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Friday Night Lights – Season Three Episode Two Recap Thursday, October 9, 2008

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While I’m still in a bit of a druggy haze from yesterday’s dental fun, the least I can do is fill you in on last night’s events in Dillon. Episode Two was definitely a quality episode – highlighted by strippers at the high school and the potential reunion of one’s of Dillon’s favorite couples. Let’s hit the jump and discuss…

Since we aren’t going to live-blog route today, let’s just get you up-to-date on what’s going down with the major plot points to date…


Will this be the downfall of the Tami Taylor administration?!? The Buddy Garrity-led boosters remain pissed at Tami’s decision to reallocate their funds for the Jumbotron towards actual school needs – you know, like books, teachers, and whatnot. But the boosters have gone so far as to have those funds frozen and Tami is gonna have herself her first big showdown as the new principal at Dillon High. Even Coach thinks she needs to know better than to challenge the boosters right off the bat. I have a feeling that the boosters are gonna get their way (what with this being small town Texas and all) and that Tami will walk away from this with a red face and a “lesson” learned.

Smash’s Knee-Gate

Gaius Charles is on his way out of the show, so this storyline is gonna have to wrap up quickly. Especially since it’s theoretically football season and Smash is still looking for a place to go. Smash finally trusts in Coach and winds up suiting up for a little bit of full speed contact practice. Riggins lays a lick on him and Smash goes down. And stays down. Then finally gets back up to try again. SMASH BELIEVES IN HIS KNEE AGAIN!!! HOORAY! If only some team would take a chance on him…

What’s that you say Coach Taylor? Texas A&M has called to invite Smash to walk-on and he needs to be ready to head to College Station in two weeks? THAT’S AMAZING!!!


In the most brilliant move ever, to push her late campaign for student council president over the edge, she brings her stripper friends over to dance for her campaign outside of the school. This greatly offends the new vice principal/counselor guy who was already playing dream assassin to Tyra’s college goals. He quickly suspends her three days for such hijinks. Tami quickly overrules him. She also verbally pimpslaps Tyra for pulling off such a stunt. 

Naturally, Tyra winds up winning the election.


So, Buddy obviously hates that our boy Riggo is dating his precious princess of a daughter. But, looks like things are looking up for Riggins – he has a letter of interest from Oklahoma! He’s perfect for Stoops! And wouldn’t you know it, the new family in town, The McCoys (J.D. – the hot new frosh qb from last week) is super wealthy, already friendly with Buddy, and they have connections at OU! Looks like its time for a fancy dinner with the McCoys, the Garritys, and Riggins! It goes about as well as you’d expect with Riggins trying to get fancy and ordering “squab”, which is apparently a pigeon or something along those lines. Also, he ordered it rare. Not a good night for our boy Riggins.

The Return of Applebees!

The ubiquitous Applebees was missing last week, but it’s back this week. In fact, Julie is working there now! We learn this because Saracen decides he needs to hang out with Julie again and goes to talk to her there. Matt’s need to talk to a good friend is all a result of…

Batshit Grandma-Gate

The saga of Matt’s grandmother keeps getting worse. She’s stopped taking her medications and the doctor has informed Matt that she’s hitting the deep end of her dementia. To help take care of her, she needs a guardian. Naturally, it’s going to need to be Matt. The doctor suggests that he become an emancipated minor to allow this to take place. Matt needs a parent to sign the emancipation papers, and with Poppa Saracen off in Iraq with no likelihood of returning soon we finally see Momma Saracen. It’s a pretty sad scene as he tears into her for abandoning the family. 

In the end…

I’m going to miss the saga of Smash. Especially his mother. Momma Smash was one of my favorite characters of the past few years. It’s good to see Applebee’s hasn’t left the Dillon social scene. Equally good is the return of the Matt/Julie dynamic. I think we’ve always suspected that these two will get back together and hopefully this will be the start of something special as Matt struggles to deal with the worsening situation at home. 

Two episodes down and eleven more to go this season. See you again next week. 



1. Nicole - Thursday, October 9, 2008

Great recap for a great episode! Does anyone know the song info for the song that was playing when Matt is driving to see his mom? I really liked it but can’t find any info.

2. Susan Hated Literature » links for 2008-10-10 - Friday, October 10, 2008

[…] Friday Night Lights – Season Three Episode Two Recap « DeadOn… (tags: friday.night.lights fnl.season.3 not.read fnl.3.2) Sphere: Related Content […]

3. Sloane - Saturday, October 11, 2008

The song is called -This Is The Thing-By the artist Fink

4. Nicole - Saturday, October 11, 2008

Thanks for the song info!

5. Gringo - Thursday, October 23, 2008

http://tinyurl.com/FNL-s3e4 – some fairy uploaded the last episode I guess…

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