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Real World/Road Rules: The Island – TJ Lavin is Developing an Attitude Problem Thursday, October 2, 2008

Posted by The NY Kid in MTV, reality TV, undergroundBTO.

This episode opens the same way as every other episode this season – with the roommates sitting around bitching about the lack of food or good accomodations. While Paula talks to KellyAnne about getting keys, Ev comes over and they tell her that they both want to go into the next Face-Off. Ev bitches about Paula using her place in the Johnny/Kenny alliance, and then goes to talk to Robin about going in to the Face-Off to take out “the alliance girls.” She also complains about Johnny being the island mastermind, and he overhears her. Join me after the jump to see why TJ Lavin is a cranky old man.

While Johnny talks about having to ration their food, he bitches at Ev for hoarding all of the eggs. He then makes dinner and asks if everyone got enough fish. Not willing to let the issue go, he also tells everyone that he isn’t happy that Ev has been hoarding eggs. Ev walks out of the kitchen to bitch to KellyAnne, who wonders “how are the dumbest people here running stuff?”

That night everyone paints themselves up for Johnny’s birthday and they all enjoy a big party. Jenn talks to Johnny about wanting to go into the next Face-Off, and he tells her that he would rather have her on his team than some of the girls in his alliance. Meanwhile, Ashli and Robin get into an argument because Robin referred to her as “Rookie” (um, you are a Rookie toots), and Ashli gets personal, saying “You’ve done 7 challenges and haven’t won” (OH SNAP!). As she storms off to go take a leak in the bushes (seriously), Ashli cuts her too on a piece of glass, leading to the inevitable “Karma’s a bitch” comment from Robin.

In the morning Robin and Ashli apologize to each other, and everything is shiny, happy. Then the castmates get an airdrop, and Jenn bitches to Tyrie that he has never gone out to bring one in. He finally goes out, followed by Ev and the rest of the boys. The airdrop is more boat parts, some massive slabs of beef, and another cell phone. Dave and Derrick examine the boat parts, and then those people who didn’t get a chance to use the last phone make some phone calls. Ashli comes back from visiting the doctor, and she says that she is not allowed to get her foot wet and is not supposed to walk on it. Kenny tells her that “you’ll leave anyway, so [just quit and] save us some food.”

That night Ashli and Dunbar get into an argument about the steak, and Colie jumps in to defend her. Despite all the concern, Johnny cooks up the steaks and everyone enjoys having beef instead of chicken or fish. Except for Dunbar, who complains that his portion was too small.

The next morning Ashli and Jenn talk about going into the Face-Off against Paula, while Robin and Ev sit around and bitch about not even getting the opportunity to go into the Face-Off and get a key. Johnny and Kenny tell everyone in their alliance that they need to vote in KellyAnne and Paula, and also perhaps Jenn. The only problem is that Paula and Johanna would prefer to go in against Ashli, since she is injured.

TJ comes in for the nominations, and Jenn, Paula, Ev, Ashli and Johanna all volunteer. The castmates take a vote to see who should go in, and Jenn gets 12, Johanna gets 3, and Paula gets 11. So, the alliance determines that this means that it will be Jenn and Paula against either Ev or Ashli, meaning that everyone now has to vote for only one of those two. The vote goes the way of the alliance, as Johnny tells everyone that Ashli should automatically be in and the vote is 14 for Ashli and only 2 for Ev.

The Face-Off is “Ball Buster”, where there is a giant medicine ball in a circular ring. Each girl has to choose a guy as a teammate, so Ashli chooses Derrick, Paula chooses Dunbar, and Jenn chooses Tyrie. The first team to score 2 goals wins, and the competition starts. After what seems like forever, the ball is stuck (how do you get a ball stuck in a circle?), and TJ restarts the whole process. As the ball is shifted around, Paula gets knocked on her ass approximately 1712 times, but she and Dunbar eventually score the 1st goal. Paula then tells Jenn that if she helps her score the 2nd goal (and win), that the alliance will guarantee Jenn’s safety. With Jenn and Tyrie’s help, Paula and Dunbar easily score the 2nd goal and win.

That night at the ceremony, Paula gets the key. Jenn then tells everyone that she is able to give 100%, and that everyone should consider that during their vote. Ashli then thanks Derrick for his help, and tells everyone that they should vote for whatever is best for them. When she says that, TJ pipes up with “So, basically, you’re quitting” and Ashli argues with him. TJ really gets after her, saying that by volunteering for the Face-Off when she was hurt, and now by her speech, she knew that she would be going home. TJ goes on about how he hates quitters, and how too many people have quit this year already, and then he asks everyone not to quit. The castmates vote, and the first 7 votes are for Ashli to leave, meaning she is done (so we don’t know how the rest would have voted). On her way past, Ev gets in one last little dig at Ashli, but everyone else seems sad to see her go. Back at the house, while Ev bitches to Robin (as usual), Johnny tells everyone in his alliance that they can never let Ev into the Face-Off.


1. Rockabye - Friday, October 3, 2008

I’ve never seen a host smack a contestant down like that.

2. Mo - Saturday, November 15, 2008

TJ pissed me off in this episode. Ashli, while annoying, gets props from me – she was in a Catch 22 position as far as the “quitter” thing goes. The injury meant she could either say she would go straight home (quit) or take her chances in the faceoff and MAYBE win. TJ said it pissed him off that she was taking Ev’s spot, yet he hates quitters. He’s either stupidly complex or just plain stupid.

She went in with Derrick, a smark move because he is a brick sh*t house, yet TJ calls that a cop out? She cut her foot for Christ’s sake! Army Strong challenge would imply that in that position she should stick it out. But sure, skater boy, attack a 21 year old girl when she’s voted off. That makes you look like a tough guy.

TJ is an f-ing BMXer. Was he ever even IN the army? He doesn’t even compete! He should stick to giving the rules and keep his opinions/personal attacks to himself…

3. shaniqua - Monday, December 29, 2008

i thought TJ was f-ing hilarious for telling off ashli. she had it coming, sucked throughout and should’ve just quitted. for no one can look down on somebody who is actually hurt. so yeah sucks for her dumbass but TJ went for that

4. shari - Tuesday, December 29, 2009

what the hell? why the fuck are you pissed? TJ was just telling it like it is cuz there were just to many Pussies in this challenge to stay and fight. Ashli knew what she was getting into and knew she wasn’t trying to stay and everybody could see passed her bull. i actully commend him for speaking his mind

5. TJ NONO - Saturday, March 27, 2010

TJ Lavin is a no talent asshole. They should fire him and get someone who sounds alive.

6. Frank - Thursday, May 20, 2010

Yeah, bring back Johnny Moseley; he was a nice guy.

7. Keiwei - Tuesday, November 16, 2010

TJ was right on target. I remember this season and this episode, and Ashli was a weakling; she should not have been there in the first place. They always invite 2 or 3 creme puffs on the show (see Shauvon on this season’s Gulag). Why is it that people want others to be “honest” with them, and that honesty is the best policy, but when someone steps up to the plate and delivers honesty, people want to instantly shoot them down. I agree with TJ for keeping it 100, and shame all those who discourage honesty. Besides, whoever said that honesty had to be nice, if you ever noticed it’s usually not.

8. hanklin89 - Friday, June 27, 2014

TJ hates quitters, Ashli wanted to compete for a key, if she won, she would have gotten it, if she lost, she would have gone home, it is simple as that. If she decided not to compete, she would have slid to the end and been a pussy. How was that quitting exactly? Its not like she packed her bags and said, “hey I’m gone” like Dave did. Either way he argues, he ends up being in the wrong. Why didn’t he just go up to her and say, “you cut your foot up and the injury could make things worse, you are going home!”

He knew full well that Evelyn would have multiple chances to get a key and use it. But to be dramatic, he got into other people’s business. The host is the host to share the rules of the challenges and missions, not call people out and start drama.

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