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Friday Night Lights – Season Three Episode Three Thursday, October 16, 2008

Posted by Jerkwheat in the balls.
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Howdy gang, it’s time for our weekly review of the happenings in Dillon. When we last left the home of the Panthers, Tami was fueding with the boosters, Smash was heading to A&M, Saracen was emancipating himself, and Riggins and Lila were having a good ol’ time at the local fancy eatin’ place. More fun awaits us in the land of the Alamo Freeze and Applebee’s after the jump

We open up with the Riggins boys and Billy’s got “some business” to take care of in a local trailer park. Considering the guy who opens the door has a gun and looks surprised to see Billy, I think we’re looking at some illegal business. 

J.D. McCoy apparently has a quarterback coach of his own and is having a little extra practice time on the field. Daddy Warbucks McCoy wants Coach Taylor to know that it’s ok if he wants to switch over to the spread before the next game, because J.D. is ready to run it. Saracen appears ready to choke a bitch Wayne Brady-style.

Hey! Smash is still in town! This means Momma Smash is around another week too! Sadly, she’s about to start working a 2nd job so that The Smash can have A&M paid for. Am I the only one who decided to max-out his Stafford loans every year? (I clearly have no idea how expensive A&M is…)

Tim and Lila are getting a little nauseatingly lovey-dovey. Getting ready to get it on in the library in front of everyone, while hot, is generally unacceptable.

These McCoy’s are getting a little annoying already – Momma McCoy just charmed Tami into having Coach Taylor’s team BBQ over at the McCoy’s. On account of their being rich and whatnot. Eric is not taking it well. A small fight ensues and for the first time this year, we hear Baby Taylor crying in the background.

Back on the practice field, Saracen is looking like absolute crap. Really not wasting a moment in setting up J.D. McCoy, eh? And Mac wants to start giving J.D. some practice reps. 

Landry and Matt are having a J.D. centric conversation in the cafeteria (he’s on the cover of Texas High School football! It’s a three page spread!). Julie shows up and Matt spills his guts on how stressed he is over the whole situation. She finds him “adorable” when he rants. You luck S.O.B. 

Back at the Alamo Freeze, Smash is being courted to join the corporate team. Management sees a lot of potential in him. CONFLICT! 

Momma McCoy is over at the Taylor household doing some party planning with Tami. Is this Janine Turner? IMDB is no help. I wondered what ever happened to her. From Alaska to Dillon, eh? Surely there is a Jewish doctor nearby to pursue her. 

Holy crap! Billy’s not been making money by druggin’ – he’s been stealing copper wire from abandoned buildings! But his wingman just quit on him – odds of Tim being new wingman for this operation? EVEN. In spite of his protests.

We finally see the McCoy house and it’s your typical enormo-rich Texan household.  There’s even valet at this party! Buddy is bringing Lila to the party, and wouldn’t you know it, Tim’s not taking her because he’s got something to do with his brother. New question – Do Tim and Billy get arrested by the end of the episode? 

And the stealing copper wire from the abandoned power plant scheme is in full effect. And some wild dogs come chasing after them. I insist on Scooby Doo-style villain masks before this is over with. The dogs run off and the copper wire theft begins. 

Matt and Julie are touring the McCoy house and making fun of all of J.D.’s trophies when, naturally, J.D. comes into the room and things get a little bit awkward. Kid seems more than a little aware that his parents have been pushing him to do too much and I almost feel bad for him.

Back at the heist, Billy is getting greedy and wants to steal even more wire. And HERE COME THE COPS! Whew! False alarm! They just sped on past. And Tim decides to acquiesce and steal more wire.

Back at The House of McCoy – the boosters and Pops McCoy are trying to force the spread down Eric’s throat. And Eric takes a stand against Pops McCoy and lets him know that he won’t be taking their crap. I LOVE YOU COACH TAYLOR! Saracen remains the qb! 

Annnnnnnd….it’s game time! Arnett Meade! They run the spread! LIKE YOU SHOULD COACH!

  • Saracen comes out gunning and scrambling like a damn champ.  And then gets his clock cleaned by a late flag. 
  • Riggins TD! But Saracen gets lit up again…
  • Arnett hits a bomb to take the lead back…
  • Saracen keeps getting the shit beat out of him.
  • But he keeps on throwing TDs
  • Anette Meade takes a 21-17 lead with 2 minutes to go
  • Saracen is bleeding from the eye since he’s had the tar beat out of him tonight.
  • I’m anticipating a late INT setting up more PUT IN MCCOY DRAMA
  • Saracen runs for the apparent TD…but Saracen fumbles it at the goal line
  • Panthers lose. Panthers….lose…

Julie awaits Matt after the game. Matt should barely be able to walk after the shots he took tonight. He just wants to go anywhere with her that will not involve talking football. Awwww…

At Casa de Smash, he informs Momma that he has an offer to be regional manager for Alamo Freeze and he won’t be walking on. Momma ain’t having it. I LOVE MOMMA SMASH! She will get him that better life! This is honestly one of those scenes that make this show so damn amazing. It just captures the essence of family and wanting something better for your children. I think I welled up watching her give him this speech.

Coach comes home to a bunch of “For Sale” signs in his yard. Having “Bixby Canyon Bridge” in the background is perfect right now. Great audio/visual match to the scene of Eric looking distraught cut with scenes of Tim and Billy just sitting and wanting something better. Just an amazing sequence going on right now. No dialogue. Just the song and the images to close the show.

And another great week of television comes to an end. This was one of those episodes that reminds you of why you fell in love with this series to begin with.



1. DougOLis - Friday, November 7, 2008

Fantastic episode

I was skeptical of MILF McCoy at first but when she made a shoutout to “The Tipping Point” I instantly became a fan. If she mentions Freakonomics next I might just fall in love.

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