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The Hills – Season 4 Episode 11: You’ll Never Have this Tuesday, October 21, 2008

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We start out this week with the gang loading on the private jet to head to Cabo.  Brody asks what the plan is and DougDoug says he has a surprise for them.  Audrina and LC are sharing earbuds.  I wonder if they are listening to Natasha Beddingfield?  Frankie asks Audrina why she isn’t talking to JustinBobby.  She says they aren’t together and he’s going to hook up with other girls. Lauren says they all left a lot in LA, s they should just not worry about that this weekend.  I’m sure that will happen.

They get to the house, and Audrina says she isn’t sharing a room with JustinBobby, because she’s sure he’ll have a girl with him.  Lauren offers to share her room with her.  They head out to the beach, and it looks like MTV didn’t get the memo that JustinBobby and Audrina aren’t together, because the caption still says Audrina’s Boyfriend.

Audrina and Lauren run out to the beach to play while the boys chill in the pool.  Frankie decides to play drama queen and tells JustinBobby about Corey and how Audrina says that’s her boyfriend.  JB says its funny Audrina has the audacity to give him shit about that.  Brody as usual acts like a queen and says he’d be really pissed about that.

We head to LA where Steph and Heidi are shopping.  Stephanie tells her that she has a boyfriend now. Aww.  She says its nice that everyone else is out of town.  Heidi asks where they are, and Stephanie says that they are down for Brody’s birthday and since Brody doesn’t like her and her and Lauren left it weird she didn’t go.  Heidi suggests that her and Steph go on a double date.  Stephanie is scared of what Spencer will say and do.  Heidi says it doesn’t matter, she’s the one dating him, and that her mom doesn’t like Spencer but that doesn’t change how she feels about him.

Back to Cabo where the gang is sitting around outside for a dinner.  Brody says he’s worried for Lauren and Audrina because they are with 10 dudes.  Lauren says on this trip they’re dudes.  JB asks if the thing in Audrina’s hair is real and where she got it from.  She says Corey gave it to her.  OOOO BURN.  He says that he saw her rolling her bag out of their room.  She says that she figured he’d want his own room.  Audrina says he’s the one that didn’t want to be exclusive and its weird for him to be on the trip.  He says he decided to come before this all went down.  He then mouths to DougDoug across the table, he’s free and has a hall pass.  Frankie raises a toast to Brody saying he’s not only his best friend, but the best friend a person can have.  Laaaaaaaaaaaaame.  Did he get that off of a Hallmark card.  DougDoug said he brought the party to them.  Lauren rolls her eyes and asked if they brought ‘sleezies’ and calls him Douglas.  Uh oh, he’s in trouble.  All of the sudden 40 girls come in.  Lauren says that his chances are good tonight.  Lauren and Audrina walk off to be catty about the other girls.  Audrina talks about how awkward it is with JB.  Lauren tells her she needs t cut it off and be done with it.

Brody says things are more interesting now since all the boys are single.  JB talks outloud about finding a girl, having a weekend with no remorse.  I forgot to mention it earlier, but DougDoug is wearing the fruitest tanktop I’ve ever seen.  The gang starts partying in the pool, people are making out with each other while LC sits on a chair and silently judges.

Back to LA where Spencer and Heidi are waiting for Steph and Cameron to show up.  Spencer says they are 40 minutes late, and its probably because they are at the tanning bed.  Oooh burn.  Stephanie and Cameron are walking up and Steph warns him about her relationship with Spencer.  Cameron says that if he’s a jerk to her he won’t be nice to Spencer.  This is going to end well.  Then Spencer says they’re half an hour late.  Cameron is dressed up, he’s wearing a Rolling Stones, tongue shirt and a hoodie.  Cameron says its his fault and Spencer says he’s a real gentleman.  Spencer proposes a toast to Stephanie’s first real boyfriend.  Spencer gloats about kicking Holly out and Stephanie asks if it was mutual.  Heidi says it wasn’t.  Out of the blue Cameron says to Spencer that his sister makes him laugh a lot.  Spencer says that she makes him laugh to.  Heidi asks if Cameron knows Brody.  He says he did a few years ago.  Spencer asks if Cameron knew that Brody made Stephanie cry.  He says he does and he’ll call Brody to talk about it when the time is right.  Cam asks what happened with Spencer and Brody and Spencer says its beacause Brody hangs out with Lauren.  Spencer also brings up Stephanie going out with DougDoug.  Words can’t explain how awkward that was.

Back in Cancun Audrina asks JB to give her back her hair thing and he can go back on his way.  He swims over but won’t give it back.  He tells her to tell her boy hello for him.  She splashes him, flicks him off and walks off.

Next day in Cabo Audrina and JB are chatting in the kitchen.  They are going on a boat ride today and they each threaten to throw each other overboard.  They go back and forth about their relationship and her new boy.  He still won’t give her back her hairthing, so she storms off again.

Steph goes to see Spencer while he’s working out by running up and down stairs.  She wants to talk about how he acted last night.  Spencer said he did it on purpose because they were late.  He says he was giving him a hard time because he hangs out with Brody.  Again with the Brody thing and the loyalty thing.  Stephanie points out that he doesn’t get along with anyone.  he says she should be happy that he’s talking to her and he paid for their dinner, and he takes off running up the stairs again while Steph stands there upset.

Back to Cabo where Audrina is talking about JB with LC.  Lauren says that she doesn’t need to talk to JB anymore.  Audrina says that Justin wants to make things difficult.  She still loves him.  Lauren says he still cares about her, but he won’t ever give her what she needs and deserves.  They make sad faces at each other as the emo music kicks in.


1. DougOLis - Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I know it’s a joke but I don’t really see Audrina as a Natasha Beddingfield kind of girl. Maybe I’m wrong.

What’s up with JB’s new look? He looks quite like a 80s teen star. I found it pretty funny/sad that all the guys looked exactly the same in the pool. Similar hats and sunglasses all worn in the same way.

Heidi asks what is the worst that could happen on a dinner double date and I am hoping for a food fight. That would be awesome TV.

Larn looked pretty non-plussed when the hoochies rolled in.

Why did Heidi bring up Brody? I assume the producers told her to, but it’s pretty fucking random. That was the weirdest fucking double date ever. I feel bad for the new guy. Why would he agree to go on that sort of thing? I assume he’s seen the show.

I don’t really doubt that Spencer would actually show up to a place early and stake it out before a meeting. Seems like something he would do. Why is Spencer worried about loyalty (and it’s not even loyalty) if Cameron hung out with Brody 5 years ago? Clearly they don’t talk anymore.

Is it just me, or did it look like Lauren had a mustache at the end?

2. Martin - Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Where can i download this?

3. Matt_T - Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Doug- Audrina does seem to have good taste in music, maybe she was trying to get LC to listen to something decent. That whole dinner double date seemed really forced, like they may have made Cameron be late?

Not sure about downloading the episode, but you can watch on mtv.com

4. Top Posts « WordPress.com - Wednesday, October 22, 2008

[…] The Hills – Season 4 Episode 11: You’ll Never Have this We start out this week with the gang loading on the private jet to head to Cabo.  Brody asks what the plan is and […] […]

5. kerensa - Saturday, October 25, 2008

SONG HELP!!! WHat the song playing in the very beginng scene that said ” CABO SAN LUCAS MEXICO” and it was like a panning scene shot of the beach house in cabo… PLEASE HELP.. =(

6. keridia boreland ,jamaica - Monday, October 27, 2008

i really like all the girls but now audrina is getting on my nerve why she”s making justin turning her into a fool she needs to grow up ,get over it .

7. Nikki - Tuesday, October 28, 2008

what sunglasses is brody wearing by the pool with lauren when they are talking about stephanie pratt (october 27th episode)?

8. Kiz - Monday, December 1, 2008

where can i find this episode ?? in uk

9. eva - Tuesday, August 3, 2010

grrr whats the song playing when justin steals audrinas bobbel and its like (8) youve got a boy and im with you bestfriend(8)
HELP “””

10. Maria - Friday, October 1, 2010

what is that song that goes
“Oh oh oh I been taken for a ride by you
Oh oh oh now you made me feel like such a fool
Oh oh oh it’s like diving in a shallow pool
Oh oh oh I been taken for a ride by you”

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