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Dexter “Turning Biminese” Recap Sunday, October 26, 2008

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Yes, that’s Eric Matthews hitting on Rita at Chubby’s. Someone had better tell him what Dexter will be doing to offenders who get too close for at least two more seasons.

For now, Dexter continues to struggle with the fine line between upstanding family man and psychopathic serial killer as ADA Jimmy Smits has given him some inside dirt on a guilty man walking free (and almost stabbed a costar with a real knife, theoretical spoilers.) Deb is fighting her own internal battle, reluctantly desiring Anton the guitar playing CI for whom I can still find no imdb page.

Alternate Titles: Mr. Wendell; The Game of Life

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more about “Arrested Development – Mr Wendal (1993)“, posted with vodpod

The episode opens with Rita and Dexter at the OB/GYN, looking at the ultrasound of their eight to ten week child. Dexter again expresses his uncertainty on how good a father he will be. We jump to Jimmy Smits and Dex golfing, where Jimmy asks to see the picture of the baby. The guys playing behind them hit their cart, then Jimmy says, “Hey! You could kill somebody!” Jimmy tells him about a wife-killer that got off on technicalities. Dexter shoots, Jimmy said he, “sliced it.” Stop it, I can’t take all the double entendre. After the round Dex, Rita, Jimmy and Mrs. Smits are at the country club and the women bring up a plan for Dex and Rita to purchase a house together. Apparently Mrs. Smits is also the realty queen. Dexter is reluctant, obviously some people need a solitary place a little bit more than others.

Back to Dexter’s apartment. Hey, he’s got my computer and on it he is searching for information on Ethan Turner, the aforementioned wife-killer. Harry shows up in creepy imaginary contemporaneous flashback thing as the apartment is emptied and Dexter feels insecurity about leaving his solitude. To exercise his control over himself, he will kill the killer.

Deb and Anton are chatting it up on their Boost mobiles at a “secret meeting.” But their cars are right next to each other. So Boost, are you advertising your capabilities for enabling unnecessary cellular communication? Because if you are, the last two weeks have been spot on. Deb and Anton get out of the cars to see talk to his strung out informant sitting by some trash cans about Freebo. When he wakes from his stupor, he tells them that they should search for a kid named Wendell if they want to find Freebo.

We’re next taken to a new crime scene. The sheriffs are getting in the way of the PD’s investigation of a victim who suffered from a skinning. MO is similar to PD’s cases. Masuka is sad because no one takes him seriously. LaGuerta says there must be open communication between the two departments. Deb says she is going to talk to Freebo’s doorman, a little kid who has seen Dexter previously. Then Jimmy Smits calls and says he can’t make lunch because the wife-killer case has taken another wrong turn. Dude is definitely getting stabbed.

Wendell, Freebo’s doorman, is not cooperating with Deb’s questioning. She tries to relate to him through her mother’s death. Then they have a laugh, Deb hooks him up with some food and now she’s getting somewhere. A few scenes later Angel tells Deb that Wendell’s mom has finally gotten in touch with the department, Masuka walks by and they make some dirty jokes, try to make him smile, but he won’t budge on the serious face.

As Deb and Dex discuss the overwhelming storyline (that whole wedding, pregnancy, moving in together thing) Ramon shows up. He and LaGuerta do some Lieutenant rank-fighting, exchange the token Spanish colloquialism, end scene.

The wife-killer is in the Pro Shop of presumably the same golf course. Dex approaches him, they talk about diving in Bimini, then Dex watches him approach some girls. I’d like to reiterate, that guy is definitely getting stabbed.

Quinn let Wendell go, Deb is PISSSSSSED.

Angel finds the same cop-hooker from last episode to ask her on a real date. She says no, but it’s still open.

At Rita’s house Dexter finds a bunch of brochures for houses on the kitchen table. She’s excited but Dexter callously says he will not go house-hunting with her. She asks him to watch the kids tomorrow but he says he’s going fishing. Aw, she made a roast, his favorite, he’s probably going to feel guilty.

Guess not, he’s about to go hunting for Ethan Turner when ADA Jimmy Smits shows up. “How about whatever you catch, we put on the grill tonight?” As long as you have a palate for people.

Ramon Prado shows up at the station to confer and suggests that maybe the PD made some mistakes. Quinn sticks up for Deb, you can see her opinion of him changing in her face. Kind of like every other shot of Deb. Masuka brings up forensic evidence that separates the newest case from the previous cases, Angel and Deb stick up for him, he makes a couple dirty jokes and hooray the old Masuka is back. Everyone sticking up for each other kind of made me want a hug.

Dex is by the pool watching Ethan Turner when imaginary Harry shows up and discusses Rita with him. I wonder if people see him talking to himself? Time to board the cruise ship to Bimini.

Rita and Mrs. Jimmy Smits are visiting houses; Rita is quite the easy sell. She goes in to use the restroom, comes out crying, panicking, and bleeding. Mrs. Smits escorts her to the hospital.

Deb hunts down Wendell and gives him her card for future information. Someone is watching them through binoculars, I’m guessing Yuki.

Dex gets in the guy’s boat cabin, knocks him out, then pulls his killing tools from the golf bag he had been carrying around. Like a yuppy Desperado, this one. He talks about “taking life, making life;” I think we are entering the supernatural period from the book series.

At the hospital, ADA Jimmy Smits lays down the law so he and his wife can get into Rita’s room and see her. She is upset that Dex is nowhere to be found.

Deb shows up at Anton’s apartment but a chick, wet from a sex shower answers the door. Deb tries to hide her disappointment. Then Miguel calls in search of Dexter.

Dexter pulls the “Slice of Life” back into the marina and eulogizes Ethan Turner while viewing the ultrasound of his baby. He checks his messages to hear about the baby and rushes to the hospital, where Rita tells him the baby is fine. Deb starts giving him grief for his absence. Back at the house Dexter and Jimmy Smits are putting Astor and Cody to sleep when he informs Dexter that the wife-killer is missing. He asks Dexter where he went fishing, then propounds his theory that Dex is a vigilante. Dex breaks down a little, never fully professes his murderous instincts, but Jimmy Smits says it’s OK. Are the really going to team up on this?

And the teaser answered my question. Next week, Jimmy and Dex become a team. They set up some imprisoned neo-Nazi to think they are setting him free, then the cops search for Dex and the murderer as they try to escape.



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