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The Hills – Season 4 Episode 8: Don’t Act Innocent Tuesday, September 30, 2008

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Lauren and Whitney are at the gym, and Lauren is doing some weak punching with a trainer, while Whitney is sitting on a mat doing some curls.  They talk about what happened with Stephanie and the trainer decides to give his opinon.  He says that you doin’t go out with your friends exes and she should have a good excuse.

Hey, its Britney’s new song.  Lauren’s at school texting on her phone when Stephanie comes up.  Steph says hello, and Lauren gives her the cold shoulder.  Stephanie how Italy was and what else was new.  Lauren immediately says she heard she went out with Doug, and ‘what are doing?’ OUCH. Steph says he came out of left field and he was using her to get back at Lauren.  Uh, what?  She then says she deleted his number and makes a face.  In the next breath she asks if Lauren is going to his party.  Lauren says she’s not sure, but Stephanie is going.  Lauren calls her out, and says how are you going to his party if you deleted his number? Oooh burn.  Stephanie gives some strange explaination that makes no sense.

Off to Speidi’s where Holly is making something in the kitchen for Heidi’s birthday.  Heidi is helping her out though.  There’s a knock at the door and SURPRISE its Heidi’s mom!  Spencer doesn’t even try to hide his disgust at her showing up unannounced.  It gets even more awkward when Heidi lets her mom know right then that Spencer had moved back in with her.  She hadn’t gotten around to tell her quite yet.   Heidi says she didn’t want her mom to judge her.  Heidi’s mom is upset that she had to find out from Holly (who gives a sheepish look) and she’s in an awkward position.  While this is going on Spencer is leaning back on the couch with a smirk on his face.  Heidi says that her mom doesn’t know Spencer well enough.  Heidi’s mom suggests that her and Spencer to lunch one on one so they could get to know each other better.  Spencer says that he knows a lot of great lunch places.  Ooh, what about Don Antonios?

Stephanie meets DougDoug at a bar and he tells her that Lauren knows.  DougDoug says that if he Lauren gives her any crap he’ll take care of it and he actually says BOOM. What a dork.  He tells her that they can hang out anytime they want and he’ll make sure that Brody and Frankie don’t give her any crap.  DougDoug asks her if she wants to do movie night or DVD night.  Steph chooses DVD night.  OMG they’re totally going to hook up.  And really, Stephanie, you can only lie for so long, don’t forget the cameras are recording.

Whitney and Lauren are at work and Whitney asks if everything is smoothed over.  Lauren says that she just kind of swept it under the rug.  LC is planning on going to DougDoug’s barbeque, and she wants Whitney to come.  Whitney wants to meet DougDoug.  Lauren tells her that she’s going to hate him.  Ha!

We go over to DougDoug’s, there’s 2 black Range Rovers and a black Tahoe parked out front.  Brody and DougDoug are standing out on the balcony talking about Stephanie.  Brody says he heard they were getting cozy.  I want to know from who.  Is it gossip girl?  Wait, wrong show.  DougDoug tells Brody he just wants to be her friend but Stephanie blew it out of proportion and she keeps texting him late night.  Hmmm, it seems DougDoug is a liar too.

Spencer takes Heidi’s Mom, Darlene to the Bloom Cafe.  Darlene says that its nice of them to let Holly stay there for a while.  Spencer says it is nice of Heidi and he thinks that Holly is planning on staying there and getting him kicked out.  Darlene says that may not be such a bad idea.  OOOOH point for Darlene.  Spencer plays Mr. Maturity and responds with “What planet are you living on Honey?”  Not a good idea Spence.  Darlene wants to know why they feel like they have to live together so early in their relationship.  Spencer says why not.  They go back and forth and Darlene tells him that he is condesending, rude, controlling and hostile.  He tells her she’s taking this the wrong way and he’s done nothing wrong in his (oh so humble) opinion.  Good to see Spencer is trying to get in good with the family.

Off to DougDoug’s barbeque.  The usual suspects are there, Franie, Brody, JustinBobby, Audrina, LC and Stephanie.  Brody, Frankie and DougDoug are talking and Lauren says to Whitney its gross that she’s kissed 2 out of the 3.

DougDoug says its time to get in the water, jumps in and splashes LC and Whitney.  Whitney gets the worst of it, so DougDoug apologizes and gives her a towel and says she can hit him.  Whitney says he doesn’t know her and she doesn’t really want to.  Point for Whitney.  Brody goes over to Stephanie and says she’s brave for showing her face around there.  Brody’s a bigger drama queen than the girls.  Stephanie says she has nothing to say to him.  Brody tells her he knows about all the late night texts, Steph gets up and walks off as Brody tells her she can live her life how she wants but don’t act innocent.  Whitney sees all this and says, why is he yelling at her, that’s inappropriate.  Another point for Whitney.   LC asks her if she’ll take her when she leaves since she didn’t drive.

Heidi and Darlene go to lunch and she says its good to eat with her, but she’s been busy with work and Holly and Spencer.  Darlene wants to know why Heidi didn’t tell her about Spencer.  Heidi said that she wanted to make a decision for herself without everyone’s input.  Darlene says she’s not everyone, she’s her mother, and now all Heidi is doing is listening to Spencer.  Darlene tells him about their lunch and that she thinks as Heidi’s mom she deserves more respect, and I agree.  Darlene starts to cry and says maybe she’s being to controlling but they never used to fight like this and she doesn’t want to lose Heidi.   Heidi makes a puppy dog face and looks rather confused.

We head back to the pool party and Stephanie is inside DougDoug’s house, where he has a painting of him in an Angels uniform and several pictures of him playing baseball.  meanwhile, Brody is outside talking to Lauren and some other random people about Steph being shady.  I think that’s all he’s talked about all season.  DougDoug comes out to defend himself.  DougDoug says he was just being a friend and doing a public service, because she was a sad puppy dog after Vegas.  During all of this Stephanie is eavsdropping.  DougDoug says to Lauren you were my fling what do you care.  Lauren says that’s her cue to leave and she heads out.  She walks into Stephanie crying and she gets her a tissue.  Stephanie says that Brody and DougDoug are horrible people and they are out to break up their friendship.  She’s not going to hang out with them when the whole group is out together.  LC says they shouldn’t have done what they did but its done now.  Steph continues to try to rationalize it and Lauren gets pissed and leaves.  Stephanie is by herself crying as the emo music kicks in.

Join me next week for even more drama



1. Amandaa :] - Tuesday, September 30, 2008

i like that “emo music” at the end. any chance you no the song name/artist?

2. coco - Tuesday, September 30, 2008

its Unbeautiful by Lesley Roy!

3. DougOLis - Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Stephanie’s rationalization to Lauren at the beginning was some of the dumbest shit I’ve ever heard. Lauren’s look as Steph was talking was perfect and probably exactly the same as mine.

This episode taught me that we need more Audrina bikini shots.

4. polly - Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The name of the son when heidi talk whit her mom and this cry name/artist???

5. polly - Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The name of the song when heidi talk with her mom and her cry??? name/artist??????

6. Sherraine - Sunday, October 5, 2008

Hey, it’s by Spiraling- Are You Here


7. polly - Monday, October 6, 2008

Thank youuuuuuuuu!!!

8. elli - Tuesday, October 7, 2008

whats the very last song at the end of the episode. its like something against the world.

9. emoboy - Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Hey, My pictures of my new emo haircut
on http://tinyurl.com/6y6u6s

10. IsaaCUNT™ - Thursday, November 27, 2008

You know the clip where the scene changes from dougdoug and brody to spencer and darlene?, what’s that track called that play’s “and when your best friends goes down” is part of the words, thanks =)


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