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Dexter “All in the Family” Recap Sunday, October 19, 2008

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Your friendly neighborhood vigilante serial killer is back in the act. Since we’ve missed a couple episodes, let me wrap up the events to date in a nice, neat little thematic nutshell: Jimmy Smits’s vengeance, Wannabe Detective Deb (Jennifer Carpenter) , Sargeant Angel (David Zayas), and Daddy Dexter’s (Michael C. Hall) dangerous, disciplined duality.

On this week’s episode Dexter attempts to prove his sincerity to pregnant Rita (Julie Benz) and Jimmy Smits’s hothead brother Ramon is sniffing around, trying to get stabbed while Deb continues to get the shakedown from Yuki from the IAB. You’re right, it does read like a contemporary “Miami Vice.”

Alternate titles: Dexter’s Demon Seed; Role Playing, Not the Sex Kind

No wonder he put his Damien in her omen. Image from imdb.com

No wonder he put his Damien in her omen. Image from imdb.com

In this season’s previous episodes Rita decided to keep Dexter’s baby, and Dexter decided (with some prodding) to play daddy. This has sparked crazy flashbacks of Harry with adult Dexter teaching him about fatherhood. And birth-yoga class. While they get ready to go to the Smits Residence, Dexter tactlessly tells Astor and Cody there’s going to be a new baby but the kids want them to be married. Rita says she doesn’t want to get married just because she’s pregnant because the last guy she did that with turned out to be an abusive drug addict. Then Astor gives him some sass and Dexter talks about how he lives his life, setting up a role playing allegory that he carries out through the episode.

At a new crime scene where some chick’s fiancee got killed Yuki hits up Deb on the Boost Mobile phone — cuz she know you know I know he know where she at — and asks about Quinn just as he rolls up in a Caddy. Deb starts thinking about turning him in, but he distracts Deb from his villainy by being the “witness whisperer” with the dead guy’s girl.

At the hotel Rita starts stressing because she’s pregnant and goes off on a customer who is complaining about the honeymoon suite so she gets fired. Meanwhile Dexter seeks out Ramon at his favorite bar where he’s getting hammered and continues his “role-playing” by acting the good friend.

LaGuerta visits A.D.A. Jimmy Smits at his office to talk again about the faulty evidence in the Chicky Hines case. They share the token Spanish colloquialism, blah blah, Jimmy Smits doesn’t believe he’s innocent and says her sympathies for Doakes are clouding her judgment. Later LaGuerta visits Chicky Hines’s lawyer and hands over the vindicating evidence and they have some cupcakes and Scotch.

Back at the station Yuki is hitting Deb up on her Boost mobile again (seriously, I hope they paid dearly for those spots) when Masuka enters and asks his coworkers if they’re going to attend his keynote address at a Forensics conference. Everyone says no and Dexter calls him the jester, fully committing to the allegory. Deb is not comforting the dead guy’s girl so Quinn takes over again, then Rita is sitting next to the toilet and Dexter brings her saltines; I didn’t catch the segue either. Dexter rationalizes the proposed wedding in a second attempted proposal, then she throws up.

Deb meets up with the guitar playing informant for whom I can find no imdb page to talk about Quinn because she can’t size him up and he smoothly says nothing. Then Angel tries to solicit prostitution from an undercover cop in another skillful segue. What are the odds? She comes back later to talk in her detective clothes and Angel laments his failed marriage and impending alcoholism so she doesn’t turn him in, but she does tell him to “keep his dick in his pants.”

Dexter invites A.D.A. Jimmy Smits over to figure out how to propose to Rita so that she’ll say yes and he tells Dex about his own charmingly clumsy wedding proposal, then says, “You and me buddy, making the women of America sick,” as he offers his Budweiser to the air between them. If he only knew.


Then they discuss Ramon and good ol’ Jimmy Smits didn’t speak a word to his brother of Dexter’s murder of Freebo.

Ramon shows up at the station and starts raising hell about an anonymous tip he received about Freebo and Teegan. By anonymous, I mean it was Dexter, who stands by and watches the dynamite go boom as the Deputy Sheriff tells the whole department to “do [their] f—ing jobs.” It works out as Dexter planned and we cut to him as he says, “maybe I should propose to Rita with an anonymous tip,” and smashes a dummy for a blood spatter report. How’s that for juxtaposition? Deb then figures out the chick killed the dude and breaks her down harder than Mariska Hargitay on a child molester. Quinn stops Deb when she almost triggers a nervous breakdown, then she and Dexter watch as the fiancee-killer somehow feigns sincerity, encouraging Dexter that he can propose effectively. And another Boost Mobile spot, thanks for that. Later Quinn tells Deb that the only tool in her box is a hammer. Funny, I was betting later he was gonna put his tool in her box. Later Yuki shows up in the parking lot and tells Deb that Quinn used her hard work to take full credit for their joint report. Deb thinks for a second, then pulls off as Yuki sits contentedly. She obviously knew Deb knew where she was at though, so I can’t believe Deb walked outside.

Dexter heads over to A.D.A. Smits’s office to tell him Ramon can finally know his brother’s murderer is dead, but Ramon is at the bar hammered, sent by Dexter’s manipulation. Ramon starts causing a scene, calls Dexter and Jimmy Smits “Batman and Robin,” then Dexter sends the bouncer over to Ramon who throws a punch while Smits rubs his forehead painfully. The next morning Dexter and Jimmy Smits engage in some tickling plot-heavy double entendre on the beach. Jimmy Smits tells Dexter he is the only guy that he can trust. He tells Dexter that he used to have a brother with whom to share the load and Dexter has an epiphany about how to talk to Rita, then he plays Tom Cruise, Rita plays Renee Zellwegger, Cody says “did you know the human head weighs eight pounds?” and Boom!, they’re getting married. OK, not quite how it went, but close.

Next week’s gives us a glimpse of another creepy Harry flashback, Dexter and Jimmy Smits golfing, a wife-killer who’s definitely getting hacked up, a marital spat, and a pregnancy crisis that means Deb must track down Dexter in mid-hunt.

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