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The Hills – Season 4 Episode 9: If She Never Met Spencer Tuesday, October 7, 2008

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We start this week at the girls house, where Lo is helping Lauren with her fashion school homework.  Lauren thanks her for helping and asking if she has plans that night, because she is going to have a drink with Holly.  She says Heidi told Holly that it was fine, but Lauren is worried that Holly is trying to play matchmaker.

Audrina is eating in the Epic cafeteria with her work friend and says she is going on a date with some boy named Colin.  She hasn’t told JustinBobby yet, since he never tells her who he’s going out with.  She doesn’t have a ring on her finger.

Holly and Heidi are eating lunch when Heidi asks about Lauren.  Holly says Lauren seems really happy and that she misses Heidi.  I don’t recall her saying that ever.  Heidi says that its not fair that she’s the only one who can’t talk to her, and she wants to know what’s going on with her life.  Maybe she should watch The Hills so she can find out what Lauren is up to.  Heidi goes on about the same stuff she always says when she talks about Lauren.  And I’ll do the same.  Its been 2 years, who cares, give it up.  Holly suggests that Heidi write her a letter.  It looks like Lauren was right about Holly trying to play match maker.

Audrina is out on her date with Colin, who used to be the bull operator at some bar.  He asks how she got into her job, and she says she loves music, and has been going to shows since she was fifteen and a half, and it doesn’t seem like work for her.  They get drinks and toast.  Audrina says that sometimes drinking causes problems for her and JustinBobby because he gets mean and cocky.   Colin says he’s not that way, he’s the happiest drunk and loves everyone and his smile gets even bigger.  He then tells her she has pretty eyes and asks her out again for the next night.   DougDoug did the same thing.  Must be an LA thing.

Lauren and Lo are relaxing with a drink when Holly arrives.  Holly and LC laugh about how Holly kind of lived with her and Heidi for a little while.  Holly says that she and Heidi grew apart when she started dating Spencer too.  Holly says that Heidi really misses her, and Lauren says thats really water under the bridge.  The only thing Lo has to say is that Holly really reminds her of Heidi.

Lauren comes into work where Whitney is hanging up some new clothes.  Lauren throws an envelope at her.  Its a letter that Heidi wrote and mailed to her.  Whitney reads the letter out loud for the camera.  It does seem sincere.  Whitney thinks she means it, and thinks Heidi is lost and doesn’t have any girlfriends.  Lauren thinks that since she’s been hanging out with Holly its made Heidi sad.  LC says that she still won’t blame the person that caused it, Spencer.

Audrina goes to meet Colin, the next day. They move rather quick out west.  Audrina says she had fun last night, but JustinBobby called. She tells Colin that her and JB arne’t bf/gf, she’s known him for a while, and its the only thing holding her back.  And it seems like she’s breaking things off with him already

Holly comes over to see Lauren’s place.  She says she’s cooking, and throws a bunch of take out menu’s on the table. I like her style.  Holly says its a good kitchen, and Lauren says she hasn’t found a man to cook for her yet.  Holly comes right out and asks about the letter.  She says Heidi’s been talking about it a lot more lately.  Lauren says its sad, she’s forgiven Heidi, but Heidi made her choice.  Lauren asks if Heidi has any friends.  And Holly says she’s Heidi’s only friend.  Lauren says that its the person that Heidi is always with, and LC can’t be civil to him.  Holly says, that’s the only thing that’s in the way. And that sounds way more ominous that she meant it.

LC and Audrina are relaxing in the backyard, and she tells Lauren she’s done with Colin.  It seems as though she couldn’t get JustinBobby off of her mind.  Lauren tells her she should tell JB about her date though.  She then tells Audrina about Holly, Heidi and the letter.  Lauren isn’t sure how to handle it, she wants to look back and the fun they had and be happy about that, and not be angry at her.  Wow, that’s very mature, and a smart way to look at it.  LC ponders how things would be if Heidi had never met Spencer, and Audrina and her agree its odd how one person can change everything.

JB and Audrina are out, and JB says that he wants to get a tattoo gun and tattoo her butt.  She giggles, and then says she wants to tell him about her date.  He says “YOUR WHAT?.” JB asks if he pulled out her chair and says he must have done so well since he’s there now.  Point for JB.  Audrina points out that he’s dating too, and he asks if  that will make her mad.  She says it won’t make her mad.  JB says there’s a mature and immature way to go about it.  And then calls her a heartbreaker.  They laugh about it, and all seems well.

Heidi is at home looking at pictures from when her mom was here.  Holly tells her she saw Lauren and talked about the letter. Holly twists around what Lauren said.  She makes it seems like LC wants to be friends again.  Holly thinks that they can both be friends again, after… and before she can finish the statement Spencer walks in.  He wants to know why they are talking about Lauren.  Heidi tells him about the letter she wrote to LC.  Spencer says, now that Holly moves in, you are keeping secrets from me?  Heidi says it wasn’t a secret.  Spencer says if you don’t tell someone something, its a secret.  Holly says its not her fault if she feels like she can’t tell Spencer something.  Spencer asks why she’s talking and Holly says she’s family.  Spencer shushes her and Heidi gets mad.  Holly lets them know that LC said she’d never be Heidi’s friend while Spencer is around.  Spencer said he’ll gladly take credit for that because he doesn’t like Lauren.  Heidi makes a sad face, we cue the emo music.  Join me next week for more drama.



1. keleisha - Tuesday, October 7, 2008

need more info like videos

2. Jerkwheat - Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The bailout package did not include provisions for a DeadOn Videographer – you really need to blame Congress for these shortcomings, Keleisha

3. DougOLis - Tuesday, October 7, 2008

“drinks are harmless” – those are some famous last words Lo. As it turned out it was pretty harmless but that was pretty ominous

Bringing up your ex or whatever he is on the first date with another guy is probably not a good sign.

Audrina to Colin: “I enjoy your company.” – ouch, been there. Actually been that guy recently in pretty much the same situation. /hangs head in shame

I can cook Lauren! Pick me!

If Heidi never met Spencer, this show very well would not be on anymore.

Spencer keeps reaching new levels douchness (douchyness? douchicity?).

4. SB - Thursday, February 3, 2011

OK, so what were the sunnies LC was wearing when her &Audrina were having their chat about everything in this episode? They were big & square-ish & I want a pair!!!!!

If anyone knows who makes them I would love to know!

Cheers, SB

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