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Real World/Road Rules: The Island – Let’s Sleep Our Way to the Top! Saturday, September 27, 2008

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This episode opens in the morning with Johnny talking with Kenny, Paula, and Johanna about their alliance facing off against Rachel and her friends. After their discussion, Johnny goes into the kitchen to start cooking, which eventually leads to yet another argument with KellyAnne. After he calls an anorexic bitch, she tells him that the only reason he is still on The Island is because Abram quit. While Ev consoles her (watch those hands!), we see Robin and Derrick discussing a book on “Survival at Sea” and we learn that Robin is quite the capable sailor. We also see Rachel and Jenn talking about sending off the “newbie girls” first. Join me after the jump to see which alliance is successful.

That night everyone is eating dinner, but when Ryan comes into the kitchen to get his share, Kenny tells him that Robin took an extra piece of fish. Robin confronts Kenny about this, and Johanna jumps in and starts yelling at her. This leads to some serious shit-talking, as Robin says “You’re gonna fuck your way to a win!” and Johanna responds with “I’m fucking Kenny because I like him, why did you fuck him?” Kenny is, of course, ecstatic that the girls are discussing why they have had sex with him, but he eventually subdues his ego and goes to console Johanna.

In the morning the castmates get their next airdrop, and the girls swim out to meet it (although they require help from the boys to bring it ashore). They have received more boat parts, fish, and fruit. Kenny, Johnny, and Robin are all staring at the boat parts, and Robin mentions that she knows how to sail. When the boys try to get more information out of her, she tells them that they will just have to keep her around. Meanwhile, Ev and KellyAnne are discussing the possibility that they might have to go up against each other, but Cohutta tells them to relax. While Robin talks to Ryan about her argument with Johanna, the latter is talking to Johnny about the need to send Robin home.

That night the girls are discussing options for who will go into the “Face-Off”, and Rachel tells Johanna that she thinks it’s “shady” that Johanna refuses to volunteer (really? I would call that “smart”). Rachel then goes off to have a moment with Jenn (who tells her about being raised by a single mom), and we get a montage of them making out. We also see Robain and Dan talking, cuddling, and making out.

The next morning, TJ shows up for the nominations. Rachel immediately volunteers, and then suggests that she should go up against KellyAnne and Ashli because they are the “newbies.” Robin starts to cry because she was prepared to go into the “Face-Off”, and then she gets pissed off because she thinks Rachel wants to face 2 rookies because they are easier to beat. Robin volunteers, and convinces the others to let her go in, and then it comes down to a vote for the 3rd girl. Before the vote gets underway, however, KellyAnne volunteers.

That night Kenny, Paula and Johanna are all talking about how they want Rachel to leave. In the meantime, Ev is trying to motivate KellyAnne, telling her that she needs to win because she would be voted out if she had to face either Robin or Rachel.

The next morning we find out that the “Face-Off” is “The Rack”, which is basically a set of parallel bars over the water. The girls must touch both bars at all times, and must keep both hands on the bars at all times. They start off and Rachel and Robin look fairly comfortable, while KellyAnne’s shorter legs look they might be a problem. After 30 minutes TJ makes them shift into a “bent-over” position (naughty TJ!), and soon after that Robin lets go of the bars and is eliminated. The contest continues for abother hour and a half before Rachel finally lets go. Almost immediately after she is eliminated, Rachel starts talking to Johnny and Kenny about making a deal. Kenny asks her if she would protect them even over Jenn, and Rachel says yes. After she leaves, Kenny tells Johnny that “she’s a proven scumbag veteran.” The boys go talk to Johanna and Paula (with Derrick and Dunbar also hanging around) about the deal, and they lean towards sending Robin home.

That night, at the elimination, KellyAnne gets her key and then Robin and Rachel get their chance to appeal. Robin starts to cry, telling everyone that she is “never good at strategy” (O RLY?), and asks them to give her a chance based on “a look into your heart.” Rachel then talks about not compromising her integrity (presumably meaning that she would not turn on Jenn after all), and the Kenny/Johnny/Paula/Johanna alliance exchange questioning looks. While the vote seems to be going against Robin, Johnny is the first in his allience to vote and he votes out Rachel. The rest of his alliance follows suit, and Rachel is voted out 8-6. Rachel goes home, and Robin gets her key.



1. kelly - Monday, June 21, 2010

what season did kenny and robin have sex in?

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