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The Hills – Season 4 Episode 6: You Always Miss a Best Friend Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Posted by Matt_T in Bring On The Rapture, matt_T, The Hills, THIS AIN'T REALITY TV.

We start this week at Speidi’s place and Holly wants to know what they are doing tonight.  Heidi said they’re cooking dinner.  Holly wants to go out, but Heidi has to work in the morning.   Holly only knows them and Lauren.  Holly tried to keep up with her but they kind of drifted apart.  Spencer lets her know that as long as she lives there, that she will not be hanging out with Lauren.  How nice.  Spencer is now trying to run both Heidi and her sister’s life.

Lauren and Whitney are taking a breakfast break at work.  LC tells her that things are better with Audrina.  As she’s telling Whitney, Holly texts her that she’s living ther and wants to see her.  Lauren said she was a good friend but she doesn’t want more drama.  Whitney tells her there’s no real harm, its always good to have another friend in the city.

Audrina is at work (nice Incubus “Light Grenades” poster in her cube!) Her boss calls her in and tells her that she needs her to wrk the event and the after party.  Bosslady runs down all that she needs her to do and Audrina gives her that blank stare that she is just so good at, but she says she understands.

Lauren and Holly meet for lunch, and Holly says that she’s living with Speidi and she doesn’t think its working out.  LC crinkles her nose up at that. Holly says that Heidi’s been talking about how bad she feels at how it all went down.  Holly says they were all like the 3 muskateers.  And all of them still have a hard time letting go it seems. Its a running theme.

Audrina and JustinBobby are at dinner and he tells her she looks pretty.  Awwww.  She says that things are much better, and her and Lo and LC have been all working on it.  Audrina invites him to the event she has to do for work and JB says he’ll go if it benefits her and then winks at her.  Smooth JB.

At the girl’s house Audrina is asking for a tea bag with caffeine (heh heh.) and Audrina and Lauren are actually talking.  Aww, Audrina invites Lauren to come to her work event and she says she’ll come.  They talk about Holly and Heidi and Audrina in a moment of clarity and self awareness says that friendships are harder than relationships andLauren says “I know”

The event is for The White Tie Affair, there’s a good crowd there but Audrina looks really nervous.  The band sounds pretty good.  LC, Lo and Stephanie show up, but JustinBobby is no where to be seen and isn’t answering Audrina’s texts.  I feel you Audrina, it sucks.

Heidi comes home and is wearing a beret. WTF Heidi.  Holly tells her she met Lauren today, and Heidi predictably gets mad.  She accuses Holly of hiding stuff for her, even though it was the first time they talked today.  Holly says that they are both like sisters to her. It appears that Spencer’s paranoia has transfered to Heidi. Holly says she can tell Lauren missesHeidi.

We go to the after party where Steph is chatting up one of the guitar players, and he shows her his pierced nipples and Steph says she once secretly had her tongue pierced.  I’m not sure how that’s could be kept secret, but, whatever works, Steph.  Lo asks where JB is and Audrina sadly says she doesn’t know what he’s doing.  Poor Audrina.

Audrina’s back at work and she recaps with her coworker and everything went really well.  And she never heard backfrom JustinBobby, and she feels like she gives and gives.  They have chemistry when they are together, but she can’t count on him. 

Lauren tells Stephanie about going to lunch with Holly and Stephanie hopes that they don’t do to her what they did to Stephanie, and its scary she lives with them.

Heidi is at lunch with Kimberly from Bolthouse and for the first time that I can remember admits some fault in the end of her and Lauren’s friendship. She admits that she said some things in anger she wishes she shouldn’t have and that maybe Holly can be the one that pieces them all back together.

Lauren says it makes her nervous hanging out with her because it reminds her how much fun they had together, and she doesn’t want Holly thinking they can fix it.

Heidi tells Kimberly that maybe there will be a miracle and they’ll  be friends again.

Steph asks if she misses Heidi, and Lauren says yes, you always miss a best friend.

Cue the emo music, and I’ll see ya next week.



1. Robyn - Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Amazing, Matt!

2. DougOLis - Tuesday, September 16, 2008

In addition to the Incubus poster, Audrina had a nice Modest Mouse album cover over her left shoulder.

White Tie Affair was craptastical. Crappy music that was popular like 4 years ago.

Needed more Death Cab last night.

How had Heidi not seen Holly in forever? Don’t they live together?

Holly living with Speidi is scary. Think of the nasty diseases she could pick up living there! the clap, pinkeye, ebola, cannibalism

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