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Real World/Road Rules: The Island – Johnny’s Revenge Thursday, October 16, 2008

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This episode opens with Johnny talking to his alliance about Ev taking his key, and he tells them that “it was ballsy, but she moved too soon.” Meanwhile, the rest of the house is occupied with doing their normal nightly things. Cohutta and KellyAnne are talking about their past relationship and how it is better to just be friends, while Dan is getting drunkn again, causing Robin to be upset. Join me after the jump to find out if anyone does anything that we haven’t already seen 100 times before.

In the morning, we see Robin, Ev, and Ryan talking about how the alliance seems to actively hate them, rather than just playing against them for the sake of the game. Ev suggests to Robin that she is far better off if she joins up with her against Johnny and his cronies. Meanwhile, Johnny is telling Derrick that the reality of the situation is that people just hate his alliance because they are winners. After their talk, Ev corners Derrick and talks to him about the politics of alliances in the house, and she tells him that it can be 9 against 5 if he joins her. On the other side of the house, Robin takes Dan aside to talk to him about his drinking, and he feels bad about embarassing himself so Robin tells him that he should stop drinking.

That night, we see Robin and Dan snuggling in bed, but after a while he passes out because he is drunk again. Robin then goes out into the living room and tells Johnny that Dan couldn’t perform. Dan, having woken up, hears this and starts to yell at Robin, capping it off with a dramatic “You’re dead to me, Robin!”

The next morning is the day of the airdrop, and the castmates receive more boat parts, some meat (so hopefully Dunbar will shut the hell up), and another cell phone with 10 minutes of talk time. Johanna is the first on the phone, and then Derrick calls his pregnant wife to see how she is doing. After his conversation, Derrick walks over to the boat parts with Cohutta and they do a little male bonding.

The next day, TJ comes by for the nominations, and Ryan, Cohutta, Johnny, KellyAnne, and Derrick all volunteer. Everyone is surprised that Derrick has volunteered, since he already has a key, but Ev is convinced that he volunteered so that he could help Johnny. Everyone votes, and the nominees are Derrick, Cohutta, and Johnny. Cohutta then goes off with KellyAnne to discuss the fact that he has realized that Derrick is hooked into Johnny’s alliance.

That night, we see Jenn and Ev talking about the possibility of Derrick winning. Ev says that if it is Cohutta versus Johnny, she thinks that Cohutta would stay because they would have enough votes, but if Johnny wins then Cohutta will probably be going home.

The next morning we see that the Face-Off is “Rat in a Cage”, where Derrick, Johnny, and Cohutta are each placed in a bamboo cage. They must use 4 different keys, each of which is attached to something, to unlock for color-coded locks and free themselves. The Face-Off starts and Johnny gets his first lock open fairly quickly, followed by Cohutta, then Derrick. Cohutta gets his second lock open, and so does Johnny, but Derrick was caught up trying to unlock the yellow lock with the green key. Johnny then gets his third lock, and disaster strikes for Cohutta as he drops his key for the third lock. Johnny quickly gets his fourth key, unlocks his cage, and sprints to the finish for the win.

After the Face-Off, everyone is back at the house thinking about the elimination that night. Johnny, in an attempt to apologize to KellyAnne for his bad behavior toward (over the course of the entire season), teaches her how to filet a fish. When KellyAnne mentions this to Ev, she tells her that Johnny is just being nice to secure any votes he might need in the future. While they mope around, Johnny, Derrick and Kenny are joking around and having a generally good time.

That night, Derrick goes first and he says that they should keep him for several reasons: (1) he has done a lot of work on the boat and knows what he is doing; and (2) this may be his last challenge because he is starting a family (for which he needs the money). Cohutta then says that he had wanted to be on the boat with Derrick, but since that isn’t possible, everyone should know that he is resourceful. He ends by saying that “either way would be a winning decision” (strangely, TJ doesn’t accuse him of quitting when he makes this statement, which seems a little hypocritical given his reaction last week to a similar statement). The vote is 10-1 for Cohutta to leave. Johnny then comes down and tells everyone that he is tired of being portrayed as the bad guy. He makes an excellent point, noting that “outside of this game an ‘alliance’ is just called ‘a group of friends'” and he takes Ev’s key, saying “I’m just taking back what is mine.”

The last scene of the episode is Ev back in the house punching various things to get out her anger and frustration.



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