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I Spent Money on This? Sunday, October 19, 2008

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After an extended hiatus for reformatting – unlike a TV hiatus, no one was recast during the down time – a look back at fiscally unsound music purchases has returned.

This week, I pull a disc from the bag of guy tricks – which everyone knows anyway. Learn it after the jump.

The Album
Blessid Union of Souls, “Home”

The Year

The Story
Every man has a dirty little secret that, in fact, everyone knows. That secret can lead a man to make a bad decision, even if the end result is worth it.

As a freshman on the campus of DePaul University, you miss out on the “Traditional” campus experience. The upside is that you are living in Chicago. Every spring, then, the University Activity Board hosts a party called “The Fest” which features drinking in a cage (to keep the underage kids out), a blocked off Quad, and a half-assed line-up of local bands and middle-of-the-road “headliners”.

In 1996, that headliner was Blessid Union of Souls. For reasons non-understandable by me, one of the girls I was dating at the time was crazy for the band. For some other reason (primarily being I was an eighteen year old college kid), I spent the night trying to go between the two girls like a prom episode of Saved By The Bell. As you may predict, it did not work, and both stormed off.

In an effort to make it up to one of them, I went into scheme romantic planning mode. A key part of the night was to see her favorite band doing her favorite song, so the obvious solution was to have the song playing for her. Flowers, wine (a big deal for us under-agers) and delivery food and voila… maybe.

I had a single dorm room, she came up, heard the music on, told me I was an ass for ditching her but sweet for making it up, and things progressed as they are known to do. After all – we all know what the answer is.

The Good
Well, I think from the above, you can figure it out. That is the only good to come from this purchase.

The Bad
For some time, I had to deal with the flack from my future roommates about buying the CD. Buying it was justified, I contend to this day – keeping it was probably not.

The Conclusion
Blessid Union of Souls may believe that love is the answer, but I have to disagree. Sometimes it is just the right music and a make-up bottle of wine.

Join me next week as I continue to tally the thousands of dollars spent on ill-fated purchases of music, probably with one a little more complex this open-and-shut case. And don’t tell my mother, lest she want me to pay her back.



1. dylancaseyjohnson - Sunday, October 19, 2008

I thought it was so hardcore of them to drop the n-bomb when I was ten.

2. Bill - One of your old future roomates - Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Sorry this cd is still not justified. While other questionable purchases can be either amusing or misguided, having this one in the collection puts the big old loser L right in the center of your music collection (which is the only true cred).

3. JB* - Wednesday, October 22, 2008

In my defense, I have already admitted to owning Tiffany’s second disc, The Party, Scatman, and Chris Gaines.

I think the bigger challenge would be to find out either where exactly to affix the “L”, or how many “L”s one must buy. And you’ve seen the CD collection.

Just for that, Neil Diamond is moving up the list.

4. Bill - One of your old future roomates - Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I’ll never apologize for Neil Diamond. And he’s cool again these days.

In any event, Tiffany and Scatman are more amusingly sad than loser-ly. And the Gaines album is justified via Garth Brooks – the same way a Dylan afficianado can own Knocked Out Loaded without having to defend it (other than the Brownsville Girl track which is pure class). BUoS is one of those cd’s you look at and should be questioning the value of air to know it contributes to this sorry, sad-sack excuse for music. But I can say that, as I never owned this album (or any you have brought up so far….)

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