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The Hills – Season 4 Episode 5: Something Has to Change Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Posted by Matt_T in Bring On The Rapture, matt_T, The Hills, THIS AIN'T REALITY TV.

Lauren, Lo and Steph are looking up jails in the phonebook.  Lo wants to know why they got arrested and Lauren says that’s what boys do.  As they’re trying to find a bails bondsman Frankie comes in with DougDoug and Brody.  Brody and Doug are laughing, they were in the casino jail.  As they were leaving some drunk guy accosted them about partying with them.  DougDoug and Brody declined his offer and the drunk guy wasn’t too happy and punched DougDoug in the chest and he shoved him and bloody mary ended up all over everyone.  DougDoug says it was worth it, and he’s going to laugh at the guy in court.  Lauren just says ‘idiots’

As the gang is leaving to go home, Lo suggests they come back when Brody and DougDoug have their court date.  Then she asks where Audrina is.  Really?  I’m tired of that question being posed every 4 minutes.  What does it matter, Lo doesn’t like her, so why does she want her around?  JB and Audrina end up with the gang as they are getting in cars to go to the airport and Audrina tells Lauren they need to talk, not now but when they get home.  I BET THERE WILL BE TEARS

Holly’s painting her toes on Spencer’s coffee table, when he gets home.  She tells him she’s been looking for a job and an apartment.  Spence says that he just had a talk with Heidi.  Holly says its good they’re communicating now.  Hilarious, good stuff Holly.  Spence says that Heidi wants her to move out, that they both want her to move out.  She gets pouty and storms off.  Somehow I don’t think Heidi will be pleased.

Lauren shows up at People’s Revolution straight from Vegas.  She’s stressing about Audrina.  Whitney gives her some jeans to distress so they look more ‘vinteagey’

JustinBobby and Audrina are on a date, and they’re talking about Vegas.  JB tells her that she needs to get rid of them, that they’re a negative influence.  He tells her that if he can help with anything he will and she can stay at his place if he needs to.  JB is just looking out for her.  Its quite a turnaround for JB, he seems caring and kind.  Not burping and riding off on motorcycles.

Audrina texts Lauren at work that they need to talk.  Kelly comes in as Lauren is texting.  I’ve been there Lauren, no worries.  Kelly lets them know they are doing the Dale and George launch party with Interscope Records.  They are promoting their new artist, Lady Gaga, and Kelly wants Whitney to style her.  Kelly needs Lauren to help her on this event.  Kelly is going home to NY and leaving it to Whitney to run.  GO WHIT.  Kelly tells her “don’t let me down”

Heidi comes home and wants to know where “Holls” is.  She said they had plans and now Holly isn’t returning her calls.  Spencer says he doesn’t know where she is, and then cops to what he told Holly.  Heidi asks him if he thinks about anyone but himself.  No he doesn’t, and that’s obvious, but yet you stay with him.  Spencer tells her she’s not the bad guy.  No shit, you are Spencer.

LC and Lo are up in their room talking about Vegas and Audrina, AGAIN.  Lo finally comes to realize that they don’t all have to hang out.  So, what’s the problem again? Much ado about nothing.

Lauren and Whitney are working at the party and yet Lauren is worried about Audrina and not feeling well.  GIVE ME A BREAK.  I know this is a fake job,but come on Lauren,get it together.  Lady GaGa’s zipper breaks and Whitney and LC fix it. MTV uses Death Cab for the 2nd episode in a row, and the same bit of a song that Gossip Girl used in their season finale last year.

Holly finally comes home and Heidi tells her that she wants her there, she’s her best friend, but she should have asked Heidi, and not thought Spencer would just speak for her.

Finally the GREAT AUDRINA AND LAUREN talk that they’ve been teasing since the previews for the season started.  Audrina doesn’t know where to start.  Lauren thinks she’s been trying so hard.  Blah blah blah, this conversation is very similar to the one Audrina and Lo had.  As usual LC thinks she’s not to blame at all.  Audrina says that she doesn’t like to do what she does, like go to shows.  Lauren says she goes for Audrina and bobs her head to ‘that weird music’  aww, Lauren.  Now they’re both crying.   Audrina tells her she can’t keep dwelling on the past.  Amen.  And then Lauren says she wants things to go back to how they were in the past.  Way to miss the point, Lauren.  But they both decide to be friends, and they cry and emo music plays in the back ground and Lauren wore her water proof mascara to the shot for dramatic effect.  Well hopefully that’s the end of the Audrina/LC/LO drama for this season



1. DougOLis - Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Note: I have never arrested. I apparently am not a boy.

“Idiots” was funny but the understatement of the year. I bet punching DougDoug was worth it for the other guy though; that guy is the envy of America.

Spencer once again reaffirms himself as the world’s biggest d-bag. Nice queueing of the song “Careful What You Wish For” by MTV there.

Does Spencer not htink about anyone but himself? Umm, yeah, way to wake up Heidi.

Loved the more Death Cab.

The end almost seemed real and genuine. Nice moment

2. gena - Tuesday, September 9, 2008

heidi has to be the dumbest girl alive not to see what spencer is doing. He is trying to have her all to himself he got away from ger friends so now she has none. He is totally crossing the line with her sister though that is family and dumb ass heidi wont say shit to him he is trying to mess up her relationship with her sister wtf he is one sick puppy. Ok… so lc and audrina are cool again but how long will it last? Audrina needs to ditch justin bobby for good! Whats up with all these men not wanting there woman to have lives outside of them?!!! Audrina better wake up before she ends up with heidi

3. DougOLis - Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Audrina and Heidi are going to hook up? Sweet! That sounds like something I could be interested in.

4. DougOLis - Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Nice reference to the Hills on 90210 tonight.

5. adminor - Wednesday, September 10, 2008
6. marcusmar - Tuesday, October 21, 2008

nice summary. i was having trouble finding the episode for free online, but now feel like i’m all caught up. thnx.

7. daryl - Monday, August 17, 2009

whats the name of the song that plays as the scene changes to the audrina and lauren talk?
whilst audrina’s walking towards the room where her and lauren have the “big talk”

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