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Real World/Road Rules: The Island – Johnny Gets Played Friday, October 10, 2008

Posted by The NY Kid in MTV, reality TV, undergroundBTO.

This episode opens with the castmates amusing themselves with their “Dirty Scalawag Theater”, in which they perform poor imitations of one another while getting drunk (it’s unclear how this is different from the “life”). Johnny finds a bucket full of water and some bamboo shoots that have maggots all over them, so he decides to chase people around with them. At one point, one of the sticks lands on Ev, which obviously pisses her off. She grabs a large (and heavy-looking) telescope and confronts Johnny. Unfortunately, the argument does not turn to violence. Join me after the jump to find out how well Ev and Johnny play together (hint: not well).

The next morning, we see Tyrie bitching about food, and then we get the airdrop. Everyone is hoping for some meat, since they are completely out of steak and chicken. They get some food, but it is only eggs and fruits/vegetables, which threatens to drive Dunbar crazy. The airdrop also contains a map of the island with instructions for a mini-scavenger hunt. The cast finds two boxes, and they are filled with more boat materials and some sailing instructions.

Back in the house, Dunbar informs the girls that the guys will be getting the majority of the eggs from the airdrop since they need more protein. KellyAnne yells at him, prompting Dunbar to tell people that she is on his list of “5 people I would kill for free” (good to know, in case she winds up murdered on the Island). Meanwhile, Johnny spends some more time looking at the map and he notices that there was a third “X” that the cast did not dig up on their scavenger hunt. He hides the map, and then later goes out looking with Kenny. They dig up a box and find some more boat parts and instructions on how to build an outrigger canoe. Dunbar comes by the scene, and he and Kenny decide to tell everyone else what they found. Johnny thinks that the rest of the cast will be mad that they searched without them, so he distances himself. It turns out that his fears were unfounded, as Kenny and Dunbar tell everyone what they found and no one seems to mind that they weren’t involved in the search.

Johnny goes off to talk to Paula and Johanna, and he tells them that they need to get rid of Ev before they take out KellyAnne. At the same, Dan and Tyrie are talking to each other about wanting to go into a Face-Off. TJ shows up and informs them that it is time for nominations, and the castmates begin to debate. Tyrie volunteers, and then says that he doesn’t think any girls should go in since they have participated in the last few Face-Offs. Dan also volunteers, and then the girls all start talking about Ev and how she is being barred from Face-Offs because the boys are scared of her. Ev says that she wants to go in, and everyone relents. TJ comes back in and informs them that because all 8 keys have already been given out, the Face-Off winner will take a key from whomever they wish. The poor who makes a successful plea in the elimination will remain in the game, but they will not receive a key.

Kenny goes to discuss strategy with Paula and Johanna, and then Ev comes by to make peace with them. Johnny comes along, and he tells Ev that she will be safe if she wins only if she takes KellyAnne’s key. Ev then turns around and goes to KellyAnne to tell her what they said. KellyAnne goes down to the beach to think about things, and Cohutta comes by to cheer her up.

That night, Johnny and Dan are talking about Ev, and Johnny tells Dan that he has to win so that they can send Ev home. Dan then goes off to think, but is interrupted by Robin, who tells him that he has been very distant. Dan tries to explain that he is just nervous about the Face-Off, but Robin takes things personally and thinks that Dan is pulling away from her.

The next morning, TJ announces that the Face-Off is “Bridge It” where the contestants must travel from one end of a bridge to the other, removing one plank from the bridge on each pass. Dan starts, then Ev, then Tyrie. All 3 employ a strategy of removing boards from the ends to try and make everyone have to jump to the platform across an increasingly wider space. Dan is the first one out, as he misjudges his jump and goes too far off the end of the platform. Ev is successful, and removes another plank, leaving Tyrie with a very long jump. Tyrie removes the next plank, leaving himself an even longer jump, and then takes a running start. He decides at the last second that he doesn’t have enough momentum, and he stops, grabbing the sides of the bridge to prop himself up, thus getting disqualified. He overhears Johnny saying that it looked like he DQed on purpose, so Tyrie gets in his face and they argue about it. Ev gets a bonus prize of a pizza for winning, and she is allowed to share it with two people – she picks Robin and KellyAnne.

Later that day, Tyrie is talking to Dan and Robin about strategy for the elimination ceremony. Meanwhile, Ev goes to talk to Johnny and Kenny about their deal. Ev tells them that she would feel bad about taking KellyAnne’s key, and she mentions the possibility of taking a key from Jenn or Dunbar. Johnny and Kenny tell her that Dunbar is in their “inner circle”, but that it would be acceptable if she took Jenn’s key. Naturally, Ev then goes to tell Jenn what they said, and says that they can destroy the alliance if they work together.

That night, Dan is the first to speak at the elimination ceremony and he tells everyone that he isn’t ready to go yet. Tyrie then gets up and tells everyone that he wants to stay, but if they leave him in the game he will definitely want to go back in to the Face-Off and will be coming after their keys (threaten them! Excellent strategy!). The vote is 10-2 for Tyrie to leave. Ev then gets up and says that there is an alliance running the game, and that they are dominant, selfish, dishonest, and cowardly. She closes with “Fuck you and fuck your alliance”, and then calls out Kenny, Johnny, Dunbar, Paula, and Johanna. She says that she wants to attack the head, and she takes Johnny’s key. When TJ calls him down, Johnny walks over and drops the key at Ev’s feet instead of handing it to her like a gentleman. Back at the house, Johnny says that the lines have been drawn and that he feels like he has been kicked in the nuts. He closes with a classic line – “I wanna kick her in the nuts too.”



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