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Real World/Road Rules: The Island – Quitters Never Win Sunday, September 21, 2008

Posted by The NY Kid in MTV, reality TV, undergroundBTO.

This episode opens in the morning with Kenny and Johanna in bed (ewww), while Kenny complains about the food. Then we get a montage of the most of the girls complaining about the food, the toilet, the shower and various other things. The best moment comes with a close-up of Dave discussing how tough he is (foreshadowing is a bitch). Join me after the jump to see which of these nancy-boys took their balls and went home.

As Johnny is cooking and distributing the results, KellyAnne comes into the kitchen and says that she is taking a bowl of food to save for Cohutta. Johnny tells her that the last time she said that, the person she was saving it for never got their food. This pisses KellyAnne off, and they get into a big shouting match. After dinner, the nightly shenanigans begin with Dan getting completely wasted again. As he walks around yelling incomprehensibly, Dave tells Johnny and Abram that Dan is a big liability because of his drinking.

In the morning, the boys go out crabbing and fishing to try and get some more food. Abram sees some delicious-looking fruit in a tree, so he climbs up after it. Unfortunately, he climbs up into a swarm of wasps, so he jumps down screaming and proceeds to run around as they sting him over his entire body. Meanwhile, Johnny tells Dan that Dave is talking smack about him and wants him to leave The Island. A little later, while Kenny is goofing around with Robin, Johnny makes a joke about KellyAnne and Robin needing to switch their medications, and then mentions that KellyAnne needs plastic surgery. For some reason, this pisses KellyAnne off and they get into another argument.

That night, Dan gets drunk yet again and confronts Dave about wanting him to leave. Dave tries to ignore him, but after a while he gets fed up and calls Dan “a weak player.”

In the morning Dan is talking to Ashli about the previous night, and she tells him that his drinking is really hurting him. Dan says that he has a drinking problem, but he can’t address it until he returns home. A few minutes later, the castmates receive their second airdrop, where they are provided with more boat parts and a cell phone. The catch is that the phone only has 10 minutes of airtime, so they have to share. Abram is the first one of the phone, and he finds out that his development company (that he owns) is experiencing some serious problems. Everyone else gets a very short conversation. 

That night, Dave gets drunk for the first time on The Island, and winds up puking. After he is done making a mess, he begins to pack his bags and he tells everyone that he wants to leave (umm, weren’t you the one talking about how tough you are?). Jenn convinces him to wait until the morning to think things over. Kenny bitches out Dave by making a comment about him being a newbie, and one of the girls gets off the comment of season when she asks Kenny which of the original shows (i.e. Real World or Road Rules) he was on (answer: None).

The next morning Dave is extremely hungover, but he is still thinking about leaving. TJ comes by to get the nominations for “Face-Off” and Dave tells him that he is leaving the show. TJ (who hates quitters), is surprisingly easy on him, and Dave walks away from The Island. At the nominations, Johnny suggests that 3 guys go into the “Face-Off”, but KellyAnne says that would give keys to too many guys. Everyone decides that it will be 3 guys, and then next time will 2 girls and 1 guy, and the time after that will be 3 girls. Johnny volunteers for the “Face-Off”, as does Derrick. Then Abram volunteers, despite the fact that he already has a key.

Later that night, during a thunderstorm, Kenny tells Johnny that he has to win, since all of the girls would vote for him to leave The Island.

The next morning the boys find out that their “Face-Off” will be “Ring Wrestle”, where they must all keep both hands (palms down) on a large ring without stepping over the line of the circle. Johnny tells Derrick to gang up on Abram, and they do just that for the first round, pushing him out of bounds. In the second round, Abram manages to force Johnny onto the rope, so he and Abram are both 1 point away from being eliminated. In the third round, Derrick and Johnny manage to force Abram out again, so he is done. Derrick and Johnny then go 1-on-1 using a smaller ring for the final. Johnny notices that Derrick has reversed his grip (meaning that he is: (a) no longer palms down; and (b) must have let go to switch his grip), and he points to Derrick while telling TJ. Unfortunately, TJ then rules that Johnny has let go, and he loses. Afterwards, however, Abram says that he needs to go home to take care of his business. Rachel tries to convince him to stay, and she then tells all the girls to vote Johnny out, since she doesn’t believe that Abram will quit if they vote to keep him).

That night, at the elimination ceremony, Derrick gets his key, and then Abram tells everyone so that they should vote him out so he can go home. Johnny then says that he doesn’t want their “pity votes” and that he doesn’t expect any apologies if they vote him out. Even though Abram has said that he wants to go home, Ashli, Rachel, Robin, Ev, Jenn, and KellyAnne all vote for Johnny. However, it’s not enough, and Abram is voted out 9-6 and Johnny gets a key. Since Abram already had a key, he must give it to someone still in the game, and he chooses Dunbar.

ED. NOTE: My DVR apparently hates this show. In order to properly record it this week, I had to schedule it to record “From G’s to Gents.” Despite my DVR’s tricks, I will persevere!



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