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Real World/Road Rules: The Island – Ev Gets New Life Friday, October 24, 2008

Posted by The NY Kid in MTV, reality TV, undergroundBTO.

This episode opens at night, with Johnny, Kenny and Dan standing around discussing the merits of their respective asses. In order to determine who has the best booty, the three of them drop trou for Jenn and Ryan. In the end, they decide that Johnny has the best ass, and his winning streak on the Island continues. In the morning, Johnny talks to his alliance about Jenn possibly moving against them, and he says that he wants her key before they take KellyAnne’s key. Johnny tries to make a deal with Ryan, saying that he will “save” him if he takes Jenn’s key (presuming he wins the Face-Off), but Ryan says no. Join me after the jump to find out how this shit went down.

That night, we see the alliance all happy-go-lucky while Ev sits in the corner pouting and talking to Ryan and KellyAnne. Meanwhile, Kenny is trying to figure out how to get Johanna a key. Ryan then rips on Johanna for her statement earlier in the game that she would “coast until the end and get a key in the last Face-Off.”

In the morning we get the the next airdrop, and it’s a doozy – the castmates get toilet paper, eggs, meat, a video camera, a phone, and more boat parts. While Kenny, Johnny, Derrick, and Dunbar work on the boat, they briefly talk about the fact that Colie and Johanna do not deserve keys. Not surprisingly, Kenny doesn’t stick up for his Island girlfriend.

Later that night, Colie tells Johnny that she wants to go into the Face-Off against “a strong keyholder” and either Ryan or Dan. Johnny rolls his eyes at her trying to boss him around, and they argue about him not wanting Colie to get a key. Afterwards, Colie goes to talk to Johanna and tells her “I don’t think I’m in the alliance any more” (umm, were you ever? Really?), and mentions that she wants to take Dunbar’s key because he didn’t earn it (Abram gave it to him when he left). At the same time, Johnny is bitching to Kenny about Colie giving him orders. Johanna interrupts him to tell him that she, Colie, and Ryan will go into the Face-Off.

The next morning TJ comes by for the nominations, and things go exactly as Johanna had said. Colie announces that she, Johanna, and Ryan will go into the Face-Off, and everyone agrees. When Johnny makes a comment about the boats, TJ tells them that the boats look like shit and that they need to get working harder on putting them together. This causes a minor panic, and the boys go off to work on one of the boats. The catch is, the guys decide that the boat they are working on will be their “experiment” so that they can make mistakes to learn from by building it. Unfortunately for them, the girls (Robin, Ev, Jenn, and Colie) are building the other boat at the same time. Paula stirs up trouble when she tells them that they shouldn’t bother, since they can’t build a boat as well as the boys can. Kenny once again gets off a fantastic one-liner, telling us that “I want Robin in my boat as bad as I want to get kicked in the balls by a horse” (there’s a Derek Anderson joke in there somewhere).

That night we see Paula talking to Robin about letting the boys build both boats so that they can figure out how to do it correctly, and Robin eventually goes over to Johnny to apologize. Colie, Johanna, and Ryan are all sitting together talking about the Face-Off and they are somewhat upset that they have to face each other since they are all friends.

In the morning the castmates go down to the beach to find out that the Face-Off is “Timber”, where each of them have to stand on a tree stump and hold up one tree trunk (with coconuts in a bag attached at the top) on either side using a rope. This is clearly a strength/endurance challenge, so the alliance is confident that Ryan will win. The Face-Off starts, and Ryan is worried because the girls look comfortable. However, after a short time Colie drops out, and Johanna follows a little while later. After the Face-Off, Johanna and Colie are upset because they are BFFs but now one of them has to leave. We also see Robin, Jenn, and KellyAnne (who is inexplicably topless, and squishing her boobs against he chest with her hands; hey, I’m not complaining) talking about the next Face-Off and who has earned a key.

That night, we see Paula reassuring Dunbar that Ryan won’t take his key, since the alliance has told him not to. Meanwhile, almost everyone else in the house is sitting around and bitching about how irritating Dunbar has become. At the elimination ceremony, Johanna is the first to plead her case, and she says that since she has been to a final challenge she knows what it takes. Colie then steps up and says that she and Johanna are part of a team, and for the good of the team everyone should keep Johanna in the game (once again, TJ fails to take her to task for “quitting” – maybe he read my post about his attitude). The vote is 10-0 for Colie to go home. Then it’s time for Ryan to take his key, and he makes a speech about how he has to play for himself, and that he doesn’t want to piss off the alliance. All this makes it seem like he might take Jenn’s key, but he takes the key from KellyAnne (who the alliance also wanted out of the game). TJ then drops a bombshell and tells them that the final Face-Off will be the 4 remaining players without a key – Johanna, Dan, KellyAnne, and Ev.



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