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The Hills – Season 4 Episode 12: I Want You to be With Me Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Posted by Matt_T in the balls.
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We are back in LA this week.  Audrina is at work, and her coworker says they are going to go into the studio and help out a band.  Audrina recaps Cabo for her coworker, and she says he can’t jump from one relationship to the next.  Coworker says that it sounds like Audrina is starting to figure things out.  I bet she still goes back to JustinBobby.

Steph and LC go to a fabric store to get some prints and solids for their fashion school homework.  That’s more fun than writing a 5 page paper.  Lauren says she didn’t have as much fun in Cabo as the boys, since they brought in girls.  Stephanie tells Lauren that her and Cameron had the talk and they’re official.  LC wants to meet him and says they’re doing Crown Bar tomorrow, but Brody is coming.  Steph says that at least she’ll have protection (not that kind) with Cameron there.  She reminds us that Brody made her cry.

We head over to Lauren’s house and Brody by the pool.  Lauren comes out and Brody points out she’s not in her bikini.  She says she is underneath.  Brody’s so smooth….  LC lets him know that Steph is coming to Crown Bar.  He says that he’s happy Steph has a bf.  Lauren says that Steph had a hard time already by Spencer saying Cameron didn’t stick up for her.  Brody laughs and says he’d love for Cameron to say something and he’d pull him aside and say “Listen Homie” and tell him somethings about his girlfriend.  LC tells him to lighten up and pushes him into the pool.  Brody laughs, but says this means war.

Audrina is out to dinner with Australian Surfer Corey.  Audrina says she’s glad to be hanging out again.  Corey agrees with her and then asks about Cabo and who went.  When Audrina mention Justin’s name Corey predictably gets upset and jokes it was a romantic getaway.  Audrina says she shared a room with LC, and Corey seems skeptical.  Audrina says she doesn’t want to talk about Justin anymore and neither does Corey.

We head over to Crown Bar, and Steph and Cameron are the first people there and grab a booth.  It looks like Cameron has some ketchup or something on his face.  Steph says she’s excited for him to meet everyone, Cam says he’s not really and Steph calls him grumpy.  Cam says if Brody comes he’s going to pull him aside and talk to him.  Lo and some boy (who isn’t introduced to the cameras) show up with LC.  Lauren is all giddy about Steph’s bf and says they look cute together.  Brody comes in and makes it awkward.  Steph asks Cam if he is going to say something.  Brody notices that he doesn’t and says “I thought Homie wanted to say something”  Brody, please, for everyone’s benefit, quit saying homie.  Cameron doesn’t say anything and he and Steph look really uncomfortable.

Audrina and Chara are working with Brandy in the studio.  They are looking at photos to pick for the album cover.  Brandy still makes music?  Is this 1996?  Chandra asks Audrina how it went with Corey, and she says he’s really nice.  Brandy goes in the booth to sing and JustinBobby texts Audrina, he’s at the studio and wants to chat.  She goes outside, where JB is on a motorcycle, wearing a sleevless denim vest and has a silver sparkling helmet.  He tells her he’s been thinking, and he doesn’t want to be that guy.  Audrina says she thinks she’s been trying to convince herself that she likes someone, but she has someone else on her mind.  JB says that they have something special.  And he says they’re a catch 22.  He says 90% of his time with her is ‘right on’ and he never thinks of her on a negative light.  He says he’ll always be there for her and he wants her to be with him.  She gives him a hug.  OMG.

Back to Epic offices the next day and Audrina says she felt bad walking out on Brandy.  Why?  That’s a pattern for the Hills girls.  She tells her coworker what Justin said.  The coworker says that he does this everytime.  Audrina thinks this time is different, but the coworker disagrees.  Audrina doesn’t have the connection with Corey that she does with JB.  Coworker thinks that Corey is sweet and is good for Audrina.

Heidi and Spencer go to meet Steph and Cameron for lunch.  Or so they think.  Cameron decided to not come because he didn’t want to get grilled.  Steph tells them about Crown Bar and Spencer guesses that Cam didn’t stand up to Brody.  Steph makes excuses for him but Spencer won’t have it.  She says everytime she talks to them she wants to break up with him.

Corey and Audrina are out at dinner and Corey gives her a small koala bear.  She says she’ll keep it forever.  Corey is going back to Australia in December and he asks her to come with.  She uses this as an opportunity to break this off with him.  Corey asks about JB and she says that he still has her heart.  Audrina says that Corey is a great guy and she wants him in her life.  Corey says he’s not going to get emotional but he seems pretty upset.  I feel bad for the guy.  The sad music kicks in as they say goodbye



1. DougOLis - Tuesday, October 28, 2008

All-in-all a pretty boring episode.

Why is Cameron a bad guy for not starting a fight?

Brandy still makes music?
My sentiments exactly

2. Ashley - Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Obviously she is still makings music… she doesn’t have to release a album every year, she has a life.

Still making music and money what are you doing other then complaining about someone doing something with there life?


3. Sinead - Thursday, October 30, 2008

If somebody could give me a link to this episode I’d really appreciate it. I live in Ireland so mtv.com and mtv.ca don’t work here and all I have been able to find is the, “Lost Scenes,” episode.

4. giagrl - Friday, October 31, 2008

How about the biggest mistake –Audrina cutting that HOT aussie guy loose! Brody still remains hottest guy on the show.

Yes, I’m 37 and have a crush on Brody. le sigh…

PS I added you to my blogroll

5. DougOLis - Friday, October 31, 2008

According to my sister, the guy Lo brought to the bar is named Christian and they date on and off. I guess she lived next to him last year so she saw them together all the time.

@Sinead you could try downloading a torrent off mininova.org

6. SARAH - Monday, November 17, 2008

Omg, them are some pretty harsh commets above but they are totally true. This was a boring episode. So if you missed it you didnt miss much.

7. brad - Monday, November 17, 2008

This is an gay episode!

8. Hanna - Thursday, May 28, 2009

Do you know the namne of the song who plays in the end when Audrina and the guy talk and when LC and Steph are in the club?

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