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The Hills – Season 4 Episode 7: While Lauren’s Away… Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Posted by Matt_T in Bring On The Rapture, matt_T, The Hills, THIS AIN'T REALITY TV.

Lauren is packing for Italy and Audrina tells her to bring some heels, but LC says that no one in Italy wears heels.  Lo and Audrina send her off, and they say they’ll have fun while she’s gone.  She drives off and the other two look slightly scared.Stephanie comes by the house and buzzes to be let in.  Audrina says Lauren isn’t in.  Steph says she knows and wants to talk to Audrina.   OMINOUS.  Audrina says she’s been cooking a lot this week and hanging out with Lo.  Aww, I’m glad her and Lo are being friends.  Steph says she’s trying to get Lauren, but Audrina says no one has talked to her.  Steph says that DougDoug asked her to dinner and Audrina gives her one of The Rock’s eyebrows.  Steph says no eyebrows, but Audrina says she should wait to talk to Lauren before she goes.  Steph says, well how will she find out.  Audrina says, well just be careful, which is what everyone told Lauren to do with Steph.

At Bolthouse Heidi checks with Kimberly to see if she’s got stuff ready.  She was looking up skate ramps for an event.  She thinks everything is ready, and Heidi thinks she’ll bring Spencer.  Kimberly tells her that’s good, and that they need to go out more. Heidi says that sometimes when you’ve been dating someone for a while you get in a rut and justl ike to stay in.  Kimberly tells her she’s not into that whole staying in thing.  Heidi says she’s even going to get Spencer to go out tonight.

Audrina and Lo are lunching at Fred Segal, and Lo asks her about JustinBobby.  And she says JustinBobby apologized for not showing up to her event last week but she’s still not sure. about him. Lo says that she needs to do stuff for herself and they should go to a Goa tonight.  Audrina tells Lo about Steph, and she’s shocked.  She thinks its lame and then Audrina says why would you want anyone’s sloppy seconds.

Lo and Audrina grab a big table at Goa and chat about the drink when Speidi walks in.  Lo spots them first, and then Heidi notices then.  Heidi wants to say hi so she comes over to the table.  Audrina seems really happy to see her.  Lo looks really nervous.  Audrina says she’s glad to see her, and they talk abut how they used to be friends and go out all the time.  Audrina tells Heidi about DougDoug.  WHOOPS.  Heidi says you don’t date a friends ex and there are a hundred million guys in this city.  I think that’s an exact number.  Heidi asks where JustinBobby is and Audrina says he’s in San Diego.  Heidi invites her to the Bolthouse X Games party the next night.  ITS GOING TO BE EXTREME.

Steph shows up at Speidi’s place and just comes in.  Spencer is talking on the phone to Heidi when she comes barging in and he ignores her.  Steph asks Spencer if he’s heard.  He says no.  Steph tells him about DougDoug and he says that LC’s going to freak.  Spencer asks if she’s nervous she’ll get cut from LC’s posse and she should be.

We go off to the X Games Party and MTV plays some FOB because its EXTREME.  JustinBobby and Audrina arrive and sit down with Speidi, and they talk about Batman briefly before segueing into talking about Steph.  Audrina says that she doesn’t want to be in the drama and Heidi says she said some stuff about Lauren she shouldn’t have.  This is the 2nd time she’s said that and it seems like she means it.  She wants to go to lunch with Audrina sometime.

Steph shows up to dinner and meets DougDoug.  She asks if he sees Brody a lot,  he says yes but he knows they have their differences so he’s not getting involved in that.  He didn’t tell Brody they were going out either, but Brody’s mom is at the restaurant, and she comes over to say hello.  She asks if they’re on a date and both DougDoug and Steph say no.  After she leaves, Steph says that’s bad news.

Audrina is chatting with her coworker and tells her about hanging out with Lo and Heidi and Stephanie.  She says that there’s plenty of guys that she can date that aren’t Lauren’s most recent fling.  Good point.

Lauren arrives home and she’s happy to see Lo and Audrina and they’re happy to see her to.  She comes home a couple days early because she’d seen it all.  Lo asks about the guys and Lauren says they’re like construction workers.  Zing for Lauren.  Audrina tells her about meeting up with Spencer and Heidi and she kind of just stares and then asks what else happened.  Then Audrina tells her about DougDoug and Lauren says ‘MY DOUG?’ whoops.  Audrina says that steph asked her and if she felt she had to ask, then she knew it was wrong.

Lauren and Brody go to dinner.  Brody tells her he heard about Steph and he wants to tell her “I told you so.”  DougDoug told her that he couldn’t go out with Brody that night because he had a business dinner.  But then his mom called and says that he saw Doug out with Stephanie.  LC looks pissed and Brody asks if she is.  She says yeah, but what about Doug, doesn’t he have some responsiblity.  Brody says yeah, but boys will be boys and Steph is one of her good friends.   He says he just doesn’t want to see her get hurt, but its pretty obvious he’s feeling smug about being right about Steph being ‘shady’

cue the emo music and join me next week for even more drama



1. DougOLis - Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Audrina looked absolutely frightened when Lo said they were going to “kick it” without LC.

Stephanie wants to know how Lauren would find out. Well…does she the see the cameras around her? Has she met Audrina and Lo?

When setting up the scene, does MTV still need to address Lo and Audrina as LC’s friends?

Why does someone want sloppy seconds? Well, that’s why I’m a virgin, never been on a date, never kissed a girl, and much less never talked to a girl. Lo wants me!

Wooooooo! San Diego! I heart Justin-Bobby.

Why does it really matter if Stephanie and Doug go on a date? Lauren was the one who broke up with Doug.

Why is the Royal Crescent in Bath in a preview for The Duchess?

Why is the episode completely about Stephanie going on a date with Doug? I fucking hate this show.

My first question when a friend goes to a new country is “how are the girls” too.

2. Matt_T - Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Yeah I really didn’t understand what the big deal was if Steph went out with DougDoug. LC wasn’t even into him.

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