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Friday Night Lights – Season 3 Episode 4 Recap Wednesday, October 22, 2008

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It’s late on a Wednesday and that means its time for us take take our weekly visit to Dillon, Texas. All of last week’s angst after the loss to Arnett Meade is only getting amplified during a bye week. There’s a lot going on tonight for the good people of Dillon, so let’s hit the jump and discuss

I think, for the sake of us all, that it’s time to ditch the liveblog format. We’re taking it back old school to the Episode 2 Recap for what should be our format of choice for the rest of the season.

Jumbotron 2: Electric Jumbaloo
Yes, the Jumbotron is still causing Tami trouble this week. However, we finally get a resolution, and it’s exactly the one you’ve been expecting since day one. After learning that Buddy Garrity plays golf with the Superintendent (who will be making a final ruling on the Jumbotron mess), Tami goes out of her way to have a little casual time with the super herself. And she promptly proceeds to embarrass herself by coming across as angry. Which she has every right to be since the Jumbotron funds could be used to fund the teachers that Dillon needs. But, as the super points out, that money was donated for a Jumbotron and that’s what they’re gonna get. Tami loses this round, but gets a shot in at the press conference announcing the upcoming installation of the Jumbotron by volunteering Buddy’s car dealership for an upcoming PTA fundraiser. 

Tyra Is Trying To Break Your Heart
Given that this show is generally rooted in reality, did you really expect her to come running back to Landry for good at any point? Tonight she was introduced to a handsome young rodeo fella, blows off playing nurse for Landry after he got his wisdom teeth pulled to spend some time with the rodeo fella, lies to Landry about the reason why she blew him off, and then was naturally caught outside the Alamo Freeze by Landry as she walked hand in hand with rodeo fella. Landry breaks down calling her out on it, as probably any nerd who thought he had love with a fiesty young lady like Tyra would do. She tries to talk to him later to let her know how much she is willing to fight for his friendship, but Landry sends her away. I have a hard time believing they won’t reconcile their friendship before this is all over, but this was pretty brutal to watch. Especially if you’ve been there in any shape whatsoever in your life before. And you probably have. 

1,2,3,4 – I declare QB war
Well, guess what? Coach Taylor is finally installing the spread. After a week of practices in which both QBs shined, Coach Taylor has finally decided its time to get J.D. McCoy in the game. They’ll be splitting time in the next game with Saracen in the I and McCoy in the spread every other series. While this, like so much else that’s been built up this season, felt inevitable, there was a very touching scene in which Eric and Tami talk about how tough this decision has been on him. You see how much Coach cares about Matt and the empathy he has for the situation that Matt has been facing in trying to be a championship quarterback, a good boyfriend, and a caretaker for his grandmother. Matt’s mother, after making her first appearance two weeks ago, looks like she’s going to be hanging around this season by the way in an attempt to finally be a mother to Matt and to help ease his burden with Gramma Saracen.

Smash Makes Good
At long last, we finally see Smash get his chance with a college football team. And naturally, after waiting for an hour, they inform Smash that they’re gonna need him to reschedule. Coach is thinking that’s just not gonna work and storms onto the field in the middle of practice to talk to the coach in an amazing show of Les Milesian balls. The coach agrees to give Smash a couple of carries in practice just to get Coach Taylor off his field and out of his hair. You can probably figure out what happened next. Smash looked like the Smash of old and ripped off a series of great runs in practice. He gets the “we’ll call you later” from the A&M coach. And the next day, the phone rings, and Smash gets his dream. And we get one more beautiful scene with Momma Smash and her family. After three years, even I’m feeling pretty proud of Smash for making it to college and making his momma proud.

We’re positioned well for the final 2/3rds of the season – Smash has been able to exit gracefully, it looks like next week we’ll see Street again to wrap up his storyline in the series, Jumbotron-gate wrapped up with Tami able to get something she wanted out of it, and the QB battle has been set-up for some delightful drama. It’s been another great week in Dillon y’all – see you next time. 



1. Gringo - Thursday, October 23, 2008

Comment removed – bad links that could take you to god knows where and do god knows what to your computer


2. JB* - Thursday, October 23, 2008

The accountant in me has to point out – buying the JumboTron is proper under the guidelines of fund accounting.

Sorry, Mrs. Coach. It hurts me to cross you.

3. Jerkwheat - Thursday, October 23, 2008

Momma Coach (someday maybe I’ll start calling her Principal Taylor…probably not) will get her revenge via the PTA fundraiser at Garrity Motors. It’s always fun to volunteer Buddy for things without his knowledge.

4. Tripe Face - Thursday, October 23, 2008

You know JumboTrons don’t run themselves… they are essentially closed circuit tv stations… with camera operators, directors etc… plus the usual scoreboard people to keep track of time, down, quarter etc.

If Principal Taylor gets asked to pay THOSE people she should tell them in that sexy Texas drawl… Go screw your-all-selves.

As for Matt and JD… I sense they will come out of this not adversaries but allies. JD seems to want someone who understands all the nonsense he deals with. Just a guess

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