnny is very nervous about what she might do.

Back at the house Paula and Dunbar talk about what Ev might do. Meanwhile, Kenny goes to talk to Ev and tell her that she needs to make the smart choice and act with her head rather than thinking about revenge. He tells her that if they can choose their own boat crew, a team of the two of them, Derrick, and Johnny would be unbeatable. Eventually, Johnny comes over and apologizes to Ev for the personal attacks on her that he made throughout the game. He tells her that he hopes they can be friends again after everything is done, “regardless of what [she does]” for the key. Ev goes over to talk to Dunbar, and he tells her that the only guys on the Island that showed her any respect were he and Derrick.

That night at the ceremony, TJ tells Johanna, Dan, and KellyAnne that their time in the game is done, but they have to stay on the Island and watch the others compete for the $300,000. Ev then has to listen to everyone plead their case for why they should keep their key. Everyone gives some variation of the “I deserve it, and I can help you win” speech, and then Johnny apologizes to her again for his behavior. Ev then tells everyone that Jenn, Robin, and Ryan all stood up for her, Kenny apologized to her much earlier in the game, Derrick always respected her, and Paula didn’t treat her poorly, so her decision came down to Dunbar and Johnny. Ev then says that someone needs to end the cycle of bad blood, and she takes Dunbar’s key.

TJ tells them that they must split up into teams of 4 immediately, and the bad blood immediately makes a reappearance. Derrick, Kenny, Johnny, and Ev form one team (“the boys”), which causes Paula to yell at the boys about having lied to her. The other team, then, is obviously Paula, Jenn, Robin, and Ryan (“the girls”). They get to choose first for their boat, and they pick the blue boat (which is closer to being done). While Paula continues to bitch about being lied to, Dunbar sits around the kitchen and mopes because he is mad at Ev and Kenny. He and Kenny argue for a little bit, and then both teams go off to work on their boats. In a fit of jealousy, Dunbar actually goes off to help the girls build their boat and work on their strategy.

In the morning the castmates get their final airdrop, which has the sails for the boat, oars, and directions for the Island. Both teams rush top finish their boats, with Dunbar still helping the girls. The boys finish their boat first and put out into the water, but the girls are right behind them. The boys almost tip over, but they might manage to right the ship. Meanwhile, Kenny is lamenting the fact that Paula is on the other boat. The girls experience quite a bit of trouble, as their sail isn’t secure. The boys reach the Island with a huge lead, and they unlock the chest to win the $300,000. The girls eventually arrive, and then we get a montage of Paula crying and people musing about the experience.

NOTE: Well kids, that’s it for this season. I don’t have any information yet on when a new Real World season or a new Real World/Road Rules Challenge season will appear, but I’ll be here when it does.



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