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The Hills – Season 4 Episode 4: Boys Make Girls Cry Monday, September 8, 2008

Posted by Matt_T in Bring On The Rapture, matt_T, MTV, The Hills, THIS AIN'T REALITY TV.

Lauren, Lo and Steph show up to go to Vegas on DougDoug’s private jet. I’m curious as to how a minor league baseball player has a jet.  Bud Selig needs to look into this. They get on the jet, and everyone’s excited.  Steph asks why Audrina and JustinBobby aren’t riding with them.  LC tells her its a long story and looks rather exhasperated.  Brody proposes a toast to Steph.  He says he’s not going to hold a grudge, but having her there is almost like having Spencer there.  Ooh, sick burn.

Hey the gang is in Vegas, you can tell because they are lots of shots of beautiful people at the pool and slot machines.  The girls go up to their swanky hotel room, and Lo asks who LC is going to make out with tonight. She guesses Brody and Stephanie votes for DougDoug.  Lauren says maybe she just won’t make out with either, because ‘been there done that.’  Yeah we know, you bring it up all the time, Lauren.  Lo says Brody’s toast was awkward and Stephanie doesn’t understand why she’s mean to him,  Lauren says it wasn’t appropriate and that Stephanie should show Brody that she’s changed. FORESHADOWING.

Nice use of Death Cab there Mtv.  And we’re off to Speidi’s place where Spencer is playing Area 51 using both controllers.  Heidi tells him that her sister Holly is moving out there.  And he says no she’s not. Heidi tells him he can’t control what she does, and Heidi lets him know that she said Holly can stay at their place.  Spencer says she leaves all her tampons out.  He says he knows what its going to do their relationship and he starts playing Area 51.

The girls go down to the boys’ suite.  Frankie wants to do shots, but Lo and LC would rather talk about Audrina being emo.  Brody votes that they kick her out of the house, but LC doesn’t want to because she doesn’t want to lose another friend.  Maybe its you darling.

After the commercial, Holly is already moving in, weird editing there, and the beard Spencer had before the commercial is gone.  Spencer makes sure to point out Holly has made them 30 minutes late for their reservation.

Audrina and JustinBobby (now listed as Audrina’s boyfriend) show up to their room in Vegas and JB likes the big bed.  Audrina says its going to be a weird night, and tells the same story LC did but with her side.  Audrina is the voice of reason and says that they are just growing apart, that doesn’t mean they can’t still be friends. JustinBobby doesn’t think they will stay friends.

The girls and guys are at dinner and toast to Frankie’s birthday.  The girls bring up Audrina and Brody doesn’t want to talk about her.  Stephanie decides its a good time to ask Brody why he said Lauren shouldn’t be friends with her.  Brody keeps it real and tells her that she’s psycho and for the first time since she’s been on the show references her drug problem.  She says she’s different now.  They start yelling at each other, and DougDoug tries to play peacemaker.  Brody says he was just looking out for Lauren and that Stephanie should leave.

She starts crying  and LC takes her up to the room.  Stephanie says that Brody yelling at her was like Spencer.  Steph says that her problems back then aren’t his business, and she’s got a point.  Lauren tells her to fix her makeup and go back down, and if anything else happens she’ll leave with her.

JustinBobby and Audrina go to a club to meet up with everybody.  Brody tells JB he looks good and brings up everyone talking about Audrina and JB says he’snot involved in that and Brody says he isn’t either. Except he’s as much of a drama queen as the girls.   Lo and Audrina have a short conversation and then Frankie tells Audrina she needs to talk to Lauren and that she disrespected her.  Audrina pulls JB aside and says she’s tired of everyone talking about her.  JB tells her that they all care to much.  Right on JB.  He says she’s in there upset and the rest of them are partying, so they should just leave so they could have fun.  Audrina and JB say bye to Frankie and leave.

Spencer goes to Heidi’s work and calls her down and says they have something important to talk about.  The important thing is that Holly was laying around in her PJ’s and deleted 3 of Spencers shows off his Tivo.  Awww poor Spencer.

Lauren, Lo and Stephanie are in their room talking about the night, they got home at 4am and talk about Audrina not saying hello to Lauren.  Frankie knocks on their door and comes in and says that he got a text from Brody that DougDoug got punched and he and Brody are in jail.  And with that cliffhanger, we’ll have to wait until tonight to find out what happened.



1. DougOLis - Tuesday, September 9, 2008

So first Annie on 90210 gets to go on a private jet and now LC and company get to as well? No fair. I need new friends. Well, maybe not given how tonight’s episode played out.

Lo likes Vegas for the rooms? Uhh, ok. Nice to know what she’s going to be doing there.

I loved how quick Spencer went to complaining about Holly’s tampons. Great conversation there.

Was Brody wearing shades inside because he was high?
Maybe its you darling. Is all the friend turnover MTV recasting or is Lauren that bad of a friend?

Fighting about the Tivo = Awesome. And it’s sad when Heidi comes off as the rational one on the night.

This episode was quite frustrating and one of those that remind you who retarded the people on it are.

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